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Big data refers to a collection term for sets of data that are complex and very large that they make it difficult to process using any traditional or on-hand data management applications. There are many areas where big data can be encountered and this creates a problem that can only be solved by professionals in data processing. If you can handle such data, then you will have lots of projects to work on at is a leading freelance site online that gives freelancers a chance to browse through different big data projects and bid on those that they are interested in. Working at will give you a range of big data projects that you can bid on and get paid. This gives you means to increase your income and use your professional skills. Since there are many clients in search of experts in the field of big data processing, you will not miss a project that suits you and one that will pay you enough money for your services.
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Get a Website Built Hadoop Sort implementation Program Hadoop Sort, it will include 3 parts: data generation, data sort, data validation, Need an executable file. Execute the file, get the result, and performance. needed a report (4 pages), including the following contents: System configuration (# of CPUs, cores, memory size, HDD size and etc) Configuration file of Hadoop # of Map and Reduce used, why? Performance: ... 0 Big Data Mar 25, 2017 Today6d 21h -
Market basket analysis Big data project. Market basket analysis Through the historical hiring path of the customer in the Entity, you can analyze your usual hiring with the aim of seeing who they are, what products are sold together, and what are the following products to hire. It starts from an initial product basket and the result will be a series of products to be contracted, which will shape the future basket. The a... 10 Machine Learning, Big Data, Statistical Analysis Mar 25, 2017 Today6d 16h $182
Data Analysis and Summary Data Analysis Palmetto Sudz (Business 1) Focus on Frequency and Percentages Analyze the data in Files. Start from page 21 where it says "I would consider using refillable versions of the following products: (Check all that apply)-LaundryDetergent = 1" and do it to the end. This is a business who sells large buckets of laundry detergent. Explanation: Go through data and dig deep in... 37 Marketing, Report Writing, Business Plans, Business Analysis, Big Data Mar 25, 2017 Today6d 11h $199
OLAP cube to Spark conversion - Data Science We have an OLAP cube that runs every night for about 5- 7 hours. We want to see if we can convert this process to SPARK and speed things up. The output from SPARK should be same as the OLAP cube output. We just want to use SPARK engine for building the cube rather than SQL Server Analysis services. 5 Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science, Spark Mar 24, 2017 Today6d 7h $2461
Data Analytics Program Development on Airbnb & Homeaway I am working for a management company for homestay posting on Airbnb, Homeaway, etc. I would like to create several program that assist my management on posting the host on Airbnb and Homeaway and finding potential host for homestay. A. Price suggestion system: real time extract all done deal rental in nearby and similar flat on Airbnb & Homeaway so that we can adjust our price according to... 14 Software Architecture, Data Mining, Big Data, Software Development, Data Science Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20175d 20h $3668
Big Data analytics The given data must be analyzed and a model should be [url removed, login to view] model should be used for prediction. 8 Big Data, Analytics Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20175d 17h $164
Big Data analytics using machine learning The Input data will given and the predictive model must be generated. From the generated model predictions will be made on new data. 20 Website Design, Machine Learning, Big Data Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20175d 17h $169
Find method to inject packets with WPE PRO into a game WOW Find method to inject packets with WPE PRO into a game wow server private 1 PHP, Web Security, Software Architecture, Big Data, Internet Security Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 20175d 3h $34
Big Data Entry Job ( Over 1000+ Entries) I require data entry work to be done. Basically gather information from a website and drop it into excel. Now this doesn't seem as easy as it suggests. The website has multiple pages to view. This is the website. [url removed, login to view] I need you to gather all the listing under New South Wales. This job should take 2 weeks. Please bid if interested. 88 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, Web Search, Big Data Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 20174d 14h $144
Machine Learning Machine learning advice I have a set of data with coordinates and 4 different categories. Two are categorical 2 are continuous. I want to be able to predict what the four variables are when I know the coordinates. I also have data where it is currently incomplete. Where I know less than 4 or the variables but I know the co-ordinates. I can not share the data. I would like advice on how to do ... 31 Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 20174d 9h $515
Analyze some Data; Data Scientist; Advance Analysis; Online Training >> Offer a complete analytical solution (from defining a Business Problem to Actionable insights and solutions) * PREDICTIVE MODELING IN MARKETING * SCORING MODEL IN INSURANCE * Identifying the Pairs of stocks having strong correlation which enable profit trading * EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT MODEL >> Cater to all the domains across industries through Machine learning techniques. Expertis... 5 Data Processing, Training, Big Data, Analytics, Data Science Mar 22, 2017 Mar 22, 20174d $2770
technology in sport I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Arts & Crafts, Big Data, Nutrition and Sports. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is £250 - £750 GBP. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files. 15 Arts & Crafts, Sports, Nutrition, Big Data Mar 21, 2017 Mar 21, 20173d 6h $731
Data Mining, Lead Generation, Data Management, Big Data I need someone to do a few different tasks. 1. Online research to find people for my data base using Excel spreadsheet. 2. taking data files I get monthly and converting them into simple spreadsheets. Will explain more in detail. 71 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, SQL, Big Data Mar 21, 2017 Mar 21, 20173d 1h $160
Tensorflow/Serving Project We are looking for finding an expert Tensorflow/Tensorflow Serving developer with rich experience on. This is a test phase to prove the capability with Tensorflow, and we will have more opportunities after test phase. You need to do following: Use provided data and two simple algorithms to train and test a predictive model for location fingerprinting: Partition data appropriately into tra... 11 Python, Data Processing, Machine Learning, Geolocation, Big Data Mar 21, 2017 Mar 21, 20172d 19h $399
Data Scrapping Hello guys, we have many projects for Web Scrapping and arranging that data into spreadsheet, So for the same we are looking for long term person who have good experience in web scrapping and crawling. 52 Script Install, Data Processing, Excel, Web Scraping, Big Data Mar 21, 2017 Mar 21, 20172d 9h $132
Big data Task2 I want someone who can do a big data assignment for me. It needs to be done ASAP. Should be good with academic writing 12 Data Processing, Research, Research Writing, Big Data Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20172d $29
Big data Task2 I want someone who can do a big data assignment for me. It needs to be done ASAP. Should be good with academic writing 19 Data Processing, Research, Research Writing, Big Data Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20172d -
data development Create premium datasets for sale on our data monetization marketplace 16 Web Scraping, Data Mining, Big Data, Hadoop Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20171d 22h $2869
Find me some Leads I need a list of websites that have a country rank from [url removed, login to view] between 25,000 and 35,000 and do not contain ads on their website. I would prefer to have sites like blogs (and not ecommerce shops)? I want you to start with rank 25,000... Before you will get the job, you have to tell me the following: 1. how do you find out the page rank so that you can search from 25,000 t... 12 Internet Marketing, Data Processing, SEO, Leads, Big Data Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20171d 22h $201
Data Mining Identify the top 5 e-commerce platforms in Pakistan. What products are among top sellers in the following categories. Kindly identify the brands which are popular. Also, identify the age bracket of the consumers according to the products. If a product is used by different age brackets, mention all of them. While identifying the popular items, kindly mention the colors, sizes and other attribut... 21 Web Scraping, Data Mining, Big Data Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20171d 20h $188
Data mining of CSV file using datamining open source tool Hi there, I have extracted CSV file for users' interaction with my website. I have big table of data now that need to be analysed from all aspects so we can find users pattern on the website and other kid of auo statistical results to be implemented. There are several open tools including the excel add-in, R, tableau and others. Please please, DO NOT APPLY if you did not understand what I... 24 Excel, Statistics, Data Mining, Big Data, Statistical Analysis Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20171d 17h $34
big data data science project need a project 15 Data Mining, Big Data Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20171d 14h $39
R programming expert required Details will be shared with winning bidder. 26 Statistics, Big Data, R Programming Language Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20171d 12h $164
bigdata etl, search, and or analytics poc, recommendation, implementation, and maintenance of bigdata projects. 11 Apache Solr, Big Data, Scala, HBase, Spark Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20171d 12h $628
Write some Software / R studio 1. Write R scripts to solve the problems 10 (a), (b), (c), (d), and 11 in Chapter 4: Classification in your text book. " I will provide the material after agreement" 2. Investigate the results of using Logistic Regression on a subset of the Kaggle Credit Card Fraud Data set. The subset should have at least 10K records "I will provide the data after agreement" 4. Repor... 8 Software Architecture, Software Testing, Big Data, Internet Security Mar 20, 2017 Mar 20, 20171d 8h $127
Copy course data from college website Build a spreadsheet of Vocational courses at 42 of London's colleges that qualify for students to apply for the 19+ advanced learner loan. I have a spread sheet which contains the list of available qualifications on the loan scheme. So it will be a matter of cross referencing that with the colleges own website course finder. Once identified as a course provided by the college that qualifies f... 75 Research, Excel, Big Data, Internet Research, Database Development Mar 19, 2017 Mar 19, 20171d 1h $607
Write a python code for data mining Hi, I need a original python code for my final project whose description is as below. "A data set from a supermarket is analyzed in order to show the behavior of customers using a dataset that contains customer profiling information. A code will be written in programming language Python to process that data into meaningful results. The results will show such prediction from mining frequent ... 16 Python, Research Writing, Data Mining, Big Data, Data Science Dec 18, 2016 Dec 18, 2016Ended $192
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