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A PHP database - A php developer with an open-mind A PHP DEVELOPER WITH PHP EXAM IS NEEDED!!! - a php ftp site needs modification A php function to purchase a single item on - A php osc programmer needed for a month A php page development with paypal integration - A php Script A php script - A PHP script to create a PDF invoice. a PHP script to create PDF from any URL. - A PHP server based app for hotel&resort management a php site - a php website a php website developed - a PHP/MySQL project: creating a "working hours" pages a PHP/MySQL project: creating a "working hours" pages - ongoing work - a physics essay A pianist or violin player - A PICTURE DESIGN FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY DONE HERE a picture design on instagram for Halloween Giveaway - A picture of a dragon A picture of a fictional charactar - A picture or graphic for a report a picture painted on a wall - A picture-book illustration A piece about my fiancé and I and our journey - A PIN-Entry Method Resilient Against Shoulder Surfin A pinball like game for iOS - A pivot animation --- using Pivot Animatior A pivot animation --- using Pivot Animatior - open to bidding - a plane fare a planner - a platform for apps+App A platform for college students - a platform which gets people cook in home and people want home-made meal together. a platform which gets people cook in home and people want home-made meal together. - open to bidding - A plitical Party V.I.P. A plug in to Excel connected to a web server and database - A plugin for my wordpress website to increase functionality - repost A plugin for The Bat! e-mail client to support fortune (Unix) cookies. - A Plus Home Furnishings A plyo box - A Point & Figure charting program A Point of sale and inventory control - a political paper a political report - A pop-up message system telling customers of recent purchases. A pop-up message system telling customers of recent purchases. Under $100. - A portal to sell machine - open to bidding A Portal & Some Standalone Widgets - a portfolio kind of website and mobile app of same A portfolio of templates for clients to buy - A position where I have the authority and the freedom to make the changes that will ensure the future profitability direction and safety of the company and all its employees A Positive Attitude to Life - a post website based on google map(repost) A postcard and Logo - A poster display outside Lenovo Shop A poster for a Charity Ball - A poster to advertise the brand at a Bar A Poster to Promote A Sports Team Made to look like an old school boxing poster - A powerful list of written person in my website A powerful online shop with PHP/MySQL - A PowerPoint presentation A PowerPoint presentation - A PowerPoint presentation will be sent and I would like it created into something a bit smarter- higher quality wow presentation A PowerPoint presentation will be sent and I would like it created into something a bit smarter- higher quality wow presentation - a ppt presentation on how pivot tables can be created a ppython programmer to build a full website - A pre-agreed project A pre-listing packeage - a presentation a presentation - A Presentation on Toilet Etiquette A presentation over. Are american's public school resegregating? - A press release for the newspaper for the new exciting product A Press Release in English - A pretty simple iphone app A Pretty Simple Program to Work Within Microsoft Word - A Price Comparison Website A Price Comparison website - a printable / design to go onto clothing A printer to print objects for me - A private job for Bret444 A private job for Pandeypriya E Solutions - A Private project for Committed French- German-Arabic Translation A private project for Estwald Technologies - a private project for robertwork92 A private project for RobinRU - A private tutor website A Private VPN - A probe leaving Earth, Flash+Avi/MPG Realistic animation A probe task for Dutch writer - A procrastinator engineer A procura de Leads - A Product Description A product description for Android/iOS scientific calculator - A product package box a product photographer - a profesional website A Professinal Web site Designed Need - A Professional Assistant a professional banner - A Professional Designer (Graphic Artist /Illustrator /Fashion Designer / Art Director & More.) A Professional Designer/Translator seeking fun work =] - A professional good looking Minecraft Hosting Website fully coded and design + whmcs design A Professional Graph with High Quality - A professional logo design A professional logo design -- 2 - A professional looking powerpoint presentation to be used in print form A professional looking powerpoint presentation to be used in print form - ongoing work - A professional photographer. A professional power point presentation - A professional telephone sales person. a professional to do an assignment of 1500 words in marketing and economics (in 2 days Max - A professional web designer A Professional Web Page Design - A professional website to act as a portfolio for my creations and accomplishments A professional website, which is able to sell things and the web site has to include an efficient search box. - A Professional Writer - FR12116 A professional writer is here - a proffesional work without plagiarism a proffesional writer to go over my book and co-write to improve - A Profilpicture in your Style :)) A profitable EA is needed - A program built to work with a api A program can extract all media link in various website - a program for more youtube views ? a program for my website - A program like the Skin It program a program made for me - A Program That Can Check Email Links, And Copy Certain Part of The Email, Fully Customizable! And Very User Friendly! A program that can collect numbers - A program that doesnt allow screenshots A program that encrypts the alphabetic letters in a file into a Hill cipher written in C - a program that simulates an energy-efficient wdm optical network - Repost a program that simulates an energy-efficient wdm optical network - Repost - open to bidding - A program that will help me with web design A program that will help me with web design(more simple then before the repost) - A program to aid and speed up quoting A program to allow trial software to last for ever. - A program to do some automatic tasks, like a bot a program to do the reserve in apple store - A program to make a Google site map and a program to get public domain article and lins ans RSS Feeds a program to manage calendar - A program to scan inventory for JobGen/ Unitech HT630 - open to bidding a program to score and print out music - a program which will add digit strings - repost
A program with a simple GUI that should do a simple task with a USB modem - A programing Code by using Mathematic A programing solution for the bus industry - a programmer a programmer - A programmer is required in C++11 A programmer needed - A Programmer to make a first person maze with audio prompts a programmer to program and design my idea to the end - A programmin project a programming - A Project Simple FTP retrieval app A project with MS Access 2010 - a project building and other - open to bidding A Project Completed - A project for Adortalukdar A project for adortalukdar only - A project for ArmyMon only A project for articlewriter9! - A project for chxbs only a project for CierraGayle - A project for designBox16 only A Project for devas1979 - A project for Eriont only A Project for Eswar - A project for GILLESCAS only A project for Goddie - a project for influentmedia A project for InnaKo only - a project for jrahman10 A project for jszop! - A project for lorcheto94 a project for lord81 - A Project for MinodoraCampeanu! a project for mirunamurar! - A project for niki84 only A project for NSpruit - A Project For Prosepoet a project for publishing a book. - A Project for SAS + Required SAS Programmer a project for school - A project for shellywagar - 7 A project for shellywagar - 8 - A project for Sumon a project for sundas thesis chap 1 and 2 - A project for Uoksusantha A project for usmanali01 only-700 words - A project for wordlab only A Project For Wordpress - A project for you - open to bidding A project for you - open to bidding - A project in c++ A Project In Chennai, India - A PROJECT JUST FOR ATTARI BROS A project just for starx - a project of data input A project of domestic and commercial painting services company - A project on IONIC framwork A project on IONIC framwork - open to bidding - a project on watermarking of digital images A project only for Zdrenga - A project report in e commerce or web security is needed A project report in e commerce or web security is needed - A project that needs quick eyes and hands a project that will help us - A project to US residents ONLY A project to vote for politicians. - a projectmmmmmmmm A projector and speaker for a mac today - A promoter a promoter - A promotional video A promotional video - A proofreader for crochet toy patterns A Proofreader who can get my articles accepted by Contant Content - a proposal essay a proposal for a capital grant - A PROPOSAL TO SUBMIT TO SUBMIT TO A PRIVATE INVESTOR FOR FUNDING A proposal well designed and written - A prototype app A prototype app similar to QUORA app - A prototype of modular design in maven, spring, hibernate, webwork velocity A prototype performing speech comparison using Java - a PSA on anorexia A PSD - A psychic site homepage A psychologist with experience in developing psychometric tools; expertise in tourism and travel is desirable but not essential - a publisher to publish ny book A Publishing House is looking for a sales executive - a python assginment A python code. - a python program read excel file and insert mysql db A Python Program that Combines MP3 files - a python script to parse html based on highlighted text color A Python Soap (wsdl) Client to CyberSource's Payment System - A qualified written text for a site is needed A Qualitatitive Research (Coding) of Urban Dance Styles and Phrases - A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 -- 2 a quality smtp server with dkin /spf record - A Quest For Your Intuitive Side A question - A question and answer type site A Question Answer Page PHP and MySql coding - A quick 10cents! A quick 2 hour job of adding few product on my woo-commerce site - A quick and very urgent Java Deployment Question A quick animation of a photo booth - A quick check on documents that have proofread before by a writer A quick clustering analysis on SAS / equivalent - A QUICK FIX A Quick Fix - A Quick HTML Edit A quick illustration of a basketball player juxtaposed over a basketball arena - A quick logo - open to bidding A Quick Logo design - a quick question lending conditions for a SMSF A quick question. - A quick Small Talk Project (Urgent) A quick sort - A quick wordpress installation to my domain. a quick wordpress project (not a Blog) - A quiz for a website A quiz for a website -- 2 - A quote for a bespoke app for both ios and andriod A quote for a website and application for a mobile (multy platforms) - a race car portfolio A racket 3d model to be modified according to the instruction .its urgent - A Range Of Articles Needed a range of clothing vintage style classical - A rap about the book The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao A rap animation video - a re edit of an existing 3 minute video A Re-Design + Transfer from FTP to WordPress Responsive & AMAZING ShowCase Site - A ready made Audit Templates in MS Access to generate, store, search, & print -- 2 A ready to go Blog website in HTML - A real estate marketing web portal A Real Estate Portal - A Real PRO Craiglist Poster Today - URGENT-Longterm A Real PRO Craigslist Poster Needed - A real, current HR professional remote interview. A Real-time Collaborative Text Editor - A realistic tattoo design A reality television show writer/producer who can write my treatment for producers - A really nice website that sets my surgical website far above all competitors -- 2 A really simple Access 2007 database needed - a reasonable money offering job a reasonable money offering job - open to bidding - A recipe/ingredient database website