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a music manager - a music promotor a music promotor - A music video A Music Video (Dallas) - A mutual project for all Indians A MVC-Based online flight ticket reservation application (Advanced MVC Application) - a naked pic A name - A name on a utility bill A name on a utility bill - open to bidding - A Native Arabic Translator to translate english to arabic A Native Dutch Translator - from English into Dutch - for a website (prefered to be a Copywriter as well with experince on text & article writing) - A native English Writer -- 4 A native English Writer -- 5 - A native male American speaker needed A Native Proofreader Needed (Fresher) -- 2 - A Native Writer Can Make A Difference A NATIVE WRITER REQUIRED FOR A FEW ARTICLE RE_WRITING PROJECTS - a need a logo A need a module that do the next workflow - A need design for a gym clothing tracksuit A need for 3 small vector images - a net logo project a net logo project -- 2 - A Network Resource Management Program A network security website - A new 2 in 1 indicator A New 2in1 Indicator - A new Android game! A new Android game. - A new business logo A new business logo - A new company logo A new company logo - A new consumer market portal A new Corporate logo to reflect the company name and the industry sector - A new dating site!! A new dating site. - a new document to translate A new dollars chat - A new excel worksheet to be created that will use formulas to pull through details from other worksheets. A new excel worksheet to be created that will use formulas to pull through details from other worksheets. - Repost - A new Freelancer A new Freelancer website - A new home and a Facelift A new Home Page for my website - a new instagram web viewer, need an experienced instagram API Developer a new installation of asterisk - A new kind of software A new landing page for an existing site (sstj) - A new logo A new logo - A new logo design A new logo design - A new logo for my company A new logo for my company - A new logo identity a new logo needed - A New Magento Extension - Manage Images A New MAGENTO Web Site Design - a new module for prestashop A new module to integrate in already running site - A new powerpoint template with our company look and feel A new powerpoint template with our company look and feel - A new project A new project - A new project with articles A new project++++ - a new seo project of competeting keywords A new services page and links required - A new social network a new social network - A new template for my website A new template for our site - A new versin of a current website build A new version of job done a couple of years ago - a new web site A new Web site for one department of our company - A new website A new website - a new website a new website - a new website - open to bidding A New Website - repost - A New Website Design Needed upgraded a new website designed - A new website for the calculation of a fence A new website for us, cms with php/mysql - A new Website with complete CMS A new website with HTML 5 / JQuery - A new Wordpress plugin with a new post_type and woocommerce plugin integration A new wordpress Project with a lot of php and css - A newletter portal A newly formed Canadian non-profit national research group is currently seeking out eligible qualified companies to design and develop a website for collaboration and communication amongst its members. This RFI is intended to seek out pertinent company i - a News Blog Website a News Blog Website - open to bidding - a newsletter a newsletter - a nice design to be printed on perf material to cover the windows and door a nice designed pitch deck of 10 pages for 50$CAD, interested ? - A Nice Website A Nice website - A NIOS II Code A nitch market industry flyer - A nodejs API for Processing Invoices - Phase 1 Parse Invoice Data and Store in Mongodb -- 2 A non profit application to raise funds for babies that pass away from sudden infant death syndrome - A non-template style Website required Similar to the one in the description. A non-template style Website required(repost) - a nova forma de recrutamento A nove about my grandfather, god knows if he knew i existed - A Novel Windowing Technique for Efficient Computation of MFCC for Speaker Recognition A Novel Windowing Technique for Efficient Computation of MFCC for Speaker Recognition - open to bidding - a number of comic (comic) style illustrations to help cummunicate a problem A number of design tasks. - A Nutritionist A Nutritionist - A One Minute Animated Company Video Clip - repost a one minute animated film - A One Page insertion form in php/mysql - repost 2 A one page online form! - A ONE PAGE, very simple website, with few links. A one paged essay - A onepage wordpress ecommerce site A ongoing ASP Classic, MSAccess DB, MySQL Database, HTML, Javascript, aspjpeg and also occasional conversions to .net - A online job. - open to bidding a online legal exam - A online store built for custom design products a online store built in big cartel - A or some simple websites with very high google positioning A orange and blue logo - A P2P E-commerce site with SEO A P2P E-commerce site with SEO - open to bidding - A page for crowdsourcing and funding on the devolopement of a site based on the construction of a city. A page for logging something and seeing who has submitted the form most times. - A page to fixed and two pictures that must be mixed A page to fixed and two pictures that must be mixed(repost) - A painted mural for a childs nursery A painter - A Painting done on a board of wood A painting for my wife as a gift for our wedding - A Panel for Transcoding live streams using FFmpeg A panel for users to access their information. - a paper describing a college history and impact on a country A paper describing IT service delivery supply chain - a paper in physics -- 9 A paper is required on linking Outlook Exchange with our .NET C# application - A paper on social hierarchy in prisons between 3500-4000 words
A PAPER ON SOFTWARE TESTING PROCESS - A paper written A paper written # 2 - a paragraph of gardening A PARALLEL ALGORITHM FOR BIG TENSOR DECOMPOSITION USING RANDOMLY COMPRESSED CUBES (PARACOMP) - a part of the java portal A part of thesis - A part time independant contractor for telemarketing A Part time job - a part time job - open to bidding a part time job - open to bidding - a part time or full time web content writer A Part time personal assistant - A part-time, self-motivated, organized assistant. A Partial dissertation writing for an interim report - A partner to inovate a great idea A Partner To Work With - a patch drawn a patch to a basic cataloguing program - a pattern modified for cutting with a steel rule die - ongoing work A pattern to be photo shopped onto stock dog bag photos - A Paypal Advanced Customized Page A Paypal Advanced Customized Page - open to bidding - a pcb for power bank A PCI-E x16 3.0 to thunderbolt 2.0 - A Peer Review Essay Needed A Peer to Peer App Controlled by a Mobile Device that Streams from a Camera to the Mobile Device, Youtube Live, and Facebook Live - A Penny Auction Site Development a perfect clone of - A Perl Script Fixed a perl script to send SMS from a modem pool device - A person from ARAb Countries A person from ARAb Countries - a person or group who can make a social networking site . A person part time to pinrest and other social media - A person to help implement Cisco modems and maintain units via remote support a person to help me maximise SEO on my website - A person to work on our ideas - open to bidding A person to write me a java code program - A person who can take on design work for print or web on a contract basis. A Person who can turn my concepts into a reality - A person who uses CS4 an above for t-shirts A person who worked on compare theme from power themes before - A personal assistant A personal assistant - A Personal Assistant who should assist a Chartered Accountant a personal assistant with office skills - A Personal Diary A personal distance assistant - A personal logo design A personal logo design for a business card - A personal Statement with requirement a personal translator - a personal website needs to be built A personal website. - A Peruvian Chef a pessoa tem que entender de - A Phd by publication Specialist A PHD research proposal on Sociology - A phone selecting script a phone to take pictures of my #ootd - A photo edited for a business card A photo editing - a photo of me photoshopped - repost A photo photoshopped - A photo that needs photoshop editing! A photo to PSD conversion to change colors of elements - A photographer A photographer - A photographer A photographer - a photographer a photographer - A photographer for 2 hours A photographer for 3 hours - A photographer for a small wedding on October 4th A photographer for a small, easy wedding - A photographer for our wedding - possibly a video A photographer for prom pictures - A photographer that is willing to be taking photos of me for my formal A photographer that specializes in visual photography. - a photographer to take photos of a rental A photographer to take pictures and videos of clients from India - A Photography Business Needs Unique Logo, Business Card etc a photography firm to cover a graduation ceremony - A photoshoot of a couple expecting a baby a photoshop art with all layers beginning with a canvas of 17'x13' wide - A photoshop image converted to a 2D Autocad Drawing a photoshop image from a hand-drawn image - A PHP and MYSQL website clinic system A PHP and Smarty 3 expert. - open to bidding - A PHP Class to Retrieve Orders from Pinnacle Cart A PHP Classe to Retrieve Customers from Pinnacle Cart - a php developer a php developer - A PHP embed code script. A PHP Encoder Utility - A PHP game web based (Noughts and Crosses) A PHP Guru / Team Wanted To Get A Web App - A php parse error a php program acting like ' tail ' - A Php Script + A Wordpress Video grabber plugin -- 2 a php script 5 - A PHP script to get a List of Contacts from an SyncML server A PHP script to Log in to paycom and down load attendance data - A php social network A php social networking site - a php website(repost) A php+mysql backoffice - a phpprogramme A phrase - A Picnic Cook Book A picture - A picture for my band or band logo a picture for youtube - A picture of an imaginary family all together A picture of me using the design style of the Magic Johnson pictures. - A picture to cartoony drawing A picture to cartoony drawing - Repost - A piece of me A piece of software that i want somebody to make for me - A pitch document needs to be made to look sleek and creatively eye catching a pitch editing - A place where i can get my shirts and sweatsuits designed with their logos on them and made - repost 2 A place where people can exchange stuff with each other - a plate (or shallow bowl) made from spiral tentacles. A platform (via internet and mobile phone sms) of Access Agricultural Prices - a platform that can link service provider and people in need of the service together A platform to provide unique and localized information to the readers. - A playlist widget - Repost A playlist widget - Repost - open to bidding - A plugin for minecraft a plugin for moodle which design a learning plan - a plugin to read the metadata from videos uploaded directly to AWS S3 via cloudfront -- 2 A plugin to show adsense pop up - a poetry proofreader and editor A Poets Journey - A Poker website using REAL MONEY - repost A Polish translator to travel to Poland with me to help communicate with locals. - a pop u page created - ongoing work A pop Up login page desing - a porntube site A portal to sell machine - A portfolio for my retail management experience a portfolio kind of website and mobile app of same - A portrait Sketch Of a Girl. -- 2