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CREATE TWO SMALL BANNERS CREATE TWO SMALL BANNERS Create two small banners create two small icons create two small image for a website Create two special compounds for exterior coating systems create two spreadsheet based on canceled members Create Two SQL Server stored proceedures Create two static HTML web pages using bootstrap css Create two static pages in HTM and PSD Create two static pages with bootstrap Create two static web pages with html and CSS Create TWO subdomain blogs create two superhero/comic images for website based on photographs of my two sons Create two SVG files Create two table in sqlite Create two table in sqlite
Create two tabs and inside second tab two forms Create two templates for Wordpress Create Two Three.js Examples Create two trailers for a mobile casino game Create two tutorial Video for a website. You will be provided three videos, to create this new video. - repost Create two Twitter Wall Visualizations using Wordpress Platform Create two Twitter Wall Visualizations w/ separate Backend Admin for each Create Two types of custom Category Page Create two Typo3 content elements from an image Create Two Valid CSS/XHTML pages from my PSDs Create two variations of the mascot created for the contest. Create two VB apps transporting data between a MS-Access and a MySQL database using web services. Create two admin pages to interrogate SQL table create two vector files from two images Create Two Vectors of Me Create two version of interactive multimedia create two very small desktop app-2