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Add content to joomla website - plus light design work - add content to my web Add content to my website - Add content to our website - open to bidding add content to pages - Add content to stock theme Add content to the custom shopping cart - Add content to website Add content to website - Add Content To WordPress Site Add Content To Wordpress Site - Add content to Wordpress site(repost) Add Content To Wordpress site. - Add content to Wunderkind Add content to - Add contents from old site into admin panel for new site(repost)(repost) add contents in my website - Add Context menu in treeview node with delete/rename/add options. Add Continent column to MySQL table and fill each Country's Continent - add contributions to OScommerce Add contributions to site - Add conversion tracking to website Add conversion tracking to WordPress/WP Plugin - Add cookies to Go scripts. Add cookies to java site / or scanning ability to pages - Add Copy to 12 Images - SIMPLE & QUICK Project add copy to website - Add count number beside new comment image Add count to a social share script - Add Country / Dot on Entry Map Add country redirect to my website - Add Coupon Code to osCommerce (GMI) Add Coupon Code To registration & create admin - Add Course/FAQ/Links PHP module to site Add Courses Module to a Rails System - add create online training courses Add Creative Flair to my eBook - add credit card for instant payment at filehost with XFS script Add Credit Card form on Xcart Shopping Cart checkout page. - Add credit system to an auction php script Add credit to facebook - repost - Add crop marks and bleed lines to pdf, 2 hr turn around! Add cropping and resizing to already existing image upload php page - add css and images to current template. Add CSS and Javascript/JQuery to some HTML - add css styling to php table Add CSS Tabbed Content in Existing Web Page - Add CSS to RSS Add Css to webform - Add CSV live feeds, CSV Products, Live Stock Feed CSV top Opencart Store Add CSV live feeds, CSV Products, Live Stock Feed CSV top Opencart Store - Add currency add currency - Add cusotmisation to swatches on woocommerce page Add Custoemr Login Portal and Online Payment System - Add custom code to bookly appointment 2-- Add Custom Code to Windows Shell Actions - Add custom editable RSVP form and fonts on a Weebly site Add custom embroidery option to asp ecommerce website - Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 4 Add custom features into G-mail and G-calendar - Add Custom field to Mantis Bug Tracker Add custom field to NinjaForm - Add Custom Fields and Custom Post Template to existing site Add custom fields from Virtuemart into VMinvoice - Add Custom Fields to OrangeHRM Add custom fields to osCommerce Checkout - add custom font to wordpress theme Add custom font wordpress site - Add custom header and footer to themeforest template. Also add 20 plugins and configure. Add custom header for Wordpress pages, Posts and Categories - add custom lists on our Prestashop's product pages.1 - open to bidding Add custom lists on Prestashop - Add custom option "Sizes" to all products in Magento store Add custom option magento - URGENT - add custom pictureupload function add custom play button to html video through javascript - Add Custom Search and Bot Add Custom Search Field in Wordpress Theme Enfold to Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. - Add custom taxonomy category in my Wordpress Theme Add custom taxonomy to post and admin - Add Custom Wordpress Search Functionality to Existing Site Add customer account gamification system to Magento 1.9 - Add customer shipping calculator & third party API to shipping website Add Customer Store Number Information from MySQL database to Wordpress Welcome Email - Add customized forums to drupal site Add customized options to PHP based dating script Chameleon -- 2 - Add daily content to my games website Add dalpay payment option in my site - Add data for .001 per listings -- 6 Add data for .001 per listings -- 7 - Add Data Input & Import function(repost) Add data into a csv - Add data into our website from Reference website Add data into our website from Reference website - Repost - add data to an existing extension Add Data to Confirmation URL - Add data to our HTML5 E-Commerce Site Add data to plugin wordpress field's - Add data upload and Chart binding to script provided Add Data Web Directory (directories) - Add database of US universities to Worpress site Add Database Print/Export feature to Booking Plugin - Add date by url to grids and form CI Add date by url to grids and form CI -- 2 - add Date/time picker javascript in game website php Add date/time to email form subject line - Add deep linking to AJAX website Add default category option to master-sync.php - Add delivery address Add delivery calendar to Magento checkout - add Description into Photo File Add description lookup to this page - Add design and color work to PDF documents - repost Add design and color work to PDF documents - repost 2 - Add design to a book in a photo Add design to a fpdf document - Add design to wordpress site Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress - Add details and photo to ID template add details from a qr code to mobile phone address book - Add different API's and game mechanics to website Add different API's and game mechanics to website (BACK-END) - Add digital potentiometer interface Add digital potentiometer interface - repost - Add directshow devices to a working software Add DirectWrite to existing GDI Application - Add discount feature to existing RoR Active Admin cart add discount feature to individual products on website - Add Disqus comments to my Tumblr blog Add Disqus to my Website - Add DNS to domain Add doctors name to existing logo in same font - Add donation button to Facebook page Add Donation Page - Add download button functionality to a music streaming service Add download button functionality to music website - add drag&drop arrows to existing script Add drawers to product pictures - Add drop down menu Add drop down menu + contact form to website - Add drop down menu to top menu bar Add drop down menu to wordpress theme - Add drop-down selections to exsisting menu Add drop-downs to a menu in an existing web-site. - Add Dropdown Menus to Existing Website Add dropdown mobile navigation and fix ie9 bug dropdown - Add Dummy Content to 9 Pages in Wordpress Theme.
add dummy display to run cadsoft eagle on suse - Add dynamic filtering to admin side of Joomla Component Add Dynamic Flash Combobox to Music Upload form (PHP/MySQL) - Add dynamic PDF email functionality in wordpress woocommerce Add dynamic re-marketing code to our bigcommerce site - Add e-commerce on my freelance wordpress website Add e-commerce shopping site to company website - add e-mail to thank_you page (after filling out a form) Add E-Paper download button to Facebook - Add eBay Watchers to my store for some items Add eBay Watchers to my store for some items - add Ecommerce facilities to current site Add ecommerce function to website - Add ecommerce to existing simple website. Add Ecommerce to existing site - add edit button for events on meeplace and payment system add edit button to select design idea - Add effect to our logo Add effects on webpage - Add electronic signature to pdf docs Add ELEGANCE to the Logo - Add elements to page - Materialize Design Add Elements to Photos & Populate templates - add email capture to existing webpage Add email confirmation to a Visual Basic 5 program - Add email into EA Add email list to site - Add email option to website Add email PDF functionality SQL db Paypal record collection PHP cron job - Add email to company web site Add email to PDF form - Add emails to a spreadsheet Add emails to Feedburner - add emoji to an instant chat (nodejs) Add Emojis with Android Soft Keyboard - Add END TO END ENCRYPTION on a current android chatting application. Add endless scroll and search to the existing page - Add Enhancements to my iPhone App Add Enlarge Feature in Flash Gallery - Add epom banners to my sports site Add EPUB Support to previous project - Add Event on Google Calendar in PHP add event page with search options - Add events from websites Add Events in Website - Add Excel export and cron for parse email Add excel upload to current admin area - add existing interface to open source project Add Existing Item in VS Freezes System - Add existing video player to wordpress site(repost) Add existing video to image slideshow (wordpress) - Add Explosion/Smoke Trail Effects to Existing Video Add expop database for webcoder - Add extension to current website add extension to magento - add extra attributes to magento url key Add extra code into website. - Add extra features to a QR Code reader Add extra features to an existing Laravel project - Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - repost Add Extra fields and captcha to Registration forms builded in theme - ADD extra form field + fix the zip code + insert form value into a link Add Extra form fields + Output on post - Add extra functionality to my flash quiz Add extra functionality to my Zoho Creator App (add rules) - Add extra module in php probid ADD EXTRA Modules to Home Page of existing JOOMLA site+ Some minor Modifications to Home Page, then Convert Site to RESPONSIVE - add extra super administrator in database Add extra tag to EOS - Add Facebook & Twitter login to mysql 5 star review script Add Facebook & Twitter login to mysql 5 star review script - Add Facebook and Twitter Login on my site Add Facebook and Twitter login to a mobile system - Add Facebook buttons to my website Add Facebook Code to Root Doman - add facebook connect/login to perl script Add Facebook Dynamic remarketing code to BigCommerce website. - Add Facebook feature to cocos2dx iphone game -- 2 Add Facebook features to a finished game - Add Facebook Gallery to Website Add Facebook Gallery, Like Button and Embed YouTube videos to my HTML site - Add facebook invitation on existing game. Add facebook invitation on existing ios project. - Add Facebook Like Button to Website Hosted on GoDaddy Website Builder Add Facebook Like Buttons - Add facebook likes and credit card payment to existing webshop Add facebook likes and credit card payment to existing webshop - ongoing work - Add Facebook Login feature to Medical related Web site imple Add Facebook Login image same as other page.. - Add facebook login to website... Add Facebook login to wordpress site and select who can access the site - ADD FACEBOOK PIXEL TO LANDING PAGE Add Facebook Pixel to Magento site - Add facebook sdk&game service and twitter to android app Add facebook sdk&game service and twitter to android app -- - Add facebook votes to page :) ! Add facebook votes to webpage ! - Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site!! Add Facebook/Twitter/Google login on my ClipBucket 2.8.1 site!!! - Add FancyBox functionality - Debug jQuery issue. add fancybox popup to my php script - Add Fans to Facebook Page(repost) Add fans to fan page - Add Favorites Feature to App Add Favorites feature to web site - Add FB share buttons to existing Wordpress site Add FB Share to Continue Feature in WP - Add featue products listing to homepage WP! Needs to be easily updatable! Add featuers to a website ( - Add feature for Identifying gripstock 1-7 to existing design Add feature for my Angular website - Add feature of providing reference Add feature on ASSOCIATES ON website - Add feature to a javascript on the WP blog Add feature to a javascript on the WP blog - open to bidding - Add Feature to android app add feature to android app - Add feature to existing android social media application Add feature to existing app. - add feature to existing web-based applicaiton Add feature to existing WordPress Plugin - Add feature to JPEXS Add Feature to Keystone.Js - add feature to my search engine,, Add feature to my site - Add Feature to PHP Website 2 Add feature to Pioneers Lunch - add feature to TEasyTable component Add feature to the current project - Add feature to wordpress theme Add feature to WordPress theme - Add Featured Images Wordpress Posts Add featured job banner image upload field. - Add features to existing project mentioned in description Add Features & Changes - Add Features and Maintain Android App Add features and change flow to existing iOS AND Android app - Add features and fixes to public mxfactorial GitHub project Add features and improvements to a website - add features for ios app Add features for sale to AS3 Starling program - Add features in Jquery Tab Menu add features in music app - Add features on Android app Add Features on Existing Android application - Add features to 1 app and make another app