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Pattern Matching algorithms are used in engineering mathematics. They are used in scientific design. If your business needs help working with Pattern Matching then you can use the services of our freelancers. All you need to need to do is post a project and let our freelancers bid on your projects. Hire Pattern Matching Programmers on Freelancer
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global rejection and local rejection pattern recognization The global rejec- tion option separates the foreign observations { not de ned in the classi- cation task { from the normal observations. The local rejection option works after the classi cation process and separates observations indi- vidually for each class. We present implementation of both methods for binary classi ers grouped in a graph structure (tree or directed acyclic graph). Next, ... 1 Machine Learning, Pattern Matching Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20165d 14h $219
handwritting pattern recognition, global and local rejection In hand writing recognition do global and local rejection use some model's predict the accuracy and plot the graph 1 Python, Pattern Matching Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20165d 9h $284
School Management App' Hello, We are looking for a Android developer to work on a native mobile app'. It's a school management system managing daily attendance, monthly fee records, push notifications to the parents (attendance, fees etc), keep track of total no of employees in school, their salary, monthly fees etc 0 Metatrader, Pattern Matching Jan 30, 2016 Jan 30, 20168h 7m -
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