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add logo to website - Add logos for Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube to our website font pack Add logos into video -- (Motion tracking effect) - Add LTR English to RTL Arabic Wordpress Site Add Lync Mediation server - Add magento extension for sizes and colors, and advise in the recomemnded extension - repost Add magento extension on root directory - add magicnumber as setting into EA for MT4 Add magnifying glass effect on 3 screenshots - Add Mailchimp sign-up field to website home page. Add mailchimp signup field into a website - Add management interface, stripe integration, and user onboarding guidance modals -- 2 add mangento calculator to front page SEE MY IMAGES. - Add many products to Amazon and correctly Add map and directions to webpage - Add MarkerClusterer to home_map_widget.php (GeoPlace v4) Add Markers to an existing Leaflet map - Add mass Child vb Add Mass content for Joomla website - Add max_execution_time = 60 to PHP.INI Add maximum 5000 products to a webshop - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - add me fast points Add me fast Scripts - Add me to a picture... add me to skype - Add member login function to bookings website Add member profiles to dating site - Add members to site 2 Add members to site 3 - Add Membership profiles and custom photo gallery to .net CMS site Add membership subscription to my web app - Add Menu and Toolbar to Acrobat add menu bar nd stuff in ticket system - Add Menu items to existing Web site - For ITSERVICE add menu on homepage and add link page - Add merchant boxpay to webpage Add merchant processing to existing website - Add Meta Keywords and Description to Virtuemart Add meta tag to site for flippa listing - Add metadata to photos Add metadata to stock photos - Add mgid code on my site Add MICR E13 B Match font in our check system - Add Minor Functionality to Wordpress Theme - repost add minor functions to website - add missing pr0ducts to website Add missing product images - Add mobile functionality to current website, add additional functionality to interface with another site. Add mobile functionality to website - add mobile playing module to phpfox site Add mobile responsive feature to simple wordpress image plugin / Script - Add mod to Moodle add mod to youtube style site - Add modifications to already made video. Add modifications to an already existing app - 06/12/2016 16:23 EST - Add module into a component Add module into magento site. ( User online now ) - Add Module to SugarCRM Add module to the linux kernel - add modules to Marketplace Add Modules to OSCMAX - Add moneybookers to the site Add moneybrookers/skrill to my site :) - Add More Blocks to a php Script Add More Camera Products to Our Website (Simple Data Entry) - Add more contents in my current project add more control to the image uploader in the CMS - Add more feature to my GPS server software - repost Add more feature to my keylogger.. - Add more features to existing add in Add More Features to Existing iPhone Social App - Add more fields to Opencart address book & autocomplete on checkout page Add more filters for product search on select boxes - Add more functions on Wordpress Template add more functions on wp-pro-quiz - Add more languages to Wordpress website Add more languages to Wordpress website -- 2 - add more picture and content to my flash from templatemonster add more prefix for forum - customize prefix - Add more than 1 product to the basket in product page Add more then 40.000+ members into MYSQL - Add motion capture data to 3D model Add motion capture data to rigged 3D model - Add Movie and Music to Flash Page Add movie releases to wordpress - Add Mp3 player to website easy project Add mp3 to flash intro - for BADDY - Add mtr (ping/traceroute tool) and Curl to BusyBox for Windows Add Multi API intergration to existing PHP app - Add multi products with one button Add Multi Server Support Feature to Our Site - Add multi-player plugin to my Game (I have plugins ) Add multi-store multi-currency to website - add multilinguage feature for my existing ASP.Net site Add multilinguage to joomla website with our current fixed main menu template - add multiplayer to my game Add multiple image crop & checkout functionality to Google site - add multiple domains into webmin Add multiple file upload field to Zurmo - Add Multiple Prices Options in Cart Add multiple product inquiry function - add multipule graphs and feed options in php emoncms system Add Multistore in backend Laravel - Add Music on two sites add music play and share file option and fragment view to my mp3 downloader - Add Music to My Shopify Homepage add music to my site - Add music videos and lyrics to website Add music, add subtitle, convert video - MUST BE VERY FAST - Add my banner to my website page - ongoing work Add my banner to my website. VERY SIMPLE - Add my decorations to your realistic high end modern condo design. -- 2 Add my Design to a Model - Add my logo and album title (in my selected font) to an image for my album cover Add my logo in 3d to office picture wall - Add my newborn baby to our family carton Add my Old Django Pages from Github, and Connect to Mongo - Add my site to 50 health directory sites Add my site to a list of hungarian directory - Add my Videocon d2h card to OSCam server Add my website content + some formatting - Add Myspace Friends Add Myspace Friends - Add MySql queries in PHP pages Add N-Tier Architecture to an existing C# ASPX program - Add Narrow Search Result's to my website Add native EN voice to short video - Add navigation to slideshow Add navigation to slideshow - repost - Add new (stabilize) features to existing source code add new 4 functions to my FiFa 13 Ultimate Team Autobuyer - Add New Attributes In admin/categories.php Add new audio voice over to previously supplied Adobe After Effects project - Add New Company to 75 Online Directories Add new condition to redirect script - Add new database record layouts to MixItUp filter page, plus some bug fixes and enhancements Add New Database Table (WFM) - Add new domain with subdirectory to existing Magento store add new domains to a magento installation - Add New Feature : offline caching with SQLlite in Android Add new feature for File Management App - Add New Feature to a Website (Drupal with Solr backend) Add new feature to an existing IE plugin - Add new feature to my existing HTML5 Web App (leaflet, smarty based) Add New Feature To My Job Card System - add new features
Add new features and bugfixing on our website - Add New Features in Email Template Builder - Part 2 Add New Features in Email Template Builder - Part 3 - Add new features to a Wordpress mobile popup plugin - Easy instructions! Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin - Add new features to C/Java/html5 project. - repost Add New Features to Classic ASP Script - Add new features to existing magento website Add new features to existing mobile APP - add new features to jquery/php/ajax/mysql chat script and make fixes Add New Features to Live Website - Add New Features to Our App Windows Mobile 5 Application in C# Add new features to our existing website - Add new features to the open source java project. -- 4 Add new features to the Ribosome Wordpress theme - Add new field and one form only with custom texts Add new field and one form only with custom texts - Add New Fields to Barcode Program MySQL Add new fields to gift message in Prestashop checkout - Add new form to visual basic project add new forms to an existing site - Add new function to existing web site add new function to existing wordpress site - Add new functionality in existing mobile app for commerce store Add new functionality iOS app - Add new functionality to the website (ZEND Framework) Add new functionality to WP plugin - Add new functions to an existing Online Scheduling Software - PHP, CodeIgniter Developer add new functions to existing web application Code igniter - Add new future on my soft Add new future on my soft 2 - Add new home page to existing Shopify website Add new HTML / CSS to Rails app - Add new Joomla Component Add New language on website - Add new logo Add new logo to my current flash website - Add new module for NAB payment in Open Cart Add new module in existing project codeigniter PHP - add new option in music script Add new option to my website - Add new page to exist website Add new page to existing site from PSD - Add new pages and associated features to my existing website Add new pages and insert youtube videos Joomla site - Add new partner add new payment - CS-Cart - Add New PHP/HTML Code To View Videos On Mobile Devices Add new phpBB style and minor design implementation. - Add New Products and Images to Etsy Shop Add new products for website - data entry - Add New Project function on my Android App and display at Home and Profile page like Facebook app -- 3 Add New Project Task function in workflow when project task is completed. - add new screens with menu and list of youtube videos in existing app Add new seaction - add new server a my script xvideosharing - open to bidding add new shiping address in joomla virtumart - Add new tab to link dialog of CKEditor 4 Add new tab to php page - Add new theme to OpenCart site Add new theme to Shopify - Add New User Page - PHP, MySql, Codeigniter, etc... Add new User page : Convert PSD to HTML - add new widget location Add New Widget to Wordpress Site - add news filter for EA Add news filter to existing indicator - Add newsletter functionality to existing website Add Newsletter functionality to website - Add NFC to existing android project - jastp Add NHL Teams to Project - Add NOINDEX to uncreated pages on MediaWiki Add Nominet EPP to AWBS - Add notifications for mail Add notifications to an existing App & fixing some bugs - Add objects to excisting wordpress site. Add OCR (text recognition) business card reader to form on mobile website. - Add OKPAY payment processor to PHP Script Add Old Calculator Script To New Wordpress Website - add on add on add on add on an article - Add on features and customizations to existing website Add on features for shop - Add on for magento eCommerce site add on for motion - Add on installs for Zen-Cart Add On Integration - Add on page to existing website Add on pages to our current website with Mandarin contents - Add On to a Simple Database Project Add on to a WordPress site - upload, custom post types and advanced search - Add on to existing application Add on to existing website - Add on to site add on to slipper soaker - add on work for Book site Add on work for customized booking form - Add One Data Field to HTML Code Add one digit to all UPC numbers - add one function i a wordpress site Add one Functionality to Joomla component - Add one more payment processor to a oxyclassfieds script add one more select field in a Drupal module - Add one page to RS website Add one page to the website. - Add one star to php site Add One Step / Page Checkout plugin to Magento site - Add online order button to website - HTML Code Provided Add online ordering function to existing website** - Add online store to a wordpress website Add online store to existing website - Add Ons to a Struts Application Add Ons to a Struts Application(repost) - Add opacity layer to image Add open Card to my website - Add OpenCL functionality to an algorithm written for CPU/CUDA Add OpenDocument to Document Assembly Application - Add option for user input in an existing mobile application. -- 2 Add option for users to favorite other users - add option to oscommerce site add option to oscommerce site - repost - add options to existing EA - MT4 add options to GPS firmware - Add or create Distance widget for wordpress blog(repost) Add or edit macros to the following excel workbook to import price and description categories from Quickbooks - Add Order History to user account and fix other issues Add Order ID in Label - Magento - Add OsCommerce Modules / Contributions add oscommerce otpion to site - Add our apps to Windows App Store Add our Brand Names to product pages - Add our link in asp, asp .net, software resellers or HR software site in different countries Add our link in websites - Add our logo to the Worldpay payment pages Add our logos and brand name to existing video - Add our WRAP Header and Footer to a video Add out of stock message on prestashop - Add overture to competition finder Add owl carousel Slider 2.0 to my site - Add page and edit small things to website ADD PAGE AND FUNCTIONAL PLUGINS TO EXISTING WORDPRESS - Add Page Template for page within Site Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. - Add page to Joomla Component to assign bib numbers Add Page to Joomla site - Add page to site