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Add themed pages to Shopify - Add Third Column to Web Page Add third field to web2ftp program - add this plugin Add this script into my site. - Add threaded commenting to posts Add threading to C source - Add throttling and authentication to PHP API Add Thumbnail Display To Wordpress Site - Add tick boxes to website Add ticket and currency system - Add time zones option - repost Add time-lapse clouds to a still - add timezone support to reminder app Add timings to a transcription - Add title information onto graphic and then resize Add Title Page & Menu in my app : Edit AD Banner & interstitial Show on app - Add to a flashgallery call shadowbox function Add to a Gay romance/erotic book for me - Add to a wordpress website Add to a wordpress website - add to and/or recreate flash banners Add to app - Add to calendar function Add to calendar function -- 2 - Add to Cart Booking Add To Cart Bot - Add to Cart Bot via Twitter Add to Cart Bot- Nike products other than shoes. - Add to Cart Buttons Missing from Magento Product Pages Add to Cart Buttons Not showing up on WP Cart66 Site. Simple but need fixed ASAP - Add to cart in API: Magento Experts only Add to Cart macro / script - Add to Cart service bot nikebot Add to Cart service bot- must use twitter keywords. Golf products. - add to collage Add to Current Design - Add to existing contact form the functionality so it will send the collected data to our Email Add to existing EA - Add to existing wordpress site Add to exsisting Joomla site - Add to header menu Open cart Add to html template - Add to logo design add to made website. - Add to my page code generator add to my panel - add to mysql and connect to php front end. Add to new panel - Add to Pinterest Group Boards Add to playlist plugin for wordpress - Add to simple JavaScript Code that Parses a CSV using PapaParse and creates charts using CanvasJS Add to Site (site built) Build out Frame - Pages Display Database Content - add to website Add to Website - add tongfang CA into oscam add tongfang CA into oscam - Add Topsite Code to my websites ! add torrent tracker to phpfox - Add TPS data to exsisting system Add Tracker to openGTS - Add Tracking to my website Add Tracking to PHP Redirect Script - Add transitions to a webpage slideshow Add Transitions to Existing Script - Add transparency to images Add transparent logo to the jpg + 5 partners logo - Add True Monaural (Mono) to DSMixer Component Add Truecrypt to a Linux Distro - add Tweetmeme button Add tweets & facebook comments to phpfox v2 event section - Add Twitter Feature To WordPress Blog Add twitter feed - Add Twitter Followers Add Twitter followers - Add Twitter Module and Blog to Joomla Site Add twitter posting to existing site - Add two banners to the left and right side of a website Add two banners to the left and right side of a website(repost) - Add two dropdowns to Contact Us form Add two email forms into Flash file - Add two fields to service record print off in SQL database Add two filter on search page in chameleon script - Add two Matrices of any size Add two menu's - drop down and vertically up. Separate header to own file. - Add two popups to chrome extension Add two products to existing PHP order form - Add Two Tabs For Incoming Feed - WordPress Site Add two tabs to an existing App - Add TXT Functionality to Add txt record to my DNS record - Add UI Layer Add UI scroll for subcategories - Add unified Inbox to Rainloop Webmail client Add Unified Inbox to Rainloop webmail client -- 2 - Add Universal Analytics and track sub domains on Drupal add unlimited sub template to jsveiws - Add Update panel to existing .net app add update products - add upload feature to ASP.NET website Add upload feature to software in c++ - Add upload progress bar to app Add upload progress bar to current site - Add UPS and/or FedEx live rate shipping to VirtueMart 1.1.3 website Add UPS Dimensional Weight Support to osCommerce - Add Url links to an email signature Add URL Parameter option to Wordpress Plugin - Add US cities and states into database Add US Fans to my Facebook Page - Add user and password login screen to my app - repost Add user avatar to my Fantasy Sports mod for Phpbb - Add User Interface to Google Spreadsheet Lookup Script Add user log to my ios and android apps - Add User Photo And Wall Post On User Profile - CodeIgniter Add user profile and profile management pages to a PHP website - Add user to proftp on Debian Add user uploadable photos & a few Items to Purchase - Add USPS Shipping Module To OsCommerce Shopping Cart Add USPS Shipping option for existing Magento site - Add validation to a web form Add validation to bootstrap contact form - Add variable on invoice in WHMCS Add variable products field - Add VAST ad support to Android TV app Add VB code to GUI - Add Vendors to Company add venue data from foursquare and instagram API - Add VFX to footage Add VFX to our video so that it looks like the cats are talking - Add video capability on Anypic by Parse Add video capability on Anypic by Parse -- 2 - Add Video clip to slide show - fix image sequence scroll Add video clips to current website - Add Video Feeds to PHP site -- **Adult Gay Content Add video file to website - add video loop to my site add video module onto magento cart - Add Video Provider To Jomsocial Add Video Provider to JomSocial - Add video support to open source controller Add Video Tab To Drupal Product Listings - add video to existing site and create video sitemap Add Video to header of existing site - Add video to my website (Blogspot) Add Video to my YouTube Outro - Add Video to Skadate Website Add video to slider in magento store - Add video url and correct image upload problem
Add Video w/voice over - Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app(repost) Add VideoPlayer fix to iPhone app(repost)(repost) - add videos to technology site Add Videos to Van Safety Site - Add vintage look to two maps add vinyl art image to a stock image - Add virtuemart text module on product page Add Virtumart products - Add VOD platform in Current site Add VOD to Wordpress Site - Add Voice Over Video Add Voice Recognition to My Website - Add Volusion Products to Existing Store add vote function and tweek site - Add Waiting Cursor/Dialog in MFC project and add some error control Add wake lock into an android app - Add watchers to eBay listings Add Water Mark to 18 images - Add Watermark to 900 Image Add watermark to a video - Add Wav track to mp4 video for me- 1 minute clip Add waveform and cue points to exiting player. - Add web forms Add web forms and other changes on a Wordpress Website - Add web to search and search within specific time frame Add Web View to Google App - Add webpages to BigCommerce - Edit Menu Add webpages to existing website - Add Website design to Php website Add website extensions and new link for New Home sales - add website template to hosting domain Add website terms of condition - add websites to my directory add websites to our adult directory - Add white background and image border to content on Wordpress site Add white background and reflection - add wholesale page to site add wholesaler products/edits to our site - Add Widget To Phpbb3 site Add widget to tube site! - Add WIFI reconizing to my app - send push notification if network is reconized Add Wiki functions to Geo Places - Add wings to three pieces Add WinSparkle functionality to existing c# app - Add Woo-commerce products on my website. Add WooCommerce Price field to our Social Media plug in. Hiring now. - Add WooCommerce Product to cart via AJAX (hourly) Add WooCommerce Products - add woocommerce to wordpress website add wooden gates, car and hedge to 4 photos - Add WordPress blog to an existing static HTML site add wordpress blog to CS-Cart website - Add wordpress color picker and google map pop up box Add Wordpress content / articles on how to make money online - Add WordPress multisite support to plugin Add Wordpress news page to existing website - Add wordpress theme to client login area Add WordPress theme to my account (profile) - add words in cource code in home of website magento Add words to .mov file - Add works cited + sources for a paper about Hamlet add works, sales - Add Wow slider to my volusion website - repost 2 Add Wow slider to volusion website - Add WP header to a php script Add WP Theme, Configure It and add Content - Add WYSIWYG editor into ASP website. Add WYSIWYG Editor template - Add Xmas tree to background - ongoing work Add XML / SOAP Decoding to Existing HTTP Decode Program - Add XML files to Zen Cart using Easy Populate or similar Add xml Files webservices to Open Cart V - Add XMPP to iOS Linphone Add XP and leaderboard to my pate - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - open to bidding - add youtube functions. Add youtube iframe to basic html site - Add Youtube Views Add Youtube Views - Add Zimbra server to existing configuration Add zip code collection box to html - Add Zoom functionality to Scrollview in Ipad App Add Zoom functionality to Scrollview in Ipad App - repost - add'l work add'l work on new website - Add-in features for e-commerce website Add-in for Excel 2010 to enter repeat values in a cell - Add-in for Solidworks Add-In for Tracking Changes on Microsoft PowerPoint - Add-On Button Clone Add-on Calendar to an existing brochure - Add-on features to phpmaker 9+ Add-on features to phpmaker 9+ - Add-on for Joomla Add-On for Keyboard App - Add-on Internal Student Attendance Management System Add-on Magento extension - Add-on Program for CAD package ADD-ON Project - Add-on to existing Website (HTML, CSS, PHP) Add-on To Existing Website - Monthly Instagram Package - add-on xenforo Add-on/Fix to existing MySQL/PHP database system - Add-Ons to a Group Buying Website Add-ons to an existing meme script - Add/ adjust info (e-mail, web-site, mobile) on a 2550 registers database Add/ connect directory submission form/script to my website - Add/Create wordpress shortcodes to existing wordpress site Add/Delete Column, Rows, and Combine from other sheet - add/edit ASIN product in Ebay Add/Edit Browser History - Add/Edit some Javascript to our WP Theme to Make Animated Gifs Play in WooCommerce Add/Edit Text in an .EPS File - Add/Integrate GTPay Payment gateway to PHP Holiday script Add/Integrate video player to website - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify smarty php code on web pages and create new pages Add/Modify smarty php code on web pages and create new pages - ADD/REMOVE/CORRECT A BUILDING CONTRACT Add/replace a web-based FTP client to a Multicraft control panel - Add2it - Ongoing work Add: Multi Language support to a Native Swift iOS App: - addbook addclickjobs - Added API system and Fix Old Feature Admin Dashboard added cms to real estate list site and seo - Added features to Online Jewelry store - revised Added features to OSCommerce - Added Game Center to iOS game added graphic work - added software to group facebook /added to page facebook added the url link and keyword and posted on sites I already have - Addendum:Dynamic MySQL Header Query Addenserà expert - Addicted To HipHop Addicted to Love - Addiction of Uniqueness Addiction program - Addictive Game Addictive Games required for app and website - addin for MS Outlook addin for MS Outlook(repost) - Adding functionality to unity3D project Adding logo and title (In Hindi) to the images(150 pictures) given by me using photoshop - Adding "CashU" Payment Gateway on a WordPress & WooCommerce - open to bidding