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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Ends Price (AUD)
Do some Excel Work 9 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, Word, Copy Typing Today23h 52m $441
Write an Android application I would like to get an android application, will pay for that. I just need the app. I have different team for getting customers, marketing, advertisement etc. Let me know if anyone interested. I will share the idea so. 5 Mobile Phone, Android Today23h 52m $267
3M CR100 fill fields form input We are looking from a simple interface like wizzform ([url removed, login to view]) with 3M CR100 passport and id scann, but too simple and with possibility to mapping readed fields from scaned ID or PASS with web based form field. The form are like 15 fields (with "TAB" to go on next field) and the format are: - simple text field, - data field (we need to be able to choose the da... 3 C Programming, Software Architecture, C++ Programming, Software Development Today23h 30m $1146
Take raw 3D scan data and create a usable Solid Model to design around Use Geomagic or SpaceClaim software to create a usable solid model (.step) file. Raw scan data file has been updated, an image of the raw data file, and a video link showing mininum desired results when completed: [url removed, login to view] 9 3D Modelling Today23h 16m $587
Splash screen and Welcome Screen for windows application We will be releasing very soon the new version for our applications, and for that we want redisign our splash and welcome screen's with a fresher look. the design must be modern and able to create a great first impression. The motto for the new versions of our products is "Software for better people". 0 Graphic Design Today23h 15m $627
iPhone, Android Today23h 9m
Help with customer support 10 Data Entry, Customer Support, Virtual Assistant, Word, Phone Support Today22h 21m $447
POLITICS IN KENYA 8 Report Writing Today22h 21m $495
Build an Online Store build an Online Shop sadfsdafsdafas dsa fsdaf sdaf sad fe Shop sadfsdafsdafas dsa fsdaf sdaf sad fe Shop sadfsdafsdafas dsa fsdaf sdaf sad fe Shop sadfsdafsdafas dsa fsdaf sdaf sad fe Shop sadfsdafsdafas dsa fsdaf sdaf sad fe Shop sadfsdafsdafas dsa fsdaf sdaf sad fe Shop sadfsdafsdafas dsa fsdaf sdaf sad fe Shop sadfsdafsdafas dsa fsdaf sdaf sad f 58 Website Design, Shopping Carts, CSS, eCommerce, HTML Today21h 51m $729
solidworks and matlab i need an engineering who has an excellent experience with solidworks and matlab or a final year mechanical engineering student. I need to work with Design of Small Wind Turbine. 7 Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Engineering Drawing Today21h 35m $341
PHP, CMS, MySQL, jQuery / Prototype, Plugin Today20h 52m
Erstellen eines Online-Shops Hello, I need to speed up my website development process. A good start is made (visit [url removed, login to view]) But there is still a lot to do. I am searching for someone who will finish the project according to my concepts for a fix price. Unfortunately the current budget is very low but this can be the start of a long lasting business relationship. Please carefully read the requirements: ... 96 PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap Today20h 52m $1557
Write an Android application 65 Mobile Phone, Android Today20h 21m $830
Build a Website 26 PHP, Website Design, MySQL, HTML, Web Hosting Today19h 51m $19
Content Writing 40 Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Articles, Content Writing Today18h 51m $434
Create a WordPress Template 41 PHP, WordPress, CSS, Software Testing, HTML Today18h 51m $418
Do some 3D Modelling the very luxary house i want to make 12 3D Rendering, Civil Engineering, AutoCAD, 3D Modelling, Autodesk Revit Today18h 51m $3980
Prepare a business report Start up venture in B2C segment. Commercializing innovative cultivation technology of Hydroponics and introducing a range of fruits and vegetables cultivated using this technology. 5 Business Plans, Anything Goes, Business Writing Today18h 50m $5
Submit some Articles 2 Article Submission Today18h 21m $394
Post some Advertisements Data entry Operator 5 Advertising Today16h 52m $27
HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT OR ERP PROJECTS I know the testing manually and automated by using selenium for that purpose provide the web application , i can write test cases and executing them 4 Software Testing, Website Testing Today16h 30m $6
Translate Something 16 Translation, Research, Ghostwriting, Academic Writing, English (UK) Today16h 22m $65
Academic Writing How are you? I am Robert Streetman and I want to hire a screenwriter. 17 Copywriting, Academic Writing, Article Rewriting Today15h 46m $71234
Find me some Leads I have a Sports App landing page that requires Full Name, Email Address and Cellphone number for Leads that are interested Sport Apps via their Mobile devices. I need as many leads as possible from the UNITED STATES only (English Speaking) 4 Leads Today14h 23m $234
Modify a Website We require a modification to out current website - [url removed, login to view] We want to change the animated introduction text on the landing page to 'typing effect' exactly as it has been done on this website [url removed, login to view] The text as is currently appears at [url removed, login to view] is to remain exactly the same. Hello, we're GROUPN. (remains constant ... 29 PHP, WordPress, HTML, Website Design Today12h 12m $673
Weight Lose Weight Lose 25 Research, Ghostwriting, eBooks, Book Writing, Content Writing Today10h 21m $75
Design work for marketing collateral Graphic design for marketing collateral 42 Graphic Design Today10h 16m $914
Cinema 4D/ Adobe After Effects logo replacement Animation We would like the logo replaced in this Cinema 4d template found here [url removed, login to view] with our logo attached below. We would need a 1080 quicktime version of this opener. If hired we will supply the template and a tutorial. 25 Animation, 3D Animation Today9h 56m $195
NIFI connector I need someone to write a connector for apache NIFI that mimics the AWS SQS connector that already exists in that product and pushes data to an [url removed, login to view] channel instead of using SQS. The connector should be able to reference an underlying credentials service (like the AWS SQS one does), and then get, push, create and query [url removed, login to view] channels. Relevant si... 6 Java Today9h 43m $293
Write some Articles I need 3 press releases or articles posted on high profile SEO venues on the subject matter of my company. The right person will know how to write this content for search engine optimization. All four of the press releases need to be posted on highly optimized sites and all the articles need to show up on the first page of my company's search results. Only highly qualified SEO experts need ap... 12 Articles Today9h 42m $567
Install A1TxPro - Professional PHP Auto/Manual Traffic Exchange Script I need a Traffic Exchange script installed on my server. I need it tested to ensure it works properly. Below are the system requirements. I will provide you the script and access to my server. You tell me what type of server access you need. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Apache Web Hosting MySql 4+ PHP 4.4.x or above Apache Security Mod Disabled IonCube Loader Required PHP Modules: suPHP ... 6 PHP, Software Testing, MySQL Today9h 16m $31
Design a Logo 3d logo designed by maya 2014 program 30 Graphic Design, Logo Design Today9h 5m $200
Design a Logo 43 Graphic Design Today8h 51m $34
PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Today7h 25m
Telemarket for me Need Call Center/Outbound Telemarketing Reps. Easy Campaign...information gathering only. No sales, no appointments. Simple information gathering outbound campaign. If you can speak English well with limited to only slight accent and love talking to people then this is an easy campaign for you. I am in need of some independent call center telemarketing workers to make outbound calls ON MY DIA... 3 Telemarketing Today7h 20m $27
Web Service Project i have 3 data scrapping tools. this tools will be converted to C# /[url removed, login to view] to php or node.js.. and admin panel wil be creates for administraor,oerator and users. . Please only freelancer who has very expreicned in web scapiing 22 PHP, Web Scraping, node.js, Laravel, JSON Today7h 21m $1409
ELO BASED ALGORITHM, FOR TINDER STYLE APP Do you know how the tinder elo algorithmi is written? What would go into your algorithm? How long would it take you. 20 Objective C Today7h 5m $3219
Write a Book rerwrting a story of ten pages into book of 50 100 page 13 Ghostwriting, eBooks, Book Writing Today6h 52m $474
software for raspberry-pi - reading sensor data via BLE I need to program an application for a raspberry-pi that will be able to read data from sensors using bluetooth low energy, I have documentation for sensors. Detailed requirements. 1. Displaying the actual values of the 3 sensors connected to the RPI 2. For each sensor display actual values: a. Acceleration - mg b. The data from the gyro - rotation ° / s c. Lighting - lux d. Temperature ... 3 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Raspberry Pi Today6h 49m $863
Mobile Phone, iPhone Today6h 46m
Write an Android application Application for your phone to order storm leads. Enter payment , Areas you would like to be called and also more about my company 21 Android, Mobile Phone Today5h 53m $1996
Arduino development for a small project I am looking to merge two small arduino sketches and add some features. I currently am using a NodeMCU (ESP8266 Board) and running an arduino sketch that monitors a waterflow sensor that when it gets to a certain flow amount it sets a pin high and this all works fine. Then I have a working sketch that emails me from the board that I want to email me when the pin goes high on the flow sensor sketch... 18 Software Architecture, Arduino, Remote Sensing Today5h 38m $75
Build a Website i build a hotel web site 54 Website Design, PSD to HTML, HTML, Bootstrap Today5h 33m $24
data entry for beba as agreed 40 Data Processing, Data Entry, Big Data Today5h 4m $537
Get Traffic to my Website [url removed, login to view] made this site for my friend. godaddy website builder. Want to take to the next level. design/ update look. drive traffic, facebook marketing. 63 Website Design, Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Facebook Marketing Today4h 46m $640
Membantu dalam Pengelolaan Proyek 0 Project Management Today4h 22m -
Clean my House or Business how to 0 Advertising, Entrepreneurship, Housework Today4h 16m -
Help with setup of Google Structured Data (i.e. rich snippets, etc.) on 2 sites We have 2 websites whose sitemaps have been submitted to Google for SEO crawling. We are reading about Google Structured Data and how this can help with our search results. We would like some expert assistance in setting up this data (including rich snippets) so that our search results stand out more vs. our competitors. The items we are reading about are from here: [url removed, login to view... 16 Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building Today4h 6m $218
Build a Website 28 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, Software Testing, HTML Today3h 21m $576 Social Media Marketing Hi I am the owner of several websites and I'm looking for someone for 20 hours a week to be a social media manager for my website: Here is the job description: [url removed, login to view] If you are interested in the job, please take our test: [url removed, login to view] Thanks Blake Cabot 13 Twitter, Facebook Marketing, Google Plus, Pinterest, Social Media Marketing Today3h 5m $7
I would like to hire a Data Entry Operator To work the challenging & dynamic environment where I am able to continue organizational goals, religing opportunities for personal growth and the organizational concerned. 45 Copywriting, Data Entry, PDF, Word, Article Submission Today2h 21m $25
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data simple copy paste work 13 Copywriting, Data Entry, Excel, Microsoft Access, Copy Typing Today2h 21m $339
Build a Website 22 PHP, Website Design, Website Testing, HTML, Web Hosting Today2h 21m $19
Edit Something editing when somthing is wrong on the book 7 Editing Today1h 51m $393
Get a logo designed 0 Today1h 51m -
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data 14 Data Entry, Excel Today1h 51m $101
Marketing a book through social media Introducing a book in late November designed for young mothers who would like to get their children involved in helping around the house. We would like to use social media to create interest in the book and are offering a pre-order discount up until the release date. We are interested in someone with the experience to review our program and then propose a full strategy of options for promoting... 11 Twitter, Facebook Marketing, Google Plus, Pinterest, Social Media Marketing Today1h 41m $7583
Design a Brochure for a Leisure Park aimed at investors and business partners I need a freelancer capable of creating a very polished proposal for a leisure park, with luxury log cabins, camping, tennis, swimming and and lots of other outdoor activities The park is located in a natural outstanding place of beauty, the document is aimed at investors and will include both design and content, logos, banners etc I would like it to be very polished, corporate and profession... 15 Brochure Design, Covers & Packaging, Graphic Design, HTML, Logo Design TodayEnding $248
Adsense Specialist I need Specialist for Adsense for Some blog work. We not need Company. We need one Person. 3 Google Adsense TodayEnding $263
Whiteboard Video 1 We require a 4 minute whiteboard video (Audio is attached.), I want the words written on the screen (word doc attached) with music in the background. Needs to include logo at top right. Should be more than just words. I have submitted and [url removed, login to view] +++++++ OK, now for something completely outrageous. We will prove you can earn precisely $1,555,471 every 28 da... 7 Video Services Oct 25, 201623h 42m $146
Design an A3 Poster for a Swing Jazz style music band I am seeking an A3 poster that illustrates a Swing Jazz style party band that utilise saxophone, guitar, double bass, drums, and female vocalist. The name of the band is called: Melted beats The band will be perform on boat called the Paddle Steamer Decoy on Friday the 16th of December 2016. Board 5:15 pm Depart 6:00 pm Return 9:00 pm Tickets and Info: [url removed, login to view] / 04... 16 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Painting, Photo Editing, Poster Design Oct 25, 201623h 10m $39
Design a Business Card Need business cards made, I have a make up business and I want the cards in black and gold. Need the cards to say not the front "Makeup By Ashlee" 51 Business Cards, Graphic Design Oct 25, 201622h 37m $20
Create a Music Video for youtube So i'm a new artist and I've got 5 musics recorded Now I Need to upload them and broadcast using youtube What I need is a lyric video for each of them We'll be making one by one References: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Lyrics will be sent translated, as they were wroten in portuguese, i'm gonna send t... 4 After Effects, Video Production, Video Services, Videography, YouTube Oct 25, 201622h 21m $392
Design a Logo Need a brilliant and thought provoking logo. The logo must be well designed and creative. Plagarism won't be accepted. The logo is for a coaching institute conducting variety of courses. It is a comprehensive coaching institute. you can ask for more details if required. Name of coaching class is : VIP Career Institute 18 Graphic Design, Logo Design Oct 25, 201621h 29m $13
تصميمات لشبكات التواصل الإجتماعي Arabic-speaking only. لمتحدثي اللغة العربية فقط أحتاج لتصميمات تغطي المتطلبات الآتية: 1 Facebook Cover Photo 1 Facebook Profile Picture 1 Facebook Page Promotion Ad (Page Likes) 1 Brand Awareness Ad suitable for Facebook & Instagram 1 Facebook Post Engagement Ad للتسويق لشخص يعمل كمدرس دروس خصوصية في البيوت ويجب أن تكون كل الجمل أو الكلمات في التصميمات باللغة العربية فقط يجب وضع م... 6 Graphic Design Oct 25, 201621h 7m $131
I need a logo designed for LIV CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD I need a logo designed for a construction company 16 Graphic Design, Logo Design Oct 25, 201620h 53m $59
Mail Merge for Labels I am having horrendous difficulty creating a mail merge from Excel into Word. I have the addresses is excel and attached is the mail label template. I need them merged into labels ready to print. Should take the right person 5 minutes, but I keep getting error messages and have given up. Need asap. 5 Excel, Word Oct 25, 201620h 41m $9
CHICAGO CUBS WORLD SERIES TSHIRT Design a shirt using red white blue colors saying "IT HAPPENED IN MY LIFETIME!" 8 Visualization Oct 25, 201619h 58m $52
Write a brand signature / slogan We are looking for a brand signature. The UriWave is a 14 years company, that works the European market of professional hygiene. We have a range of high quality air fresheners and odor neutralizers. We are a premium brand in the sector with the best products on market. And with a strong focus on urinal treatment products. We are looking for a brand signature / slogan with the word "a... 149 Catch Phrases, Creative Writing, Slogans Oct 25, 201619h 56m $128
Snapchat Geofilter Looking to have a Snapchat geofilter designed for an event I'm attending. The top of the filter should say: "Time To Slay The Day" Bottom should be a button that says: "Grind Mode" On I've attached an example of what I'm looking for. File must be delivered with the following requirements met: Files should be 1080px wide by 1920px high. Files... 7 Adobe InDesign, Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator, Photoshop Oct 25, 201619h 26m $39
Design a Brochure advertisement for A Tennis Club reopening Design me a brochure and or a Facebook ad for a fictional tennis club reopening. I have created a redesign folio which I have attached for the tennis club. The advertisement is then meant to showcase the design through an 'open day' you can include fictional information such as location and date I can replace these later. Also be creative with what fake events the opening day will have. ... 1 Advertisement Design Oct 25, 201619h 23m $14
Design Melbourne Cup poster for Pub- URGENT Please design a flyer for Melbourne cup using information in the draft poster attached and logo files. Please also see example. I need a colour flyer for A4 and another for Facebook and website. I need files in High Quality PDF and JPGs. 18 Brochure Design, Flyer Design, Graphic Design Oct 25, 201618h 48m $50
Content Writing Find in attachment. 5 Advertising, Copywriting, Product Descriptions, Reviews, Sales Oct 25, 201618h 11m $26
Design a Logo for my new Private Investigator Website my website is [url removed, login to view] Ideas should be around cheating spouses, people tracing, spys, P.I. , Surveillance 72 Graphic Design, Logo Design Oct 25, 201618h 6m $95
Need a logo for an app We need a simple creative logo for our laundry app. Name: (attached). The logo should show ironing clothing feel. Color is blue and white. Below are some examples. Good Luck! :D 104 Graphic Design, Logo Design Oct 25, 201616h 23m $59
We need a poster for our website We would like a poster designing for our online gambling website. Here are basic requirements: We have a black and red logo which would need to be displayed. We will provide the chosen bidder with the logo for the final design. Please use a placeholder logo for now. The poster is related to sports betting and live casino dealers. We have a couple of small other logos to go on the poste... 2 Graphic Design Oct 24, 201614h 42m $131
Brochure Design, Flyer Design, Graphic Design Oct 24, 201611h 5m
Packaging Design for Pet Product (Electric Dog Fence) and 3D Mockup of Product We need a new package design for our Electric dog fence and 3D image of the packaging. Here are a few examples of the ones we like. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] We are looking for something that stands out and is bold yet simple. Please make sure there is a dog (Labrador or golden retriever) on the front. Make sure that the yard you use does not have a f... 17 Covers & Packaging, Graphic Design, Package Design Oct 24, 201610h 8m $157
Design an Advertisement We are an ISP in rural mid-west USA. We need to sell VoIP telephone service asap. We need a graphic made that will be sent out via Email/Twitter/Facebook/and on our website. Please use your advertising and graphic skills to take some artistic rights! The ad should include these details: Get a home phone line for just $[url removed, login to view] (plus E911 & Federal Fees) One time $35 eq... 6 Advertisement Design Oct 24, 20169h 36m $105
Design a watermark logo for YouTube videos We have a youtube channel with half a million subscribers. We need a watermark branding for our videos. Any color. Any design that looks good in the area (see attached image). It can be a perfect square or a rectangle. We destroy phones and tech gadgets in our videos. So try to make it relatable to that. There are no strict rules. Use your creativity. It can be a fixed image, a looping a... 38 After Effects, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop Oct 24, 20168h 4m $65
Design a tradeshow booth background -- 2 We need artwork designed for a tradeshow booth and table cloth. We're looking for the design to be similar/consistent across both, so that they flow together. I've attached the dimensions/templates for both, along with our brochures, logos and some previous ads and designs we've done. ** Also, something we REALLY want is somewhere, say "Built by car dealers, for car dealers!... 6 Graphic Design, Photoshop Oct 24, 20167h 54m $425
Design a logo A logo to resemble an existing logo (see file) the logo is for a monthly subscription box called Pretty Little Parcel (website is Pretty Little Home) with similarities to original. Shabby chic, hearts or stars , grey and white. 33 Website Design, WordPress Oct 24, 20167h 28m $80
Graphic design for tshirt I need some graphic design. Grpahic design for tshirt 4 Graphic Design Oct 24, 20167h 9m $26
Design a Flyer for "All Access Starter Pack" sale * Design an 8.5" x 11" flyer for "All Access Starter Pack" membership. * See attachment for details. * Please review our website, [url removed, login to view], for our location, phone number, email address, etc. * Please use photos located here: [url removed, login to view] Also photos available on our site [url removed, login to view], our facebook page churchstreetbo... 35 Advertising, Brochure Design, Flyer Design, Graphic Design, Marketing Oct 24, 20165h 41m $98
Draw attached Logo in Autocad Need to draw the attached logo in auto cad, and deliver it as DWG file format. 12 AutoCAD, Graphic Design, Logo Design Oct 24, 20165h 8m $13
Creative Writer to Write Epic Slogan for T-Shirt Hi, I am looking for a Creative Writer to Write about 10 Epic Slogans / Quotes / Poem for each Topic for Custom Design T-Shirt. Topic 1: Puppy Topic 2: Puppy and Grand Son Topic 3: Puppy and Grandma Slogans / Quotes / Poem should be 100% Organic, Creative, and in English. A sample is attached that describe what kind of writing do I expect from you. Copy-cats will be rejected. Ple... 21 Catch Phrases, Creative Writing, Slogans Oct 24, 20164h 11m $65
Write some Articles Title of the article is "The Top 10 Best Mobile Slot Games' - offer your subjective views on what the top 10 best mobile casino slot games are, providing a screenshot (width 560px) of each slot game and saying in one or two paragraphs why you have chosen that game. Knowledge of slots will be important, although you can probably wing it. Information about the game provider that made t... 2 Articles Oct 24, 20164h 11m $31
Ich benötige ein grafisches Design I need someone to take my existing Logo give it a christmas/new year/holiday style. Things such as snow, bells, champagne bottle, snowmen, candle. I think you can imagine what I mean. BUT: Dont overdo it. Less is more. ;) Thank you 6 Banner Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, Photoshop Design Oct 24, 20163h 25m $13
Graphic Design, Icon Design, Logo Design Oct 24, 20162h 10m
Do some Blog Posting for German Filmmaker Looking for a German native speaker who will need to write 1 Blog posts with 1000-1500 Words for a Filmmaker/Director Blog. Topics: The importance of 35mm Film restoration to digital 4k. Should have film making + seo knowledge and only German native! 1 Articles, Blog, German, Ghostwriting, SEO Oct 24, 20161h 42m $13
business cards development we want to up-date/modernize the business cards. PLeas find a draft attached and a corporate presentation for ideas 14 Graphic Design Oct 24, 20161h 30m $71
brochure development Micron has a laboratorium service, where we check feed for quality parameters. We mad a draft, which is attached. PLease modernize the laz-out. 13 Graphic Design Oct 24, 20161h 21m $99
Design a Logo I am looking to design a logo for a hunting/outdoors camp. The camp is located on a lake called 'Dode Lake' and our camp name is 'Buzz Camp' established in 2016. We primarily hunt whitetail deer, ducks, and fish. I would like the logo to comprise of each of these components. I have provided some samples of vintage type logos that I like. Please be creative as I am open ... 15 Graphic Design, Logo Design Oct 24, 20161h 14m $26
Graphic Design, Icon Design, Mobile Phone Oct 24, 2016Ending
Design a A5 Single Side Invitation Card for a corporate event Hi All For my client, I need some one to Design a A5 Single Side Invitation Card for a Corporate Event This event is happening: 1. To launch the new website and app 2. Questions and Answers sessions 3. About company presentation 4. Dinner Invitation matter: My Company Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce their 1st anniversary You are cordially invited to attend a celebration to enjoy... 17 Flyer Design, Graphic Design Oct 24, 201619h 16m $20
Design a Logo The business is called Fresh Nation. Its a wholefoods café selling, salads, smoothies, Acai bowls, bagels and raw desserts. I'm looking for a logo using the business name in the logo. The logo will be used for signage and stickers so will need to be clear and easy to read. These are a few examples of logos I like. 174 Graphic Design, Logo Design Oct 24, 201616h 37m $59
Design SWAG T Shirt for teenage boys one colour We are seeking to create a T shirt targeted to teenage boys The T-Shirt design is WHITE print design on a BLACK T SHIRT. The design is to have a stylized word SWAG and any other images or drawings that may make the product cool for kids to wear would be considered. Please note- only ONE colour graphics as the design print will be white on a black T Shirt. The word is SWAG and the design shou... 58 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, Photoshop Design, T-Shirts Oct 24, 201616h 4m $25
Logo Design We are looking for a new logo design for our product. The brand name is ‘Gene Machine’. We are going to be providing genetic tests for people to look at nutrition, exercise and learning development. We want something nice and modern and fun. playful and use the name as the inspiration. Target audience is kids and females under 40yrs of age. We don’t have a colour scheme as s... 39 Graphic Design, Logo Design Oct 23, 201614h 24m $29
Design a outdoor LCD Screen Enclosure Id like some concept drawingsrenders for an enclosure product for a small project. The specifications are as follows: - 70 inch portrait orientation LCD screen, daylight view-able - Floor standing -Maximum overall height 2500mm - Design to be attractive, creative, functional - Enclosure is to be rendered with the intention for it to be water-resistant as it is outdoors - Prefer ... 14 3D Rendering, Concept Design, Industrial Design, Product Design Oct 23, 20169h 59m $188
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