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Assembly language is a computing language used in the programming of computerized devices. Since there are not many people that understand this language, experts like you should take all the jobs available at
Assembly language refers to the low-level language used in programming of computers and other related devices. There is always a strong connection between the assembly language and the code instructions and there are languages specifically created for each device. There is an assembler, a utility program that converts the language into a format that can be understood by the device. This process is what is referred to as an assembly.
In the computing world, a big number of people do not understand the intricate part of programs. But luckily, there are freelancers. If you are good in assembly and you need to use your skills to earn, should be your next home. The site offers a platform where freelancers in different field can get jobs. There are many clients looking for assembly freelancers and you should not waste this chance to be their savior. The good thing about working at is that you get to choose the job you are interested in and which client to work with. Start practicing your assembly profession at today. Hire Assembly Developers on Freelancer
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stm32f105 asembly coding need a guy good at assembly programming and hardware. Need to be available to start now. my budget is fixed. Pm with detailed proposal and all details so tht i can sent u more info. 0 Assembly, x86/x64 Assembler Dec 5, 2016 Today6d 21h -
Write some Software Large project. Requires intense reverse engineering (PowerPC) IDA/OllyDBG. Must have advanced knowledge in C/C++, TCP/IP. 16 C Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming, Assembly, Game Consoles Dec 5, 2016 Today6d 20h $26284
enhanced e r diagram Develop a school database with tables and some data in it just enough so that I can demonstrate some queries with Enhanced ER diagram. 7 Solidworks, PCB Layout, Assembly, Circuit Design, Flow Charts Dec 4, 2016 Today6d 7h $130
Dis-assemble & re-assemble a springfree trampoline To dis-assemble springfree trampoline in Kohimarama, Auckland and re-assemble in Omaha (85 km north of auckland). 0 Assembly Dec 4, 2016 Today6d 6h -
I would like to hire an Electrical Engineer i have a ac to dc power supply 125 volts 1 amp max. i need to regulate it so i can get a 60 volt 0.5 amp output to a transformer. it is for a radio singal so it has to be smooth 20 PLC & SCADA, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation, Assembly, Circuit Design Dec 3, 2016 Dec 3, 20165d 9h $224
assembly video We are looking for an animator to produce a professional assembly video for our next generation 3D Printer and Filtration system. Something like this: [url removed, login to view] You can view our current offering to get an idea of the product [url removed, login to view] The product was designed in Solidworks so we can deliver any exportable format. We have two sizes of our enclosure and would ... 24 Video Services, Assembly, Videography, Video Production, Video Editing Dec 3, 2016 Dec 3, 20164d 21h $655
Write some software -- 2 I have c++ code for binary search algorithm. I would like to convert this in asm code for x86. Ready to pay on higher side. Please bid only if you can do it in 15 hours. More 2 hours I can give. 9 Software Architecture, C++ Programming, Assembly Dec 3, 2016 Dec 3, 20164d 19h $1675
assembly language project (MASM) Using [url removed, login to view] library, Write an assembly language program to input a string from the user, count and display the number of times each word occur in the user input string. For example if the user types in: "Hello there how are you, there you are Hello Hello you" Your output should be: Hello 3 there 2 how 1 are 2 you 3 requirement 1. know... 8 Assembly, x86/x64 Assembler Dec 2, 2016 Dec 2, 20163d 20h $40
Microprosesor I want you to make me a simple microprocessor. 4 Assembly, Programming Dec 2, 2016 Dec 2, 20163d 18h $107
Data Structures in Assembly language. It is a Data Structures in Assembly language. I will give the details later. 3 Assembly, x86/x64 Assembler Dec 2, 2016 Dec 2, 20163d 16h $64
Professional Developer [ HIGH SKILLS ONLY ] I need professional developer with really high skills on python , Django , C++ , Assembly Разработчики россияне чаще, чем прием 20 Python, Django, C++ Programming, Assembly Dec 2, 2016 Dec 2, 20163d 11h $1665
Assembly 2D Array Write an assembly language program that accumulates and reports the sales for the Albatross Corporation. The Albatross Company has four salespeople who sell five different products. The four salesperson are each identified by a number from 1 to 4. Each products is identified by a number from 1 to 5. Sales are reported by entering the salesperson’s number, the quantity sold, and the product... 3 Assembly, x86/x64 Assembler Dec 1, 2016 Dec 1, 20163d 8h $35
Automatic Temperature Control-PIC 16F887A Automatic Temperature Control Based in a PIC16F887A with an ASM program (MPLAB IDE) The user introduces the desired temperature via keyboard. The desired temperature is obtained inside a little box using the fan/heater. The current temperature is shown in the LCD screen with the information of whether the fan/heater is working. Available material: -LM35 sensor -4x4 keyboard -LM335 sensor ... 12 PHP, Microcontroller, Software Architecture, Assembly Dec 1, 2016 Dec 1, 20163d 1h $107
MIPS PART 1 : Infix Expression calculator Write a program that takes in, as a string, an expression in the Infix format and calculates its output. The program asks then the user for the next expression until the user hits the character ‘E’ which will terminate the program. • Follow the stack implementation discussed in class: it is mandatory the explicit usage of the stack in your code... 9 Verilog / VHDL, Prolog, Fortran, C++ Programming, Assembly Nov 30, 2016 Nov 30, 20162d 8h $353
Create simple demo that calls one x86 asm function This link has the full source code for a single function "getbits" (approx 45 lines of x86 assembly instructions) - [url removed, login to view] As the name implies all it does is read a certain amount of bits ('n bits') from a stream (ie 3 bits or 12 bits etc -- any number from 1 to 32), and it maintains an internal state so it's able to keep following the stream along t... 9 C Programming, Software Architecture, Assembly, x86/x64 Assembler Nov 29, 2016 Nov 29, 20161d 7h $163
MIPS simulation Need someone to work on this simulator-[url removed, login to view] To analyse cache-conflict- miss. 5 System Admin, Linux, Software Architecture, Assembly, Network Administration Nov 28, 2016 Nov 28, 2016Ending $83
Visual Basic, .NET, Software Architecture, C++ Programming, Assembly Sep 6, 2016 Sep 6, 2016Ended
Visual Basic, .NET, Software Architecture, C++ Programming, Assembly Aug 28, 2016 Aug 28, 2016Ended
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