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Create Sound FX & Music for Mobile Games - Create Spanish questions for learners Create Spanish questions for learners - Create Specs for Optimization Process (Math Intensive) Create Speedtest for our website - Create split testing wordpress plugin Create split testing wordpress plugin 2 - create spreadsheet for column base plate design to BS5950 create spreadsheet for column base plate design to BS5950 - Create spreadsheet of details of industry associations from websites given Create spreadsheet of details of industry associations from websites given (2) - Create sprites for characters, items and tile-sets for RPG creation software on Steam Create sprites from animated 3D Models unity - Create SQL Script Create SQL Script Installer .NET - Create Squeeze/Landing Page with autoresponder integration create squeezepage / sales page - Create SSRS Report Create SSRS report from provided SQL queries. Ongoing opportunity - Create Standings tab Create standout presentation for proposal - Create static HTML/CSS page from screenshot Create static landing page for company website - Create statistics - URGENT! Create statistics - URGENT! - repost - Create stl file from point data(x,y,z) stored in a list using C#. Do not need to display the stl. Create stl files - Create Store Locator Create store module for popular CMS(Wordpress,Joomla,Opencart,Prestashop) - Create Storytelling illustrations Create Stranger Chatting Portal - Create Stunning Facebook fanpages for local business Create Stunning Graphic For IPB - create sub domains, copy existing page content, ensure url works create sub forum functionality - Create subdomain website Create subdomain website - open to bidding - Create Subtitle files from english speak in video files Create Subtitle in Woocomemrce - Create Super Hero Banner Create super resume/cv from existing one - Create Survey Forms in Formidable CREATE SURVEY IN ASP - Create Swahili Language Lesson/Course Plan Create swap card animation - Create Synonym Database Create Syspro erd - create tab link and display page section based on anchor Create tab link to page on Wordpress website - Create Table from MySql Data / Sort Column / Make Bootstrap Popover create table from PSD for use in Wordpress pages - Create tables create tables and make 10 quires in oracle 10 g sql - Create tabs in Shopify product page using html, jquery and css - Repost Create Tabs in Wordpress Site - Create Tax Forms in Reporting Software - Repost Create Tax Forms in Reporting Software - Repost -- 2 - Create Technica Articles Create technical article - Create Template (in Word or Publisher) for Health & Safety Newsletter - repost Create Template and convert old site content to Joomla - Create template for creative blog Create template for data entry - Create template for PHPFOX from PSD Create template for polar plot in Excel 2010 - Create template letter head and ppt Create Template Mobile/Responsive - create templates for event halls maps Create Templates For Invoice & Email - Create Terms of Use and Privacy Create Terms of Use and Privacy - Create test webservice with Basic Authentication and one with Token create testcases - Create text from clouds in Adobe Flash Create text graphics as headlines for Web site - Create textured and animated 3D models for a game Create textured and animated 3D models for a game -- 2 - Create the attached file so i can reproduce it in acard Create the Augmented Reality APP in Unity - Create the Buzz Online and social media management Create the calling script - Create the financials (balance sheet, income statement, break even and cash flow) for a fictitious startup Internet Business Create the first comic strip for Captain Sideways - Create the installer from the jar file. Create the interface of a game - Create the most advanced website on the market (i.e., electronic order forms with sophisticated features; automatic confirmation pages and E-Mails which content (e.g., text) is EDITABLE by admin; Electronic Asessments/Tests for Applicants who will be Expe Create the most advanced website on the market in which all content (i.e., text) is to be editable. Example website includes: An example website of additional features to be included is as follows: Slides must be - Create the privacy policy and terms of use for a marketplace platform Create the product keyword / tag for searching jewelry item on market place - Create the Shortest Route Between Multiple Points Create the side menu on Jquery mobile, CSS, HTML and CSS - Create the VPN connection Create The Walkthrough Videos - Create theme for my shopping website Create theme for opencart - Create themes page Create Thermal effect on high resolution image - Create this graphic in high resolution Create this for different person using my theme - Create threads on internet marketing forum! Create three "progress circles" (with wordpress plugin) - Create three logoes Create three lookup feilds in filemaker pro - Create three, two min animation videos Create threejs 3d model of a number of sofas from the photo shop dwg dwx fi... - Create thumbnails for posts Create thumbnails from clipboard / pure Visual Basic 6.0 - Create Time Slots Availability Calendar in Php codeigniter just like wordpress plugin create timecode track in QuickTime on Mac - Create title insurance calculator Create Title Transition in After Effects - Create tool by php Create Tool for Automated Search and Scraping Data - Create tooltips for various information provided Create Top 10 Google Ranked Keywords (15 Keywords) - Create touch / pan scripts for Unity in Javascript. Create Touch Kiosk App - Create traffic and optimize sales in onlinestore create traffic and visibility for the announcements and ads we make - Create training powerpoint Content from workbook provided. Create Training Programs(general exercise programs) - Create translated flash objects from the source Create translated language version of an English brochure in Indesign - Create transparent version of existing logo Create Transparent Video Overlays - Create trend line indicator for mt4 Create Trendy Category Names for YouTube Videos - create Tshirt designer cscart addon Create Tshirt designs - Create tutorials for magento modules Create Tutorials in word format urgent - Create TWiT style avatar potrait Create TWIT-Style Portraid Avatar - Create Twitter following for a comedian - repost create twitter following for flaunter - repost - Create two 2D Animations Create two 2D Animations - Chibi style - Create two awards sticker Create two background image - Create two courses on Udemy - repost Create two creatures concept arts for a video game. - Create two fancybox responsive popups Create two fantastic looking flyers - Create two illustrations featuring characters from our upcoming video game! Create two Illustrator files - Create two Logos with PSD sources for Education theme.
Create two magneto global home page using phtml - create two pages Create Two Pages by Modelling Existing Page: Content Provided - create two responsive landing pages per design cupplied Create Two Responsive Web Pages - Create two simple fragment for android Create two simple illustrations from images - Create two tabs and inside second tab two forms Create two templates for Wordpress - Create two web pages to display ICS (ical) file information -- 2 Create two web pages website template - Create Two-level jQuery dropdown WP3.0 menu Create two-sided flyer/order form on pdf - Create Ubuntu and Mysql User Create Ubuntu and Mysql User - Create UI Screens using PRISM framework & WPF in C# Create UI to integrate with existing java backend - Create UML Documents Create un css sprite - create unique content Create unique content for a new Keratin fibers website - Create Unique Space Fighter based on provided specs Create unique stub for AegisCrypter - Create unity 3d farm cartoon Create Unity 3d game - Create Unlimited Phone Verified Gmail Account in Bangladesh Create unlimited subdomains - Create upload function like Google Drive/Gumtree Create upload photo feature in the website and login feature for the new users and account creation - Create us a purchase order system Create us a search / filter function for our website - WordPress Query Posts - Create User Account Functionality Create User Account in Forums and Paste Sentence - Copy and Paste work - SIMPLE - Create User guide for app and admin Create user help manual of desktop application in spanish - Create user profile page in our new admin panel using metronic Create User Profile Page until Friday night - Create Username and Name list create username and password - Create utility for converting flash image .bins into other formats using algorithms and possibly encryption. Create utility for converting flash image .bins into other formats using algorithms and possibly encryption. - ongoing work - Create Validated Developer account in Chrome Web Store Create Validated Developer account in Chrome Web Store - repost - Create Various PDF Forms - ongoing work Create various screens for application in WPF - Create VB.NET DLL for creating/parsing EDI 850 Purchase Orders Create dll for use in vba and vb6 - Create VBA Macro to output PDF automatically Create VBA Macros for Horse racing Database - Create Vector (.eps) file from .jpg image Create Vector .ai file of attached design - Create vector file create vector file - Create Vector Frame Images in Various Invitation Sizes Create vector from old image - Create Vector Graphic from Low-Res Logo Create Vector Graphic from PNG - Create Vector Image Create Vector Image - Create vector images Create vector images cheap. - Create Vector Logo from Drawings for Prionkor Create vector logo from jpg - Create vector shape from attached jpeg Create vector shapes - Create vectors from jpg Create vectors of those 3 images - Create version 2 of an existing app Create version 2.0 - Create Very Similar App 2 Instagram Create Very Similar App To Instagram - Create VERY simple sample .NET Restful Web Service Create very simple series of excel graphs. All data provided. Look/style important - Create Video Create Video - create video create video - create video / commercial for fence company Create Video about actual IT Security problems - Create Video App for Wowoza media streaming for the Mobile App Create Video Assets for Online Training Program (using After Effects, Premiere Pro) - Create video cutter plugin in Wordpress website create video Cv to win your dream job or presentation video for companies websites - Create video for Facebook ad Create video for fundraising for special project - related to medicine particularly maxillofacial prosthetics (making facial prostheses) - Create video for website Create video for website - Create video in After Effects create video in After Effects using my template - Create Video of our business Opportunity Create Video of site comparison and narrate the problems. - Create video promotion Create video recorder embedded in browser with java - Create video thumbnails page for Wordpress site Create Video to help user using website - Create Video Tutorials Create Video Tutorials - Create video website using VPS and FTP? Create video website using VPS and FTP? - repost - Create videos about electronic cigarettes Create Videos about Nicotine addiction and its effects on the body - Create Videos from Screenshots Create videos from the content library I have. Used for social media and Instagram - Create Viedo Create view (JSF or prime faces) and controller (managed bean) for application - Create viral videos about our products Create virtual 3D covers for irrigation sets - create virtual phone numbers Create Virtual Reality Apps with Unity3D - Create VISIO diagram from photos Create Visio diagrams for software project - Create Visual Basic WinForm Controls at Runtime Create visual blogs on architecture - Create visualization image from our floor plan + elevation draft. Create visualized financial statements - Create Vocal Shouts create vod site - Create Volusion Content pages / articles - ongoing work Create Volusion Drop Down Menu - Create vps with proxmox Create vqmod that connects to readycloud api Securely For opencart - Create walkthrough 3D Video Create wall and activity stream like facebook in drupal - create wbsite for career counselling Create WC3 Validated XHTML & CSS from PSDs - Create Web 2.0s & Submit some Articles Create web 3 page web templates - Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Guru Create Web Application According To Reference Site - Prototype Marketplace - create web apps and service to crawler data from web and grab price with interval time ( view data sheet , download csv and shows trend ) create web banner - Create web based software tool. Create Web Based Stock Chart - create web design create web design - Create web form for output to a searchable Fusion Tables Map Create Web Form Page With Excel - Create Web interface Create web interface - create web page Create Web Page (HTML/CSS) - $80 - Create web page that searches database Create web page that will load a webpage, parse a link, load that link. - Create web portal to find sport partners Create Web Presence - Create web service account.