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Add SMS using flowroute on Yii 1.1 - Add Snipcart to Squarespace site Add snow / "Christmas feeling" to logo... - Add social data to search engine algorithm Add Social Feature to a Mobile Gaming App - add social login button Add social login functionality to php site - Add social media buttons and integration to pages + Fix blog and Daily deals borders Add social media buttons in my website's footer - Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App Add Social Media Functionality to an iOS App -- 2 - Add Social Media Icons to Website Add social media icons to Wordpress website - Add Social Media stats to our Wordpress website Add social media support in my application - Add Social NetworkEngine Software to EJobSite Add social networking capability to existing website - Add social sharing buttons to website Add Social Sharing Icons to Wordpress Theme In-built Gallery - Add sold out banner to sold out products on website Add Solitaire Games to Card Hero - add some advertising in add some advertising on - Add some basic wordpress code Add some billing fields to a WooCommerce checkout - Add some character to image Add Some Christmas Sparkle - Add some code to my website Add some code to Nike bot - Add some content into Drupal directory website for testing Add some content to a existing prestashop page - Add some copy to a webpage (CSS and XHTML) and make a graphic larger Add some coupon codes as custom posts to wordpress - Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website Add some data fetching capabilities to my EXISTING Instagram Plugin on my website -- 2 - Add some ebooks for sale Add some effect like fire on 360 rendered video - add some extra functionality to my wordpress website by designing a newsletter and writing a paragraph of engaging text Add Some extra option in a webshop. - Add some feature to a website + DNS | MX based email validation Add some feature to an existing website, and perform regular updates - Add some features in an existing Online Store Add some features in current website - Add some features on existing iOS app. Add some features on existing Magento website - Add some features to a Laravel project Add some features to a Mac app - Add some features to access DB Add some features to access DB - repost - Add some features to application #2 add some features to booking script admin panel - Add some features to my auction website Add some features to my brand new website - Add some features to my OSclass Script Add some features to my Ruby On Rails social network - Add some features to our webesite Add some features to our website - Add some features to Wordpress Tablepress table Add some features to Wordpress theme - Add some filters on the warehouse list Add some flames to a logo - Add some function on my joomla site Add some function on my joomla site - Add some functionalities to a Product Vendor site Add some functionalities to an iOS app - Add some functionality to a website design Add some functionality to an existing Magento website - Add some functionality to my already custom coded wordpress gallery plugin add some functionality to my current site - 24/03/2017 03:53 EDT - Add some functions to a livescore Add some functions to already existing website - Add some functions to wordpress plugin Add some functions, implement Stripe payment and fix some bugs - Add some HTML-CSS elements to an existing PHP page Add some icons (flags) on a website for multi-language support - Add some items on site / Wallpapers - Ringtones. add some items to a menu in php html - Add some JQuery for my front end Add some jQuery in a site - add some logo mark to website logo letters... Add some logos and text to a video that we have made. - Add some more additional to my application Add some more APIs - Add some new functionality to our iOS and Android apps Add some new functions for EA - Add some options to a website Add some other functions - add some payment method to our website Add some pdf data to an existing Excel Database - Add some plugins to a specific website Add some plugins to VPS via ssh - Add Some Products To Shopify Add Some Programming code to my current script - Add some Shows to a website Add some side bars for ads in wordpress blog - Add some special effects to photos Add Some Specific Thing to My Website - Add some TEST information to website Add some TEST information to website - Add some text, buttons, and new pages within our PHP based livechat software Add some thing for Metatrader - add some very simple functions to my website Add some Videos, Logos and text to website - Add somes features on my website Add somes features on my website - Add something to my website add something to my website - Add sort by color to C# DataGridView Add SORT BY on select boxes on Opencart based site - Add sorting functionality to product listing page (cakePHP) Add sorting functions to our spreadsheet - Add sound feature in my video grabbing software Add sound play cabability to dynamic website - Add Sound Track To Flash Presentation Add sound when a new data drops on a table - Add spanish language version to my website, not necessary to speak Spanish Add SPANISH subtitles to ENGLISH videos - Add special offer products to site Add Special Shipping Costs to Magento Store - Add spell checker to Joomla 2.5 TinyMCE and 2 small other jobs Add spellcheck and buttons on WYSIWYG editor on a Social Engine site - Add Splash Screen in React-Native Android App Add splash screen to existing web site - Add SQL queries to Java web automation project Add SQL wrapper class to script for all script database queries - Add SSL certificate to my woocommerce site through cloudflare add ssl certificate to our main servers ips & 188.40.142.xx - Add SSL support on a existen imap server written in Qt5 Add ssl support to wpg-proxy - Add SSL to the project you wrote for us Add SSL to Volusion checkout page - add start app video to app & Fix the download title issue Add StartApp Ads to an Android app - Add static route to 1841 to allow accessing local web server from public IP (hairpinning) Add Stationary Top Bar To Drupal Website - Add stock level option to Wordpress MusicPro Store template Add stock photo and page to CMS - Add storage volume to esxi hosted Turnkey File Server vm Add store and shopping cart to website - Add Story (via DB) Add storyboard and menu to IOS App - Add stripe connect to symphony 2 website Add Stripe Custom Payments - Add stripe shopping cart to website Add stripe shopping cart to website - ongoing work - Add Style to an already functional Android App Add style to homepage of website - Add sub menus to Wordpress Drop Down Menu add sub-admin option in admin add edit admin user limited with for access of pages with yes no - Add subfields to Mosets Tree Joomla Component.
Add subject field t0 form and fix 404 page as discussed - Add Subroutine to Upload a Picture and store it in database Add subscribe popup and buttons on webpage and scheduled emails - Add subscription to android app created in titanium Add Subscription to Exiting HTML Site - Add Subtitles in Spanish to a 9 Minutes Video in English Add subtitles on my website - Add Subtitles to the video Add Subtitles to three videos - Add Super Admin User Level add superfish left menu to responsive site - add support for other pages add support for proxy authentication feature in directshow windows media video streaming application - Add Survey To Joomla Website Add suscription script and contact me script to site + simple admin panel - Add Switch statement for code Add Symfony 2 Security and OAuth2 to a webapp - Add tab layout and style it in Android app home screen Add tab links to Buddypress - Add table maintenance web page. AngularJS/JSP/Struts/MSSqlServer Add table of contents / update item numbers in a 23 page Microsoft Word document - Add tablet banner containers to HOOKED. Add tabs to Flash file - Add tabs to YouTube clone script Add tabs with online storage functionality to my ionic app - add tags to my blog Add tags with ajax to oscommerce/creloaded website - Add tax to shipping in Wordpress Add taxes to checkout - Add technology products to a Wordpress/Woocommerce website Add Technorati Tag Code In a PHP script - add template to existing site Add Template to Job Portal Script - Add Terms & Conditions to the invoice in Magento add terms + privacy to email - Add Testimonials to Client Logos add testimonials to the home page - Add text and images to my html template (must be done in 3 hours) Add Text and Images to Wordpress Site - Simple Job - Add text and video clip to an Adobe After Effects 15 second promo clip. Add text area over Carousel in Bootstrap/AngularJS SPA - Add Text Entry Field ability to FPDF Add text field on Oscommerce Site - add text on top of a .jpg for a menu board Add text on two images - Add Text to 7 Photos - Very Simple project Add text to a 360 (can use Mettle Skybox) - Add text to a video sales video(After Effects) Add text to a video sales video(After Effects) - Repost - Add text to DVD Jewell Case and Disc Template Add Text To Existing Brochure - Add text to image Add text to image file while uploading - Add text to logo. 10mins job Add text to logo/adjust colour - Add text to pictures to make printable labels - 19/09/2016 06:56 EDT Add Text to PowerPoint Presentations - Add text to website Add text to website - Add textbox into PDF doc Add textbox to filter grid - Add texture coordinate (vt) processing and other features to existing OpenGL GLUT C++ code for Wavefront OBJ Add texture coordinate (vt) processing and other features to existing OpenGL GLUT C++ code for Wavefront OBJ ( repost ) - Add the "B" to the X Add the "Run as Administrator" property to the source code - add the authenticate in mp3 Add The Aweber API Connection Into My Landing Page Builder - Add the error/working message to the field Add the extra character to this font - Add the functions and cookies add the functions of the clone website to my site - Add the new message system ADD THE OPTION TO ALLOW IMAGES FOR PRODUCT CATAGORIES (WORDPRESS) - add the same text on 30 pictures add the seperator in log for inactiveness - Add the video Add the word "wear" to the end of logo you did for us. - Add themeforest landingpage add themeforest website template to my website - Add third party API to existing Android IPTV App Add third party API to existing Android IPTV App -- 2 - add this some arabic text to banner ADD THIS submission: 15 per day for 10 days - Add threads to tcp/ip socket code ADD three image on my homepage with 3D effect - Add Thumbnail Image Size to Woocommerce Product Shortcode Add Thumbnail Pics Display w PopUp Display To Current Site - Add Tickets to Issue Tracking System from Data in Spreadsheet add tier pricing attribute under custom options in magento - Add timeout to javascript code Add timer and cURL to existing C++ project - Add tin MS Outlook to send masked emails Add Tint Plugin to Wordpress Site. Modify Site Elements, Easy Job - ADD TITLE, META TAGS ON SITE -- EASY Add title, subtitle and logo in After Effects CS3 movie - Add to a label arabic text Add to a list of builders in NSW Australia with websites - Add to Add to Address Book Hyperlink - Add To Auction Site Add to background, dogs and cats - Add to Card Magento Fixation Add to card PHP script modification - ADD TO CART AUTOMATION Add to Cart Booking - Add to Cart Bot via Twitter Add to Cart Bot- Nike products other than shoes. - Add to Cart Button Underneath Products on Shop Page Add to cart button woocommerce - Add to cart from html page Add to Cart function - Add to cart prior to release eastbay, footlocker , Add To Cart Program - Google extension - ADD TO CART/BAG BOT - disneystore ADD TO CART/BAG BOT - disneystore. - Add to exisiting site. Add to existing application - Add to existing site Add to existing site a Forum - Add to Firefox Extension Add to Firefox search box script - Add to logo add to logo - Add to My Library in batch with Rhapsody account Add to my Localhost website and link values on 2.php page - Add to my website! Add to my website....opening page - Add to php web site Add to php web site - repost - Add to shortlist Add to Shortlist Script - Add to Website Add to website - Add to Yahoo and Goole index imeaditely Add to, Alter or Delete records in the DNS. - add toolbar to messengers window Add toolbar, change default search and homepage - Add Total Weight for Bundled Products for Magento Add Touch Controls - Add tracking for application Add tracking functionality to existing app and connect it to Firebase [web] through API - Add traffic and user registrations to site add traffic counter to - Add transitions to script Add transitions to video and colour grade - Add Traps to approx 200 hi resolution PDFs for print production. Pre-flight. Add travel affiliate links to your travel blogs or websites - Add Tumblr images to Magento Products Add Tunning verification number to ASP form before submission - Add turnkey sites to server