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The development of x86/x64 Assembler made it easy for developers to eliminate nearly all common mistakes that can be generated when programs are being compiled or run.
This equipment has high levels of code generation that is essential for creating JIT code. The creation of JIT codes, abstracts discrepancies caused by x86/x64 Assembler, functions calling as well as platforms such as ABI. This technology has been successfully tested on a number of C++ compilers that include GCC, MSVC, BorlandC++ and Clag. Among the major operating systems that this technology was tested on are Windows, Mac and Linux. Among benefits that can be achieved on your computer system by incorporating freelancers to set up your x86/x64 Assembler include the complete instruction sets, compile time and run time safety, both low code and high code generation of codes, a successfully built in CPU detection and a virtual memory management among many other functions.
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Macro Assembler for 8085 instructions in JAVA hi i am looking for somebody who could develop a Macro Assembler for 8085 instruction code in JAVA . The input for the application will be machine language input file such as START MOV A,B ADD A END and then there will be two passes which will run and use tables like symbol table and opcode table and then convert these instructions into object code . The output will be object code . ... 3 Java, Assembly, x86/x64 Assembler Feb 10, 2016 Feb 10, 20164d 4h $189
Ram Scrapper Ring0 Rootkit i have a exe at the moment that is working in usermode, being working in usermode my exe not able to write to the file system, not able to add,edit or delete registry, so i want u to code a ring0 rootkit, which should give my exe also the same privileges, and it has to activate my exe only when specific card number found in the ram, so basically i need a simple ram scrapper with ring0 and it sh... 8 C Programming, C++ Programming, x86/x64 Assembler, Windows API Feb 10, 2016 Feb 10, 20163d 21h $1728
extract dll file from themida native 64bit Need a dll file extracted from a exe packed with themida. Megadumper will not dump the needed dll. Ollydbg does not support the exe. You will most likely need to use x64dbg. 7 .NET, Windows Desktop, Engineering, C# Programming, x86/x64 Assembler Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20163d 7h $93
Project for jzawadzki -- 2 For Work already done 1 C Programming, Linux, Software Architecture, , CGI, x86/x64 Assembler Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 20165d 3h $70
Core Compiler Development Project The project is to develop a compiler that translates TL source code, producing output at several intermediate stages, into MIPS assembly code executable in a simulator. All the required files are uploaded in the folder. The project overview is in the file ProjectOverview.docx. 12 Java, Python, Engineering, Assembly, x86/x64 Assembler Feb 7, 2016 Feb 7, 201621h $740
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