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Adding functionality to unity3D project - ADDING "MY MUSIC" WHICH I OWN TO MULTIPLE ONLINE RADIO STATIONS Adding "Show All Listings" button to - Adding .txt file output to excel file output ADDING / COPY PASTING EBAY LISTINGS ON A TURBO LISTER FILE ON VARIOUS CAR PARTS - Adding 100 to 150 products in Magento ecommerce website Adding 100 unique videos to - Adding 18 feature to existing music player app and making 100% bug free Adding 18 feature to existing music player app and making 100% bug free -- 2 - Adding 2 search functions Adding 2 things to my PHP and MySQL - Adding 250 products, shopify Adding 2500 Facebook Fans (iorphan) - Bid$$ Lowered - Adding 3D chat to dating website Adding 3D human models to a playground assembly in 3DSMAX - Adding 500 products, shopify store Adding 500 subcategories to a general directory - Adding 97 pages to a Content Management System Adding \"Share to wall\" button to Constant Contatc Mailings - Adding a banner on my website Adding a banner on my website -- 2 - Adding a booking form Adding a bouncing ball effect to an an existing webpage/application - Adding a Captcha to Joomla! registration page. Adding a cart to my website - adding a conversion pixels to my magento store - open to bidding Adding a countdown timer in existing Flash file - Adding a Database into VB6 Adding a Datafeed to Google Product Search - Adding a Facebook Share Button to Website Adding a fans section to a website - Adding a few letters Adding a few lines of CSS to an exsiting style sheet - Adding a Form step to checkout process per item Adding a Form to the website - Adding a futered image (wordpress) in a post from a RSS feed Adding a gift wrap service to my Zencart site - Adding a large number of products to existing categories programmatically ( via php script) Adding a Left Floating Side Bar to Index Page - Adding a logout to a user profile Adding a Magento extension to website - Adding a new feature into a Plugin adding a new feature to the smf forum - Adding a newsletter for website with Adding a newsletter for website with (repost) - Adding a payment module to Zen Cart Adding a payment option to existing website - Adding a popup when an Item is selected on our Launch27 booking form Adding a portfolio to a wordpress site - Adding a Rule to Outlook Express Adding a running board to a truck picture - Adding a shopping cart Adding a Shopping Cart solution - Adding a slider to my home page Adding a slogan to an existing logo - Adding a tagging system in my script Adding a team league table on wordpress page - Adding a user to Sharepoint Team Site using .net 1.1 Adding a username/password recovery option to our form - Adding account in adwords editor - won't accept my account Adding active and non active window distinction to tracking of viewings of flash applet - Adding additional features to current software Adding Additional Features To Estimating Takeoff Program - Adding additional pages to an existing wordpress website adding additional products - Adding AdMob and Chartboost in HTML5 Android App Adding AdMob and Chartboost in HTML5 Android App - Adding Adult Personal Profiles Adding Adult Personal Profiles (1006420) - Adding AJAX Image Rotator to site (MooTools) Adding Ajax Search Box To OSC Site - Adding an advertising banner to a css website Adding an affiliation system to my site - Adding an Events Page Adding an extra 5th row to the iphone keyboard - ADDING AN ONLINE VIDEO COURSE AND SHOP TO CURRENT WEBSITE. adding an option to allow free use of a listing software - Adding and editing a pre-made template to a wordpress website. Adding and editing Drupal Modules to webpage - Adding API to get Filesize Adding API to movie ticket site - Adding Archives Page to Photo & Website Adding area where members can view statements online - Adding audio bar to Wordpress Adding Audio clip to a JSP page - adding auto bid function adding auto bid function - Adding background to PNG image Adding Bank EMI Options to Existing Payment Gateway of ecommerce website - Adding basic martingale code into EA Adding Basket Page to ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework - Adding blog to Wordpress website Adding blogging feature - Adding bulk categories to OS commerce Adding bulk import functions to TGP, MGP and Tube adult sites - Adding Captcha in CodeIgnitor Project 2 Adding Captcha to Contact Form - adding cart items Adding categories - adding changes to current website Adding changes to pre-built Web service - Adding chinese language to Vx670 Adding Chinese subtitles to .mp4 files. Have .srt - adding cms block to magento, ADDING CMS to existing site - Adding Codec in Conversion Tool(repost) adding codes and databases for a website - adding comments to code for a shopping cart adding comments to the site - Adding Configurable Products in Magento Based Website Adding configuration of controller area network (CAN) data into our graphical studio kit - Adding Content onto Moodle Adding content pages to website. - Adding content to HTML template Adding content to internet/blogs. to give company bigger appearance and higher ranking. mortgage company - Adding Content to Site Adding content to site - Adding content/prodcts to website and changing and improving the design of the website Adding Contents - adding couples profile with his and her's/mobile install Adding Coupon and Gift Voucher System to our OSCOmmerce ebooks site - Adding CSS to limit width of images uploaded via Comment Images plugin Adding Currency switching function to the website - Adding Custom Icons to IE Adding custom Image as Footer (Wordpress) - Adding Customer Forms to an OpenCart Site Adding customfield for StoreFront theme. - Adding Database to the sms enabler adding database to volusion - adding DE on my website .ch Adding Delphi information to ActiveX documentation - Adding disclaimer page Adding disclaimer page - ongoing work - Adding DIVs to "Posted On" date of Wordpress. Adding DKIM to a domain - Adding drop down currency selector to woocommerce checkout apge adding drop down function - Adding Dynamic functions to Website Gallery adding dynamic map functions to a website - Adding ecommerce capability to our website Adding eCommerce on my site - adding email sending in flash program Adding Email Verification to existing script - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 2 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- 20469 - Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW -- 5 Adding Esign or Echo Sign or Docusign API installation to my Submit Form Also Add Notification if sent/Read/Received -- Start NOW Thanks - Adding existing code to weka -- 2
adding existing logo to simple business card format - Adding extra features to existing Theme Adding Extra Features to My Current Website - Adding Facebook & Twitter icon to my website Adding Facebook 'likes' and 'recommends' to our website - adding facebook friends via bluetooth ADDING FACEBOOK FRIENDS/FANS - Adding facebook share bouton on game Adding Facebook Share button - Adding feature to _simple_ IE plugin written in Delphi Adding Feature to a simple HTML 5 snake game - Adding Features Adding features - adding features on a current ms access project Adding features on a Java game - Adding features to a software written in Python Adding features to a website - Adding features to an online bus reservation system Adding Features to Asynchronous Pluggable Protocol - Adding features to existing online digital cart software Adding features to existing project(70 dollars MAX) - adding features to my current website Adding features to my current website (Programmer must be skilled in Facebook Login, connect, api, etcs) - adding features to predesigned networks on OMNET++ adding features to predesigned networks on OMNET++ - open to bidding - Adding feed to sites... Adding Feedback Section to Existing Website - Adding Fields To A Microsoft word Temp - repost adding fields to a page - Adding filters to expert advisor Adding final touch for the website - adding folders in joomla backend Adding font in e107 cms - Adding Forms & manual orders to Zen Cart Adding forms and pop ups from database to a website - Adding Friends to a new Facebook Account Adding friends to facebook - Adding function Adding function of automatic daily, weekly and monthly notification to the website users - Adding Functionalities to Site Adding functionality (incl. jQuery) to existing site - Adding functionality to current website to include shopping cart, payment processing, reporting, etc... Adding functionality to existing codes - adding functionality to xhtml site Adding functionality with grammar generator ANTLR - Adding funds via paypal #2 Adding funny pictures to my funny pictures webpage - Adding GitHub Readme Notes Adding Glassed to 3 Photos - Adding Google Analytics Goal Code to Site/Products Page. Adding Google analytics need with functionality for a user to opt out. - Adding Google Tours To WordPress Website Adding Google Translations to - Adding hedging to my current MT4 EA Adding Help to ActiveX inteface - Adding HTML template to Oscmax website adding html template to theme - Adding ID/PASSPORT field to Joomla Form Adding id3tags to mp3s and wavs, including image - Adding Image to Header and Footer Adding image to page.php on Wordpress - Adding images to category page in Magento website adding images to credentials - Adding In-app purchase in current app adding indexes and solving 2nd order ode - Adding INR-INR payment system for a NGO Adding Instagram feature on existing Android app. - Adding iOS and Android push notification to ionic App. Adding IP Address Block Code/Syntax to a Web.Config File - Adding Items and Ring sizes II - repost 3 Adding items from Volusion clothing store to - Adding items to an online store Adding Items to Ebay - Very Simple Data Entry - Adding Javascript checking to an existing form. Adding Javascript to Mobile Website and Modification to Mobile Website Design - Adding jQuery UI datepicker to WordPress form Adding Jquey animations and other HTML website improvements - Adding Keywords to prewritten posts and Schedualling posts (World of Warcraft) adding keywords to website - Adding Lessons to online free-play Flight Training Software Adding Letters to Font - Adding Links to a section on my homepage Adding Links to ASP Pages That Remember Part #s - adding live chat to a website ADDING LIVE PRODUCT FEED TO MY WEBSITE - Adding Login/Password to an existing PhP+MySQL Environment Adding Login/Registration + 3 Forms to a Website - Adding maffia wars facebook friends adding magento extensions and quick site edit - adding martingale - repost Adding Mass Products to our Ebay & Shopify Store - Adding menus & buttons to Outlook Express adding menus to a script - Adding Mobile spec. for website adding mobile specs and images - adding modules/blocks to phpNuke Adding monetization to Apple Unity App - Adding more features to an existing site. Adding more features to an existing software small updates - Adding more user roles to visichat with permissions Adding movie section with simple CMS to exsisting site. - Adding multiple file upluad and mailing to a HTML form Adding multiple files upload input to an Jquery Ajax form - Adding Myspace Friends Adding Myspace Friends - adding new design on index pls Adding new feature and updating website... - Adding new features in andriod app Adding new features in andriod app 2 - Adding new features to my site. Adding new features to our website - Adding New functionality to website Adding new functionality to wordpress theme and fixing prior bugs - Adding new page on a bootsrap website HTML production Adding new page to my website - adding new search results when coming to end of page (like adding new section on website - Adding nodes Adding Normal Sub-menu - Adding offline functionality to existing POS built on Codeigniter Adding old content to a blog - Adding online reservation on restaurant website Adding Online Store and an extra page to existing website - Adding Options to Joomla Template and Removing Errors adding options to XCART - Adding page to ecommerce site Adding page to phonegap app - Adding Pagination (Prestashop) Adding pagination to WebMatrix/Razor ASP.NET - Adding Payment Gateway in Wordpress Plugin adding payment gateway to asp net forum - Adding paypal buttons and order form to wordpress Adding Paypal buttons to my website and other duties - adding pdf magazine and video gallery to website Adding peer to peer functionality to disturbution media - Adding Photo Albums Functionality to Community Site Adding photo effects and Animation - Adding Pickup / Delivery option to the Modx Revo shopping cart (shopkeeper) Adding Pickup / Delivery options to Modx shopping cart (shopkeeper) - Adding Plugin, SEO keyword phrases, link to facebook and mor adding plugins into wordpress and some customization - ADDING POST Adding post to my site. - Adding Prestashop products Adding Price Feature - adding product in oscommerce Adding Product info To website - Adding Product via Web form from Excel File