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A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my IOS Application - A statistician who could model 3Ls (least square model) or 2LS model of simultaneous equation A statistician who could model 3Ls (least square model) or 2LS model of simultaneous equation - A step by step guide to make yourself happy -using CBT a step by step introduction to server configuration - A stock trading strategy based purely on price A stolen ring,fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger. - A Story Behind Dreams A story board presentation using graphics and animation - A storyboard for a social responsibilaty campaing - open to bidding A storyboard illustration of a brand TV script for a local bank - A string quartet and a singer A string quartet and a singer - A strong web CRM specialised for one field A Structual Engineer who can work to Australian standard. - A student grade report system A student grade report system - A Study into cloud game streaming performance to home networks. (dissertation) -- 2 A Study of A Hard Decision Block Codec - A study on teenagers in developing country - open to bidding A Study on the Impact of Job Stressor on Employee’s Job Satisfaction among Staffs’ In Claims Department Of Insurance Company - A stylish top A Stylish Video player for android - A subscription-based book library mobile app for Android phones. A succesful SEO in my site - A summary of commercial european lease terms a summary of excel spend by product from a large spreadsheet - A Super SIMPLE FACEBOOK App A super urgent logo designed - A Support contact form A Support System - A survey output coded and converted from .csv to .sav format, then processed through Marketsight into a table format -- 2 A Survey paper - A sweet and Treats logo a sweet band t shirt design - A Symmetric Key Encryption Technique Using Genetic Algorithm A symposium brochure to be graphic design - A system for online licensing of contents A system for refunding purposes - a system to exchange bookmarks across pc / mac / devices A system to scan all newly Registered Domains - A T- Shirt design A t- shirt design in vector which can be printed onto canavas and used as backdrop on wall - A T-shirt design with a killer difference A t-shirt design with logo - A Table in PHP A table in wordpress - A talent/Marketplace portal for the entertainment industry A talented and clever freelancer please - A talented web designer with css/html/some programing skills A talented writer required! - A Taxi and Passenger Recommendation System A taxi app - A teacher of Italian language A teacher required to teach Spanish virtually in fluent English - A Team of 3 Coders A Team of academic writers required on urgent basis - A Team of Writers - $2 per 500 words A team of writers is needed - A teaser VIDEO A tech blog - A technical editor/writer A technical English writer needed for articles writing - A technical step by step how to content - repost A technical step by step how to Wordpress content - A teen site template a telecom logo - A Template A template - A template for web site A Template Graphically Designed for a PDF Document - A temporary accountant for 2 months to take care of invoicing an accounting a temporary job - A Test Iteration A test PHP project - a testimony necessary for a marriage annulment A testing ,practice and performance tool for school students preparing for their exams - A Text-Mode Monopoly Game A Text-Mode Monopoly Game - Repost - A theme for wordpress blog A theme for - A ThinkorSwim Algorithm A third fantasy fiction writer needed - A Ticket Selling website a ticketbot programme(s) for ticket selling companies - A timer question A timesheet / project logging application - A TinyOS project with FlockLab testing and Paper writing a tip for you - A to Z simple website creation A to Z tabs in collection pages & restructure how search results are presented - A Tool To Automate My Backlinking (AMR,SenukeX,SEOLinkvine) A tool to automatically generate a historical report from bugzilla - A toolbar for eBay that can find more sites which sell the same product, using google's results. A toolbar for IE and FF - a topless fake A topology control protocol baA topology control protocol based on eligibility and efficiency metricssed on eligibility and efficiency metrics - A touching up of a Facebook application A TOUR COMPANY NAME - A toy -- 2 A tracking app - a trailer about abyss A Trailer Billboard design - A Training Database A training in Sphinx documentation system - A transcript of a lecture A transcript writter - A translation from Danish to Swedish and Norwegian A translation from English to Arabic - a translation of 2300 words from Lungadan into English of an electronic newspaper A translation of a company handbook - a translator (German to Turkish) a translator and speaker for chatzilla - A translator from English to arabic A translator from English to German (German mother tongue speaker) - A translator while traveling in India. A translator who can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese in LA - a traslator in China A travel Agency - a travel website a travel website - A trex falling over as if just been tranquilised. A tri-fold Brochure Design - A true story based comic book A true, genuine expert on PHPBB3 forums is needed - a tshirt designer A tshirt ecomerce with mobile solution - A tutor who can teach me how to use Wix A Tutorial for changing CA name of a Windows Server - A Twitter Feed A twitter feed that can organize and color-code tweets by #hashtag for use in a Wordpress-based media platform. - A two way data bridge from code driven by Twine2, to CSV (possibly via MYSQL & PHPMyAdmin) A two week project for Kenara - A typical women life in a blog a typing job with good earning - A typist A typist - A typist for a 100+questionnaire A typist for a 100+questionnaire - repost - A uber like app for drone - open to bidding A Keyword and Search Volume Tool - A ukulele video course for beginners a Ultimate Script - A unique congratulations service (video messages from around the world) - $6 each task. A unique congratulations service (video messages from around the world) - $6 each task. -- 2 - A unique real estate portal
A Unique Search Box where now are 2. - A Unique Website a unique website - a unkown project a unreal engine developing - a user app to rate and take a photo of business visited A user can login from facebook to my wordpress site - A ussd application A USSD functionality for Phone Book backup - A VA to help my business A VA to help my business - a varied mix of small web jobs a varied mix of small web jobs - A Math program for kids A Module to extract the text from a PDF either scanned or created - A vector based design of a children's museum with cartoony graphics that are fun and easy to read. A vector based design of a children's museum with cartoony graphics that are fun and easy to read. -- 2 - a vending application A vendor review and online event planning - A very simple sdl trados studio plugin which can choose local and server based TM A very small simple website - A Very Basic Web Service Application Required *urgently needed* A very basic website based on WordPress - a very easy c++ project a very easy c++ project - A Very EASY Travel Website/Blog A Very Easy Typing Data Entry - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job - Repost - open to bidding A Very Easy Typing Job -- 2 - A Very Fast Split Function A very fast typist - a very good write up a very high quality explanation video required for investment pitch - A very Old Man with Enormous Wings A very professional looking dating site - A very short but professional animated Intro. A very short essay about Anglo-Saxon literature - A very simple 5 page stactic website A very simple Access 2007 database needed - A VERY SIMPLE BMI CALCULATOR (ONLY FOR INDIVIDUAL AND VERY URGENT) A very simple book cover design - A Very Simple Facebook Application A very simple firewall written in Lazarus - A very simple iOS App. With geolocation and messages between users - repost A very simple ios application for an ecommerce website - A very simple logo A very simple logo - repost - A very simple php & mysql project A Very Simple PHP MYSQL project - VERY URGENT - A very simple Proxy server for the first one and a modified proxy server in the second assignment. - open to bidding A very simple PSD to HTML conversion ( Responsive ) - a very simple task - new freelancers welcome A very simple tiny bookmark manager website needed - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A very simple webscrape A very simple website - A very simply script needed A very skilled powerpoint animator required - A very small div script. A very small english document to be translated to Mexican Spanish - A very small problem in c# a very small programm in python - a very small zen cart customization project A Very Special Book - A very urgent Presentation sound recording must need to be done by today a very user friendly.. slick website - a video A video & sound compilation - A Video Blog (Similar to A Video Blog (Similar to - repost - A video database website A VIdeo Dating Site With Customized Functionality:Advanced! - a video for matlab command Functions A video for my social netowork - A video game project artist needed! -- 2 A video gamer girl - A video of our works - brow emboiderey A video on demand platform - A video script A video set to an original recording - A Video to explain the Company structure A video to Promote our Health Drink Brand " fettle " - A videochat + entertainment A Videographer - A videographer A videographer - repost - a videographer to film in Sidney,OH A videographer to help film and edit videos for YouTube - a videoshoot A vietnamese C++ / PHP programmer in Hanoi - a virsual basic 2d avatar moving chat with multiple users chat and multiple rooms a virtual airline website including hosting and domain and upload for me the system and design the website and create a phpvms modules - A Virtual Assistant A Virtual Assistant - A virtual assistant project for adelynespino A virtual assistant to contact potential German clients. - A Virtual Dataroom A virtual executive assistant - A Virtual/Personal Assistant A VirtueMart Template Integration with Another Joomla Template - A visual reminder mobile application a visual sign language interpreter - A voice-over artist for 2 short intro to a video A voice-over artist needed for a kids app. - A VPN APPLICATION FOR ANDROID AND IOS a wagon - A wallpaper app A wallpaper app -- 2 - a water damage website & logo A water joke app - A way to simplify a technical floor plan in PDF a way to work on the radio device - A web app by JAG A web app for data management - a web application a web application - A web application that integrates with Google maps that stores information about customers and prospects. A web application that takes addresses and sorts them into a route order - A web based application for the administration of questionnaires on-line A Web based application In Php - A web based platform for the NoProfit sector and fundraising A web based project in PHP/MySQL and javascript - a web based wrestling game that can be integrated into a website for a animated fantasy wrestling company A Web Book Shop - A web crawler for an specific site.
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