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Hadoop facilitates solving problems with huge numbers of data in many business applications. Thanks to Freelancer.com, Hadoop experts can now find many related jobs on the internet to earn some extra cash.
Hadoop is typically a program that is under the Apache licensing and it is one of the most popular open-source software frameworks today. This program works by making it possible for other programs to break down data into petabytes. Hadoop jobs solve complicated problems involving big data numbers that can be complex or structured or a combination of both. Hadoop jobs require a deep understanding of analytics skills, particularly clustering and targeting. These jobs can also be applied in other fields, in addition to computers.
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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (AUD)
Hadoop Map Reduce Develop Simple Hadoop Map Reducer 21 Apache, Hadoop, Java Feb 12, 2016 Feb 12, 20165d 4h $281
Hadoop Big Data Hiring as Support in my job. 17 Big Data, Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Spark Feb 12, 2016 Feb 12, 20165d $675
Improve the performance of Couchdb We have to improve the performance of the couchdb. 9 Java, C# Programming, NoSQL Couch & Mongo, Big Data, Hadoop Feb 12, 2016 Feb 12, 20164d 17h $680
Realtime Hadoop data ingest with Kafka, Storm, HBase (OpenTSDB), and Postgres on AWS SKILLS REQUIRED This project requires a data engineer with development experience setting up a realtime data ingestion demo using open-source Apache tools Kafka and Storm. It also requires someone that's familiar with setting up a Hadoop environment using the configuration tool Puppet. If you have familiarity with these tools, this will be a fairly easy but well-paying project! BASIC DESC... 10 Python, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Hadoop, Puppet Feb 11, 2016 Feb 11, 20164d 7h $4405
Γράψτε κάποιο Λογισμικό I want from you to use the dataset I provide inside the given project and to write a MapReduce program for Apache Hadoop, using Java in order to calculate the data cube for the dimension Trn_type, CityName_Customer and CityName_branch with measurements for sum(amount) and avg(amount). For the problem solution you can develop more than one MapReduce jobs. For every Group By that is being contain... 5 Java, Hadoop, Map Reduce Feb 11, 2016 Feb 11, 20164d 2h $214
Hadoop Project I'm currently SQL - Dba. Moving towards Hadoop, Sqoop. Please let me know if anyone is ready to discuss there project. 13 Big Data, Hadoop Feb 11, 2016 Feb 11, 20164d 2h $38
Cloudera, Hadoop, Storm Project I'm working on a project next week where I need an American who is familiar with Hadoop fill out a form and speak for 90 minutes about data clusters through goto meeting. Must be able to do both. Any qustions just message me and I'll explain the project more clearly 2 Hadoop Feb 10, 2016 Feb 10, 20163d 9h $194
Hadoop - Proxy interview - Indian Male I am looking for a Female who is expert in Hadoop, MapReduce,Hive, Oozie, Sqoop, Cassandra, JAVA, J2EE, with good experience in Design patterns, ETL, Data Structures and Frameworks. Need good communication skills and available to take phone interview for a contracting position in US EST time zone during working hours. I will send the job description well in advance. There might be multiple phon... 7 Java, J2EE, Big Data, Hadoop, Map Reduce Feb 9, 2016 Feb 9, 20162d 7h $767
Technical interviewers for various IT Skills Based on a shortlisted resume for a candidate, we would like a technical interview done for the candidates. The interviewer is expected to posses a hands on experience of at least 6-8 years with a minimum of 3 years in the technology for which interview is being conducted. The interview can be done at any time suitable to the interviewer and can also be done from home. The interviewer has to visi... 19 Java, .NET, Big Data, Hadoop, Angular.js Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 201615h 58m $469
develop Apache system Apache APEX data system We need to build in-house Bid Data analyses platform using Apache APEX It is very important for you to have knowledgeable n APEX Here is a sample of same business model website http://www.tableau.com/ For u to understand my business model, study the business model. Go to service offer and see the categories and my objectives. Once the platform is developed and is... 7 ASP, Apache, Anything Goes, Hadoop Feb 8, 2016 Feb 8, 201613h 4m $37
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