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Assembly language is a computing language used in the programming of computerized devices. Since there are not many people that understand this language, experts like you should take all the jobs available at
Assembly language refers to the low-level language used in programming of computers and other related devices. There is always a strong connection between the assembly language and the code instructions and there are languages specifically created for each device. There is an assembler, a utility program that converts the language into a format that can be understood by the device. This process is what is referred to as an assembly.
In the computing world, a big number of people do not understand the intricate part of programs. But luckily, there are freelancers. If you are good in assembly and you need to use your skills to earn, should be your next home. The site offers a platform where freelancers in different field can get jobs. There are many clients looking for assembly freelancers and you should not waste this chance to be their savior. The good thing about working at is that you get to choose the job you are interested in and which client to work with. Start practicing your assembly profession at today. Hire Assembly Developers on Freelancer
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Exe simulation without borders Simulation of iqmango Without the logo and name. Create an exe which gives the output as shown in the image attached. 2 C Programming, Java, C++ Programming, , Assembly, OpenGL Aug 24, 2016 Aug 24, 20167d 10h $307
Knight OnLine MultiClient I would like to have Knight Online multi client . as an example, like in the video. 5 C Programming, Java, Visual Basic, C++ Programming, Assembly Aug 21, 2016 Aug 21, 20161d 20h $13997
Need teacher for assembly x86 Need teacher for assembly x86 online , i have basic questions and i need someone to teach me . I'm using nazm and gdb . 9 Assembly, x86/x64 Assembler Aug 20, 2016 Aug 20, 201617h 52m $38
Sound frequency detection using MICROCHIP PIC MCU. Make a “CAPACITIVE TOUCH PIANO” like circuit with 20 keys. So that each touch button can produce “specific frequency sine wave or square wave” with a piezo buzzer. For touch sensing use any PIC MCU with xlp technology. Provide capacitive touch programming instructions with great details. Most importantly make a circuit which can detect sound frequency, and its amplitude ... 4 Assembly, Electronics, Embedded Software, Engineering Aug 20, 2016 Aug 20, 201617h 52m $230
Program to LED matrix with ARDUINO UNO Dear All, I need a program to write 8 * 8 LED matrix that display all English alphabet with out using any shift registers and decoding IC's 15 C Programming, C# Programming, Assembly Aug 19, 2016 Aug 19, 2016Ended $36
Prototype Circuit Design for LED Light Hello freelancers- I need help with designing a prototype circuit. I intend to create a 4' LED lighting system driving 3 channels of LEDs, using a microcontroller/microprocessor w/ a high precision RTC, LCD + 4 buttons, backup power capacitor, power selector relay(120vac to 24vdc VS 24vdc solar input w/ regulator), master/slave port (usb slots for binding instructions to any # of connect... 32 C Programming, Java, Electrical Engineering, PCB Layout, Assembly Aug 19, 2016 Aug 19, 2016Ended $777
Provide an estimate to Reverse Engineer data from a PC based database package. I have a PC based software package that allows a user to search for parts data. It was written in C++ Builder in the mid 90's and utilizes a 16bit executable and libraries to access custom data structures. We need to extract the data from the data structures into a readable formats. This could be anything from sqlLite to sql to csv formats. Some indexes may need to be extracted as well.... 18 C Programming, Assembly, Debugging, x86/x64 Assembler Aug 18, 2016 Aug 18, 2016Ended $664
BitBlt hook 3 Delphi, C# Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming, Assembly Aug 17, 2016 Aug 17, 2016Ended $28
BitBlt hook I need restore a hook made in BitBlt Function. 5 Delphi, C# Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming, Assembly Aug 17, 2016 Aug 17, 2016Ended $43
mechanical assembly A Mechanical Assembly Technican job in Tempe, Arizona is available courtesy of Adecco Engineering and Technology. This company is the world's leading provider of crashworthy, blast tolerant and ballistically self-sealing fuel systems for military aircraft and ground vehicles and has been one of the armed services most valued partners since 1976. Job responsibilities include: Assembles c... 0 Assembly Aug 16, 2016 Aug 16, 2016Ended -
SIP Mobile Dialer (iPhone, Android, Symbian) with VPN Tunnel (Relay Based) Best Example for what I am looking for is Zoiper App only additional feature I am looking for is tunneling (Relay Based) We are looking for a mobile dialer(Full source code) SIP or H323 (SIP is preffered) which can run on 1) User friendly interface 2) Mobile Dialer should support SIP/H323 for signalling. 3) Mobile Dialer supports G729, G723.1 and G.711 codec for sending audio stream 4) Mobile... 4 .NET, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Assembly Aug 15, 2016 Aug 15, 2016Ended $754
outlook relate issu outlook relate isue 10 Windows Desktop, System Admin, Sharepoint, Assembly, Microsoft Outlook Aug 13, 2016 Aug 13, 2016Ended $20
Reverse engineer Java application I want to rebuild MotiveWave, a charting tool, from its jars. This application has a feature (probably in one of the class files but I don't know which) that i want to build upon. I mean I want to inherit that class and use it in another custom class. The jars are without the source code. I have tried jd to view the source of jars and was able to view some of the code. What I want is to build... 8 Assembly, Debugging, Java Aug 13, 2016 Aug 13, 2016Ended $499
Project for dmitryovcharov Hi dmitryovcharov, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. please contact me at to schedule a skype interview 5 Delphi, C# Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming, , Assembly Aug 11, 2016 Aug 11, 2016Ended $344
Assembly automation We have a cup similar to a drug testing cup that has a vertical wells that each hold 3/16th" paper strips. We need an automated way of getting the strips into the wells that is less time consuming than placing them manually. 1 Software Testing, Assembly Aug 10, 2016 Aug 10, 2016Ended $119
HIWID bypass, unpack exe files Looking for somebody that could bypass the HWID protection and unpack of 2 private exe (protected exactly the same way and method). The HWID is sadly bound to the license. I have valid license but for different HWID. 12 C Programming, Assembly, Debugging, x86/x64 Assembler Aug 10, 2016 Aug 10, 2016Ended $172
PRODUCT DESIGN Product Development, Rapid Prototyping 3DModeling, Assembly ,Drafting 29 3D Modelling, Assembly, Drafting Aug 7, 2016 Aug 7, 2016Ended $1732
Brick wall for property We need a brick wall put up around a 14,100 sqft property. Give us your quotes and we will look through them. 1 Assembly, Asphalt Aug 5, 2016 Aug 5, 2016Ended $3305
Program Atmel Attiny10 for encoder application The primary objective of the encoder board is to determine the current rotation angle of a motor shaft that has an attached encoder wheel. To achieve this the board features two IR diode/photo-transistor modules whose outputs are connected to an Attiny10 micro-controller. The current system design is for the Attiny10 to sample both photo-transistor outputs using its ADC, and analyze the resulting ... 13 C Programming, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Assembly, Programming Aug 4, 2016 Aug 4, 2016Ended $535
Resolve some errors from exe file which uses hardware dongle I have an old software, the creator of the software has been closed, so I don't have any other option. The dongle is damaged some how, so software is showing some error. I am in search to find some solution for it. The exe is created in .net (C#) with the SRM binding, if I try to dump the exe, it only shows dynamic methods not actual code, So, Removing SRM Envelope I want to ove... 11 Engineering, C# Programming, Assembly, Debugging, x86/x64 Assembler Aug 3, 2016 Aug 3, 2016Ended $1564
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