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Add Facebook Fans - add facebook friends add facebook friends - Add Facebook Gamers 4 for Peregra Add facebook gift sending on Unity - Add Facebook Like and StumbleUpon buttons as iframes to joomla site Add Facebook Like and Twitter Followus Functionality on Site - Add Facebook Like Popup with timer to close popup in opencart vQmod Add Facebook Like Popup with timer to close the popup (in opencart vQmod) - Add Facebook link and PDF link to html site Add Facebook link to a website - Add Facebook Login to existing site & Social Plug ins Add Facebook Login to existing Windows Phone App - add facebook members in the group Add Facebook mobile ads to existing app - Add Facebook Publish to a Quote App Add Facebook Ratings to Joomla Website - Add facebook Tab add facebook to my site - Add Facebook/ Twitter/ Tumblr posting to existing PHP script (Oauth) Add Facebook/Digg/Twitter buttons to my HTML homepage - add fade to image Add Fade transition to existing HTML slide show - Add Fans to Existing Page add fans to facebook - Add faq rollouts / convert doc to html Add FAQS to PWE Website - Add FB connect/ login and Google Translation for Uni Ecommerce Merchant Signup -- 2 Add FB Feed to - Add FBConnect to Wordpress MU Add FBConnect to WP - Add Feature Boxes - Wordpress Modification Add Feature Column in Wordpress Shop - Add feature in my Backend Panel / Admin Panel Add Feature in Smarty PHP - add feature selection on submit car Add feature so use can Translate my existing android app into different languages - Add feature to an Android App Add feature to an App - Add feature to custom jomla component Add Feature to Custom PHP API - Add feature to existing site Add feature to existing site that allows users to create FTP accounts for themselves, program that checks all folders and submits data to existing web service. - Add feature to JPEXS Add Feature to Keystone.Js - add feature to my search engine,, Add feature to my site - Add feature to Pioneers Lunch Add Feature to Poker-Network Poker3d - Add feature to the Haskell project add feature to upload script - Add feature to Wordpress user registration add feature to wordpress website - Add Featured Jobs to Pastor's Positions Add featured product in blog and forum of magento - Add features & improve the ecommerce website Add Features & Maintain Android App - Add features and correct problems in Telecom Billing Management system -- 2 Add Features and Customize Buddypress Wordpress theme - Add features and modify existing Drupal site Add features and modify existing e-commerce website - add features in a joomla component Add features in a wordpress theme - Add features in: Add features into desktop app - Add features to 1 app and make another app Add features to 1 app and make another app - Add features to a file manager script Add features to a full documented iOS Swift App - Add features to a php program Add features to a PHP script - Add features to a sencha touch application Add features to a Social media platform - Add Features to a wordpress theme Add features to a wordpress Website - Add features to an Android application Add features to an Android code I have - add features to an existing app. Add features to an existing application - Add features to an existing PHP/MySQL Add features to an existing PHP/MySQL site - Add features to an iPhone and Android app Add features to an iPhone application - Add features to application that uses Bootstrap and Javascript Add features to article builder WordPress plugin - Add Features To CMS/CRM ADD FEATURES TO CODEIGNITER SITE - Add Features To Custom CRM Add Features to custom Drupal Services Module - Add features to existing Android and iPhone app Add features to Existing Android Game - Add features to existing ios 8 iPhone app - Part 2 Add features to existing iOS app and PHP backend - Add features to existing proejct Add features to existing program - Add features to existing survey app Add features to existing Symfony2 project - Add features to file manager script Add Features to Filemaker Database - Add features to internal PHP page Add features to internal website - Add Features to JA Avian II Joomla Website Add features to Java software - Add features to Magento's real-estate script Add features to make a website responsive - add features to my digital download shopping cart -CodeIgnitor Add features to my existing game app for iphone - Add features to my site Add features to my sites.... - Add features to my WordPress Online store. Add features to my WordPress Online store. -- 2 - Add features to OpenGTS installation / GPS tracking Add features to OpenGTS/ GPS tracking - Add features to payment gateway via module Prestashop (Romcard) Add features to penny auction, similar to Swoopo - Add features to PHP/Java Calculator - repost add features to php/mysql music script - Add Features To RSSGM Script Add features to Ruby on Rails platform. - Add features to small script Add Features to Small Website - add features to tinymce Add Features To Twitter Site - Add features to website add features to website - Add features to wordpress plugin Add features to Wordpress plugin - Add features too ftp-uploader Add Features Web application - Add FedEx shipping calc to existing shopping cart add fedex, ups and usps to my shopping cart - Add few details to existing video add few enhancements to php/jquery chat script - Add few features to my auction website Add few features to my existing website - Add few minor functions to existing site -- 2 Add few minor functions to existing site -- 3 - Add few things to existing site add few things to my website - Add field ti CMS Add field to a form contact - Add field to php script Add Field to phpBB Forum - Add fields and send with webservice
Add fields and text to register & login pages - Add fields to Adobe Echosign form Add fields to allow posting of affiliate links to coupon site PHP/MySQL - Add fields to forms and MySQL queries on existing Zend / Doctrine application Add fields to JavaScript Tool - Add fields to post / PHP / MYSQL Add fields to product listing in OSC - Add file download function to my ionic 1 android app add file field to HTML form - Add File Upload Function Add File Upload Function For Admin - Add file uploads to my existing Ruby on Rails website Add file version control system - Add fill in fields to existing PDF form, make merge-ready Word document Add fillable forms fields to PDF document - Add filter to EA -- 2 Add filter to image - Add filters to certain Images Add Filters to Embed code - Add finnancial part in website Add fire / lighting / special effects to video - Add Five Technology Logos To Frontpage add features for selling services to a themeforest theme for ecommerce - Add flags to cars overtaking -- 2 Add flair to one page on a WP site - Add Flash Banner to Commerce Site (Simple) Add flash banner to myspace - Add flash games to a wordpress blog with some SEO Add flash games to blog - Add Flash Subdirectory Add Flash to a Banner - Add FLAT RATE shipping to Zen Cart website Add flavor labels to bags. - add floating text to existing wordpress / customizr site Add FLOCK to Edit Perl Script - Add flyer templates to my PHP MYSQL web site Add flyer templates to my PHP MYSQL web site(repost) - Add font "proxima nova" + change hover color add to cart Add font and edit photo - Add Food Order into My App and web api -- 3 Add Food Order into My App and web api -- 4 - Add Foresquare URL to a database of locations add form - Add form functionality to wordpress Add form generator to wordpress site - Add Form to Joomla Site Add form to MS access DB - add form validation Add form validation to ensure all values are uppercase [Django] - Add Forms to PDF File Add forms to the website - Add forum and "Contact me" to my website. add forum and blog to website - Add Forum to Website Add forum to wordpress site integrated with s2Member for member-only access to the forum - Add Free / Premium user payment on my website Add free credits option to custom php script - Add Friend and Private Messaging Script Add Friend and Private Messaging Script - repost - Add Friends on my youtube account! Add friends on Myspace - add friends to myspace account Add Friends to MYSPACE page - Add frontend car listing for user to register and upload car ads Add frontend to Android app - add full page video Add FULL to existing Wordpress template - Add funcionality to a custom contact form Add funcionlity in site to get mobile - Add function in C code Add function in Cakephp intranet - Add function to a WebGL script add function to a wordpress plugin - Add function to existing iPhone application Add Function to existing RSS Proxy Script - add function to opencart rental extension Add Function to parse C++ - Add functionailties to custom admin panel Add functionailties to custom admin panel -- 2 - Add functionalities to iPhone application Add functionalities to Magento store - Add Functionality - THE7 WP Theme Add Functionality - THE7 WP Theme - repost - Add Functionality for the search bar, and remove back button on my ios application. Add functionality in an Existing Joomla site - Add functionality to a drag and drop HTML creator on Angular JS Add Functionality to a Java Snakes and Ladders Game and Create Sequence, Usecase and Activity Diagrams in LucidChart - Add functionality to a website, then convert it into a Wordpress template. add functionality to a wordpress car theme - Add functionality to an exhisting flash project(repost)(repost) Add Functionality to an exisiting Wordpress Site - Add functionality to C# Windows Form Add Functionality to current Website 02192016 - add functionality to existing app add functionality to existing app - ongoing work - Add functionality to existing iOS app (iPhone / iPad) Add functionality to Existing iOS application - Add Functionality to existing website Add functionality to existing website - Add functionality to jMirc (java) to run on blackberry 9000 bold add functionality to Joomla 2.5 template - Add functionality to MQ4 indicator Add functionality to Music transposition software that transposes music, chords from key to key - Add Functionality to phonegap app, Reply, Delete, Favorite to Audio / Video Add functionality to phonegap plugin - add functionality to site Add Functionality to Site's Map Functions - Add Functionality to Website - Chandigarh/Pune Developer Preferred Add functionality to website for Kiran - Add functionality to Wordpress site Add Functionality to Wordpress Site - ADD FUNCTIONNALITIES TO AN EXISTING BILLING SYSTEM CUSTOMIZED PLUGIN -- 2 Add Functionnality to existing Project Under development. - Add functions in Android App Add functions in C program - add functions to a website Add functions to a wordpress plugin - Add functions to EA add functions to Excel VBA macro for data entry form - add functions to java program Add functions to jquery logo maker - Add functions to plugin and create WP widget Add Functions to Pre-Build Meteor WebApp - add functions to website Add Functions to WordPress Backup plugin - Add fund on my panel Add fund raising page and function to my website - Add future and fix bug Add future on php online soft (quickly) - Add Galleriffic Jquery plugin to my site Add gallery - add gallery to joomla website add gallery to my site - Add games add Games on Portal with unique Description - Add GCM push notifications configurations app and server Add GCM to existing Android app - Add Geo-fencing to my Shopify website Add Geo-location data to WordPress MU SiteMap Plugin - Add GER30 historical data to MT4. Add German and French translation for just 5 words in a basic theme. - Add Getting Started/Home Work Feature Add gGogle Cptcha in Wordpress - Add Gift Card Module to Oscommerce Site