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add classifieds to wordpress website - Add Click to Call button for Responsive Wordpress site to the Right of Logo for mobile Add Click To Call on web site - Add clicking on a website Add CLICKS and IMPRESSIONS functionality to AffiliateWP - Add client section to wordpress site Add client server function - Add Cloud Storage to an Android App Add CMS (content management) to 1 FLASH site & 1 Partial FLASH site - Add CMS to a Web Application Add CMS to a Web Site - add code AdSense to all pages for my website Add code and CNANE on Windows server - Add Code Signing to Delphi app and Webupdater Add Code To .htaccess to block bad bots - Add Code to Functions.php Add code to hide scrollbar in chrome, ie and firefox. Plus snag in IE image display - Add code to new design Add code to oscommerce contribution - add code, and modify open source app Add code/content below Content & Above Footer in Wordpress (w/Genesis Framework) - Add coinbase in to client website add coinpayments gateway - Add color on Dashboard Add color on Dashboard 2 - Add color to logo Add color to logo - Add colour depth to large banner image asap Add colour function - Add column to existing wordpress layout Add column to HTML table with JQuery - add coments to php blog - ongoing work Add Coments to sites - add comment section to blog add comment section to blog and some other small changes - add comments facebook Add comments feature to a flash portfolio - Add comments to sites. add comments to small Java Tomcat servlets - Add Company Information to 50 Directory Listings Add company listings to a directory - Add Completed design to template editor Add completed/non completed filter and button to existing wordpress theme - Add conditional logic to Plugin form Add conditional/IF statements to Gravity Forms number formula - Add Contact and pay link on email Add Contact Data to a Database of Locations - Add contact form to magento store Add contact form to my website - Add contact names and contact emails for data - Repost Add contact names and contact emails for data - Repost - open to bidding - ADD CONTACTS FROM EXCEL TO MAIL CHIMP ADD CONTACTS FROM EXCEL TO MAIL CHIMP - Add content (provided) to web pages Add content (text) (copy and paste) to editable PDF document. - add content and images & coupons -- 2 Add content and images in existing design - Add content as prices from google for my hotel list. Add Content As Scheduled To My Blogs - Add content from PDFs into Joomla 1.5 Add content from Word document to Wordpress - Add content o web pages Add content of and existing site to a wordpress theme - Add content to (the database) of an existing Android Application Add Content To 6 Simple Sites - add content to a wordpress homepage Add content to a wordpress page - Add Content to an already built Drupal site Add content to an eventbrite designed wordpress template - Add content to catagory pages - repost Add Content to Cell Phone Wiki - Add Content to Existing Web Site & Complete Web Template Add content to existing web site, paid video content - Add content to HTML template. Add Content to HTML5 Site - Add content to joomla website - plus light design work Add Content to Joomla, Organize Structure, Upload 8 Products to Virtuemart - add content to my web Add content to my website - Add content to our website - open to bidding add content to pages - Add content to stock theme Add content to the custom shopping cart - Add Content to website Add content to Website - Add content to Wordpress CMS Website Add Content To Wordpress Conditionally Based On URL - Add Content to Wordpress Site NOW Add content to Wordpress site(repost) - Add content to Add Content Wordpress - add contents in my website add contents in my websites - Add Continent column to MySQL table and fill each Country's Continent Add contirbutions/modules to OS Commerce - Add contributions to site Add Control Panel and User Login to Website - Add cookie and redirect add cookie function to a js code - Add Cookies To Login System Add cookies tracking script to existing session tracking script - Add copyright protection to Linux mailing software Add Cordova features to an Angular2 Meteor application - add countdown clock to web page, and autoload next page Add countdown timer page to my website - Add Country Targeting Feature To Android App Add coupan code in existing perl e-commerce website - Add coupon codes to Wordpress plugin Add coupon discount functionality to my website - Add COWOA mod to Zen Cart 1.3.8 (revised) Add COWOA mod to Zen Cart 1.5.5a - Add Credit Card (CC) as a Form of Payment (FOP) Add Credit Card (CC) as a Form of Payment in wordpress Wooecommerce store - Add Credit Card payment function on PHP/Mysql site Add credit card payment to my Joomla website - Add credits to account after Paypal(button) purchase - PHP Add credits to account | Paypal(button) purchase - PHP/MySQL - Add cross-domain tracking Add CRUD operations to Existing MVC Project - Add css design to a gravity form in wordpress Add css design to a gravity form in wordpress 2 - Add css to custom vbulletin code Add CSS to existing Ruby on Rails app using bootstrap. - Add CSS/JS parser to HTMLViewer Add css/Js to svg menu. - Add CSV to iOS core data using swift add csv to javascripttable option - Add Currency Selector to WHMCS Custom Template Add currency, language, category, cms links block in Prestashop - Add Custom Capatchas to My Classifieds Website Add Custom Category Description onto each Feed/Archive page - Add custom data to Product when Adding to Cart Add custom decal design to website - Add custom featured image option on WP admin panel Add Custom Featured Slider into React & Redux Homepage - Add custom field magento new Add custom field output to template - ADD CUSTOM FIELD VIRTUEMART -- 3 add custom field when add product in new other project - Add custom fields to my website -- 2 Add custom fields to my website -- 3 - Add custom font to my Shopify website Add custom font to Squarespace website - Add Custom Hat feature on Shopify powered Template Add Custom Header - add custom lists on our Prestashop's product pages. add custom lists on our Prestashop's product pages.1 - Add custom option magento - URGENT add custom options to product wordpress - add custom play button to html video through javascript
Add Custom Post Fields (attachment) to a Wordpress Page - Add custom section to Windows 7 Explorer Navigation Pane Add custom section, update zoom plug-in - Add custom things to a wordpress theme and html changes! Add custom timeframe function to MT4 indicator. - Add customer file Upload to CRE loaded Cart Add customer from admin portal with selectable credit - Add customers survey on a page add customers to database - Add customized planner module in website( Silverstripe)-r - repost 2 Add customized views to Joomla/Moodle/Joomdle site - Add Data Capture to existing FileMaker Database Add Data Columns to eBay Search Results - Add data from mysql data base into another table. Add data from PDF's to spreadsheet as per examples - Add data into incomplete products that have missing attributes Add data into magento shop - Add data on Google Calendar Add data on Google Calendar - Add data to Excel file - dataentry Add data to excel from web search - Add Data to spreadsheet Add data to the admin panel of our software - Add Database Connectivity and Programming to Admin Template Add database details to report - Add database to script Add database to script #2 - Add date model to existing Ruby project Add date on Form view page - Add DB_DataObject_FormBuilder to PHP system using Pear Add dbase and uploads to video search site - Add delay to a dropdown menu (javascript) Add delay to BigCommerce Website Menu - Add demo Data to wordpress site Add depth (3D) to standard photo of a face using zbrush or similar software - Add Design Add Design - add design for news paper Add design on existing logo - Add design to OS Commerce shop Add design to our wordpress functions - Add desktop sharing to existing flash conference application Add Destinations on Website - Add dhtml menu and some pages Add diacritics to arabic words in a Word Document - Add diffrent sound for diffrent levels of game C & SDL2 Add Digital Download Files For Vbulletin Website - Add Directory & Article Scripts to our Sites Add directory admin and content management - Add discount code option to basket page Add discount codes to 2-areas - add disqus code to my magento website comment section and few changes on text Add DISQUS comment functionality to PHP website+other - Add DNS records for a single domain on DYN.COM Add doctors name to existing logo in same font - Add Donation Page Add Donation widget in Wordpress - Add download button functionality to music website Add download function to webView - Android - Add drawers to product pictures Add drawing and other features to BlackVue Sport apps for Android and for iPhone (not develop standalone apps) - Add drop down menu and pop login/signup to my html desgin Add drop down menu and Transfer Content from existing website to template. - Add drop down menu to wordpress theme add drop down menu to x-cart html smarty PHP - Add Dropbox & FTP to Existing Code Editor Add Dropbox & Google Drive to File Manager - Add dropdown responsive bootstrap Add Dropdown To HTML Site NOW - Add dummy/artificial buyers account,info in opencart website Add DUoSecurity to Mac OSx Server. - Add Dynamic Flash Combobox to Music Upload form (PHP/MySQL)- Add dynamic flash logo to web site/plus other misc. minor maintenance - Add dynamic sidebar to custom Wordpress page template Add dynamic sort to items list - Add E-Commerce to existing website. Add E-Commerce to my site - Add easy admin to existing website Add Easy Sign-up and Login and Fast and Easy Checkout modules to my Zen Cart - Add echo for caller to Asterisk Application(repost) Add echo to Asterisk application - Add ecommerce functionality to wordpress site. Add eCommerce functions to website and create an app - Add eCommerce to PHP site Add ECommerce to Site - Add edit order to iphone app Add edit profile & account feature to public Github project - Add effects to photos Add effects, graphics on top of video and edit video clips to produce quality youtube video - Add elements to an existing autocad floorplan Add elements to an existing website template - Add email alert to Metatrader Ea Add Email Alerts to existing PHP/MySQL Website for Unsent SMS - Add Email Form Add email form to perl cgi upload script - Add email notification to existing android and iphone app. Add email notification to existing plugin - Add email signup to Flash website Add email submissions to a spreadsheet - Add Email/Text Alert to MT4 indicator Add emailadresses to url's in spreadsheet - add embedded player in php music script Add Embedded Posts to Media Websites - Add encoder shoutcast/icecast in project JAVA - 01/09/2016 09:38 EDT Add encrypted password to my current iPhone app - Add English text in Videos Add enhancements - add epay to Add ePDQ to ecommerce website that currently uses paypal give options - Add European coolie law script Add Event Function in my App - Add Events Calendar to osCommerce website add events for an application - Add Excel appointments/events into Outlook Calendar w/ Required Attendees attached Add Excel Data to Datazen Publisher - Add existing custom web form to Joomla site Add existing dropdown menu to html pages - Add existing team with vacation rental website, add existing text to existing website - Add expiry date on WP Rentals Add explicit request setting to Python urllib2 - Add extension on Opencart add extension on zent cart - Add Extra $5 To Magento Shipping on All Orders add extra attributes to magento url key - Add extra features to a QR Code reader Add extra features to an existing Laravel project - Add extra field to the (WP)woocommerce\'s Customer Profile - repost Add Extra fields and captcha to Registration forms builded in theme - ADD extra form field + fix the zip code + insert form value into a link Add Extra form fields + Output on post - Add Extra Functionality to WordPress Travel Agency Theme Add extra functionallity to a wordpress site - Add Extra page to my website Add extra pages to my current website - Add Extras and Make Changes to Joomla Site Add extras to beta social network site - Add facebook 'like button' to xcart productpages, and to main page. Add Facebook - Viral Video Script to my Video Sharing Web! - Add Facebook and Twitter tracking code to an App Add Facebook and Website Login to Existing Site - Add Facebook Comments & Likes to WP Theme - repost Add Facebook Comments on my Wordpress Website - Add Facebook Fan page on my facebook Add Facebook Fans - add facebook friends add facebook friends - Add Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of Albania - v2