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Add Canasta, Pinochle, and Rummy to Game - add captcha add captcha - Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form - Repost - open to bidding Add captcha field - Add CAPTCHA protection to WordPress form Add CAPTCHA security to my enquiry form - Add Captcha to CGI Form - repost Add Captcha to Contact Form - Add CAPTCHA To Existing PHP Form Add CAPTCHA To Existing PHP Form & Fix - Add captcha to forms add CAPTCHA to forms - add captcha to my website Add CAPTCHA to one page of my php site - Add Captcha to two php forms add captcha to Virtuemart 1 forms - Add captcha verification to form add captcha word in subscription button and remove button in a website - Add Cardboard VR type output to existing iPhone app Add CarFax Socket Integration into Modified OSCommerce Build - Add Cart Functionality to SobiPro, Joomla 2.5.8 Add cart functions for Amazon Affiliate PHP - Add Categories and reorganise links in a PHPLD directory. Add categories and sub categories to shopify site - Add Categories to Site / WordPress change Add categories to website - Add category side bar and small fixes add category text mod to oscommerce - Add ccbill payment gateway to Add CD Burning ability to VB app - Add Changes on Oscommerce web add changes on wordpress template - Add Channels to my Satelite TV on PC Software Add Chapter to an Ebook - Add Chartboost & Admob and delete other ads. Add Chartboost Ads to App - Add chat in Add Chat Live & Google Address Locator - Add chatting feature to my application add chatting in the project - Add checkbox list in php page Add checkbox to form and validation - Add Checkouts to my Zen Cart Website Add checks for spam on outgoing mail - Add Christmas lights to our Free Shipping banner above the header. Add Christmas pic to our Logo - Add City & Staes to my website Add City and State Field - Add Classic Scrabble style game to Wordbattle game against AI add classified - add click job - open to bidding Add Click Tags in Flash Banner - add clicking - open to bidding Add clicking - repost - Add client panel and Buyer Review system to WordPress site Add Client Quotes to Website - add cloud data feature in existing Android app Add Cloud Server (Rackspace, windows 2008 R2) to our physical domain. Domain has a Cisco 1841 router, - Add CMS or some type of content management to a website Add CMS or some type of content management to a website - repost - add cname with php Add code / Convert HTML tp PHP - Add code shown in 1st screenshot Add Code Signing Authenticode to VB6 Apps - add code to existing site and database Add code to existing software - Add code to my website for Mylivechat & Intouchcrm (linuxfreak1985) Add code to new design - add code to WP Direct blog add code, and modify open source app - Add coinbase in to client website add coinpayments gateway - Add color on Dashboard Add color on Dashboard 2 - Add color to logo Add color to my tattoo picture - Add colour function Add colour nic to x7chat (easy coding) - Add column to HTML table with JQuery Add Column to Joomla Template and adjust other columns - Add Coments to sites Add Cometchat to Laravel 4 - add comment section to blog and some other small changes Add Comment Section to my Blog - Add Comments Form Add comments in - add comments to youtube video Add comments/notes option to photos - Add company logo and banners for ads to my Umbraco site Add Company Logo to existing Software - Add component and enhance existing iOS app add component to iPad app - Add conditions to the ea we work HEDGIUM last version you send me. Add Conditions/filters To Wordpress Quoting System - Add contact form Add Contact Form (HTML/PHP) to single page. - Add Contact form to site (discussed) Add contact form to site. - Add contact to Constant Contact list using API(repost) Add Contact to Database using API - add contacts to outlook automatically when recognizing a specific keyword in the body or subject Add contenst to an already bulild website. - Add content and adjust formatting on WP site, migrate site to new server Add content and cleanup Joomla website - Add content and images to two wordpress sites Add content and images to website - add content form to website add content form to website - Add content in template and create website. Add content in the next hours. Start now! Urgent. - Add content on two sites(repost) Add content on two sites - Add Content to a Masters Thesis Add content to a site - Add content to a wordpress site Add content to a wordpress site - Repost - Add Content To and Perform a Funtionality and Performance... Add content to and SEO a wordpress video training website & add Amazon S3 - Add Content to Drupal Web Site From PDF add content to drupal website - Add Content to Gaming Site Add content to gaming website - Add Content to Joomla Component Add Content to Joomla Component - Add content to my Drupal website Add content to my existing website - Add content to new website Add content to new website design - Add Content to Site Add Content to Site - Add Content to Video Game Site Add content to video game site - add content to website - wordpress , woo commerce Add content to Website Template - Add content to Wordpress site Add content to Wordpress site - Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) Add content to Wordpress website + CSS3 transitions (Today!) -- 2 - Add Contents (written words, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & User Registration. Add Contents (written, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site & Registration. - Add contents to my wordpress shop, add music articles to blog add contents to new whmcs themes and udapt colors shema - Add contribution to creloaded oscommerce templates Add Contribution to OsCommerce Site - Add Conversion tracker script to existing website Add Conversion Tracking Code - add cookie to javascript popup
add cookie to javascript popup - add coppermine gallery to phpnuke website Add copun system to OScommerce site - Add CORS to a dedicated virtual server on MediaTemple Add CORS to a dedicated virtual server on MediaTemple - Add Counting to Flash Cards Script add countodown timer that rests in 20 min in YII - Add Coupon Code Function to Paypal Pay Now Button Add coupon code option to website, integrate with Paypal - Add Coupons Add coupons into a Wordpress post (modifications CouponPress theme) + show coupon in frame - Add Crawlers Add CRE Loaded Contributions and Mirror Configuration - Add Credit Card form on Xcart Shopping Cart checkout page. add credit card in my site - Add Credits Script Add credits to account : Paypal(button) purchase - PHP/MySQL - Add cross domain feature to existing jQuery UI Add cross-domain tracking - Add CSS Code to Wordpress Theme - Desktop Only Add CSS design to my Stripe payment system - Add CSS to existing Website add css to extend images - add css3 mouse over animation in a html file add csv and design - Add CTRL C key for multiple selection to drop down menu Add CubePoints after membership product is purchased. - Add current web content to existing flash fla to create site Add Curved Text to Existing Logo - Add Custom CMS to Online Repository Add custom CMS to testimonials page - Add Custom Design Function To eCommerce/OpenCart Site Add Custom Discount Options - Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 4 Add custom features into G-mail and G-calendar - Add Custom field to Mantis Bug Tracker Add custom field to NinjaForm - Add Custom Fields and Custom Post Template to existing site Add custom fields from Virtuemart into VMinvoice - Add custom fields to our google calendar Add custom fields to prestashop contact form - Add custom forms, book database and shopping cart on a wordpress site Add Custom Function to Website - Project for Dr.Tech - Add Custom HTML/Javascript field to Expression Engine CMS Add custom icon to my Google Mapplet - Add custom made Facebook feed to existing Facebook app add custom menu item - Add custom page to Word Press Add custom pages to an existing Wordpress Template (Frontend & Backend) - Add custom Product Price Formula in opencart Add custom product pricing in Woocommerce Superstore - Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app Add custom suggestions through javascript/html into an Android app. - add custom user fileds in sugarcrm add custom variable to API and create magento module - Add Customer Picture Gallery Page for Woocommerce Site Add Customer Reference field to Payment Gateway - Add Customized Coupon system(WordPress) add customized dating site features to existing website - add cylinder pipes to sandy 3d framework Add Czech Localization to existing app - Add data for .001 per listings -- 3 Add data for .001 per listings -- 4 - Add data in excel sheet Add Data in my online shop - Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a -- 4 Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3d - add data to a page add data to a shopping cart bigcommerce - add data to my site add data to my site - open to bidding - Add Data to Wordpress site & a few modifications Add data to wordpress website - Add Database Functionality to my Java App Add Database Modify existing site (PHP/MySQL) [ActnFac] - Add Date Arithmetic output field to Excel Macro Add Date Arithmetic output field to Excel Macro(repost) - Add date to scrolling text bar on website Add date/description upload to existing open-source Flickr Uploader project - Add debit details to Nochex and Resize product page image Add debugging info to a .NET service - Add Delete Functionality to Photo Gallery script Add Delete Update of Contact Documents - add Description into Photo File Add description lookup to this page - Add design and color work to PDF documents - repost 2 Add design and colour to education workbook - Add Design To Active Admin - Rails Add Design to Blog - Add design. To existing ad add designs and new features to an App - add details to woocommerce products add device id to download via without android device or emulator - Add different size and price for same product OSCommerce Add Different Sounds and Change Image on MouseOvers - Single Page - Add DirecPay payment gateway to OpenCart Add direcpay payment gateway to woocommerce - Add Discount Code Module to OsCommerce Site Add discount code on web site - Add Discussion Group/Forum to my website Add Disqus & Facebook Commenting on my WordPress Websites (4) - Add DNS Entries in linode backend - Very Simple Add DNS managment to registrar module on WHMCS - Add Donation amount to the checkout page Add Donation Page - Add download button functionality to a music streaming service Add download button functionality to music website - add drag&drop arrows to existing script Add drawers to product pictures - Add drop down menu + contact form to website Add drop down menu and pop login/signup to my html desgin - Add drop down menu to wordpress theme Add drop down menu to wordpress theme - Add drop-downs to a menu in an existing web-site. Add Dropbox & FTP to Existing Code Editor - Add dropdown mobile navigation and fix ie9 bug dropdown Add dropdown responsive bootstrap - Add dummy/artificial buyers account,info in opencart website Add DUoSecurity to Mac OSx Server. - Add dynamic flash logo to web site/plus other misc. minor maintenance Add dynamic gif to banner - Add dynamic tables to wordpress site. Add Dynamic Title in PHP Shopping Cart - Add e-commerce to photo gallery site Add e-commerce to website with file downloads - Add easy user uploads to website Add Easyblog pages to existing website taking data from another website (that I also own) - Add Ecommerce / Database To Current Site Add eCommerce abilities to porn site - Add eCommerce options to Drupal website Add ecommerce products to Magento store - add ecommerce to website Add Ecommerce to Wordpress - Add editable calendar to website Add editable fields to existing PDF - Add Elance Model a Blog Add Elastic Search Geoshapes to existing rails app. - add elements to html add elements to html -- 2 - Add Email Attachements to Forms Page Add Email Auto-responder - Add email function to website Add email functionality to a Coldfusion website - Add email open & link tracking to 1 email Add Email Opt-in to Landing Page - Add email PDF functionality SQL db Paypal record collection PHP cron job