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Creating Accounts on a Website. - creating ads/banners Creating Adsense ready Blogs for 50 Domains - Creating an 3 party application for NYMI BAND for replacing access cards. Creating an 3rd party application for NYMI BAND for replacing access cards. - Creating an Admin Panel Creating an admin user settings page for our web app (PHP) - Creating an ANE for Adobe AIR Creating an animate material with conductive fibres - Creating an App Creating an App - Creating an application for Facebook Creating an application for Facebook(repost) - creating an e-learning android application Creating an e-mail Signature - Creating an event handler to print QR Barcode Creating an event invitation business card - Creating an FAQ in HTML or PHP Creating an front page and edit design on an Question2Answer website. - Creating an infopath form Creating an Information Pipeline using an existing HTTP API - Creating an iOS app from a given Android app Creating an iOS Application (Tableview with Audiorecord) - Creating an online course registration system for students Creating an Online Enquiry Form - Creating an oracle stored procedure Creating an oracle stored procedure - Creating and adding posts on social network Creating and animating the video for a DVD game - Creating and Editing Compelling Video Creating and editing of online shops. magento oxide and shop - CREATING AND MANAGING A FEW BUSINESS SALES RECEIPT AND ACCOUNTING Creating and Managing a New and Entrepreneurial Venture (5,000 and 3,000 words), Case study MHC (5,000 Words), & Managing Human Capital Entrepreneurship (2,000 words) - Creating and Using a Profitable Trading plan Creating and using forum accounts - Creating animated video Creating Animated Video Intro For My Website. - Creating App Like Blackberry Messenger without Chat Feature Creating app reading playing card - Creating Articles creating articles - Creating AutoCAD Layouts from template and adding viewports and drawing sections Creating automated script - Creating backlink for Holiday related blog. Creating Backlinks - Creating Barcode Labels Creating baseline Finder on Excel files , Machine learning, Python, Math - creating blogs, back links, link building Creating Boards/Pins for my Pinclone Website - Creating Bulk VoIP Phone Numbers with TextPlus’s API Creating Burn down charts & dashboards in JIRA - Creating cartoon illustrations Creating CasparCG flash templates from After Effects project - Creating Chrome Concoction Creating Chrome Extension - Creating CMS or admin beckend using my index.html Creating CMS template with requirements of .DOC attached - creating configurator -- 3 Creating Consolidation CMR - creating control panel with cakephp/codeigniter and jQuery creating controls at runtime, and they show up on the page, but when the page is submitted, I can't find them. - Creating CRM Creating Cron Job for Ajhyip - Creating custom product types for woocommerce Creating Custom Results Block in Moodle - Creating Daily/Weekly Reg.Banners Creating Daily/Weekly Reg.Banners - creating database of Property owners in Montreal creating database on MySQL workbench and writing report - Creating design new flyer / poster for rubber stamp business Creating Designer Pinterest Pins - Creating Dolphin swimming and animation in BLENDER Creating donate plugin - Creating Dynamic Website Creating Dynamic website for a hypnotherapist - Creating Editable T-Shirt and Product Mock Ups Creating educational video courses - Creating Engineering Project Report in Latex Creating English Subtitles of english film (26 min) - Creating Excel Files For Each Contact - repost Creating EXCEL files from SQL server Table - Creating facebook advertisement - repost Creating Facebook and linkedin accounts - Creating Fantasy Sports Site Creating Fast Cartoon Educational Video - creating five links in premade flash template Creating Five Tumblr Themes - Creating Forex Video Creating Forex Website - creating free ids Creating Free Multiuser Blog Platform - Creating further Banner Creating FusionChart like library - creating google ad gadget Creating Google adsense account and making $5-$8 revenue per Day - Creating help file creating help file - Creating html page Creating HtmL Pages (perfect demo mockups delivered!) - Creating IDs address Creating IDs address - repost - Creating important presentations / marketing collateral for our software products Creating in depth form using Gravity Form Plug in - Creating interactive Flash charts using Laszlo (063) Creating Interactive Joomla Website - Creating ISO Creating ISO - open to bidding - Creating JPEG images for signs models Creating JPEG images for signs models -- 2 - Creating landing pages on weekly basis Creating landing pages with search results from a mongodb database. - Creating Linode and moving sites Creating linux shell scripts - Creating Logo Creating logo - Creating low budget animation movie Creating lubrication related pictograms - creating malayalam images creating malayalam images - open to bidding - Creating MAT-LAB code of two papers Creating Math Mutliple Choice and Flashcards Questions Applied in Real Estate Course\\\" - creating microsoft access database for CRM Creating Microsoft ActiveX to check for local windows registry via IE - Creating Mobile site from current Drupal site Creating Mobile Sites Using Dudamobile - Creating Movie Database Creating Movie Database - Creating Multiple YouTube Videos Creating Multiple/Individual Gmail Account - creating new banners and products Creating New Blog - creating new website Creating new names for the various training sessions and keynote speaking titles - Creating Nintex Workflow for a blog site - open to bidding Creating Nintex Workflow for a new blog site - creating of design and logo Creating of image maps using HTML and php GD library - Creating One Autoblog Creating one joomla-template out of two existing templates - Creating openfire chat server web services and implementing chat application creating openvpn config with webmin and even authenticating radius manager e.t.c - creating parallax scrolling page with edge animate - Repost creating parallax scrolling page with edge animate - Repost - open to bidding - creating PDF's Creating PDF's of approx 250 invoices from a website - Creating php site with custom forms/tables Creating php site with forms/tables - Creating polls and rankings (content writing, voting and uploading on a dedicated website) Creating Pop-Up Message - Creating presentation using Impress
Creating Presentation with voice over - Creating Product Listings and Maintaining eBay and Amazon Accounts creating product manuals, need to illustrate components, procedures - Creating programs to run as mesh network on 3 identical arduino based boards Creating Project Definition documents for students\' projects - Creating questionnaire survey Creating questionnaire survey to be used for stat analysis - Repost - creating relationships Creating Relevant Comment Backlinks on Different Blogs - Creating Roulette using Visual Express Studio Creating Roulette using Visual Express Studio 12 - Creating screen views for android application interaction flow creating Screens for toutchscreen. 2D and 3D (floorplan). including icons. - Creating server side application for RTP implementation. Creating Service and a project in Microsoft Robotic Studio - creating similar website with all functions Creating Similar Application. - creating simple sport site and implementing live scores(repost) creating simple sudoku game website - Creating Slider images featuring a software product Creating Slides - Creating Socks proxy system with Dynamic SSH Tunnel on Windows with Plink -- 2 Creating Software -- 2 - Creating soundtrack for a 2 minutes movie Creating spam Instagram accounts - Creating Staff Wellness Intranet Website Creating Staging and Production instances [ Server ] of website running on Amazon AWS - creating sub-categories for existing main categories(repost) creating sub-categories for main catogories - creating tables in MySQL creating tables in oracle and Designing ERD for it - creating text for 'male escort for women' website Creating texts, slogans, mottos - creating the t-shirt design for teespring campaign creating the t-shirt design for teespring campaign - open to bidding - Creating Timetabling Software Using C++/Jave/Visual Basic Creating tip sounds for a webcam site - Creating Twitter Accounts Creating Twitter Accounts - Creating unlease Creating up to 10 Websites PHP5 / MySQL - Creating Vector Images Creating Vector Logos - Creating Video Projects Creating Video Tutorial - Using Camtasia Studio - Creating Visio Diagram Creating Visio organizational chart and transfer to ppt - Urgent - Creating Web Forms in VB 2010+SQL+Coding in VB Creating web marketing - Creating web sites and online shops project - repost Creating web-based product from open-source desktop software - Creating Website - WordPress Creating website / store - Creating website logo creating website logo and polishing web design - Creating Wikipedia entry Creating Wikipedia Page For Company - Creating WordPress Populate & Posts Creating Wordpress posts with copy-paste (very easy project) - Creating XML Document Creating XML Feed for Indeed - Creating, saving and displaying itineraries and maps informations creating, sending json object containing variable from iOS. Displaying json on websites, and sending back to iOS - creatingyourself creatinine clearance calculator - Creation a Bing Ads PPC Account of US/Canada $30 - $250 USD/Hr Creation a file 3D CAPTAIN AMERICA Statue - Creation and Formatting of Amazon Marketplace Listings Creation and Hostiing of a XML Feed - Creation application Windev Creation Apps for Educational Purposes - Creation d'un petit programme basique Creation d'un regie Publicitaire - creation Database Creation Date relevance modifer for Anything-Digital's Advanced Site Search - creation du petite video Creation E-Commerce Website - Creation Internetsite - Joomla, JBZoo -- 2 Creation Iphone & iPad app - Creation of Emailer in JPG format with clickable links Creation of one man consultazy site.... - Creation of 100 short videos Creation of 100 subdomain - Creation of 2 logos Creation of 2 logos for thematized Blogs - Creation of 3 Ebooks Creation of 3 engineering reports of 300 words each with in text citations - Creation of 4 web pages(repost) Creation of 4 webforms - creation of 50-100 free dating profiles a day Creation of 500 scheduled picture posts on self-hosted Wordpress blog - Creation of a 3D picture Creation of a 3D-Model of the Expansion of a house - Creation of a character/persona Creation of a character/persona - Creation of a csgo gambling site based around coinflips Creation of a custom PCB design to be used in mass production - Creation of a Facebook fanpage -- 2 Creation of a favicon and a image from header background - Creation of a grid of cells (layed on a city) using web mapping and GIS and populate data with the help of googlemap apis Creation of a grid of cells (layed on a city) using web mapping and GIS and populate data with the help of googlemap apis - Creation of a list of email adresses from public sources - Repost - repost Creation of a list of email adresses from public sources - repost 2 - Creation of a Magento Extension creation of a magento module - Creation of a new Webpage to rate Items Creation of a new website - Creation of a pop-up box using photo and creative font for WP themed site. Creation of a popular 90s 8bit platform game app with a few twists - Creation of a Search Engine Creation of a secure member's website (c#) hosted on Azure - Creation of a simple WEBSITE DESIGN Creation of a simple website offering an interactive, fee-based individualizedservice - Creation of a tailor made shirts online store with.. Creation of a Taiwanese dating website + pics contest - Creation of a web program Creation of a Web Service / DB Export Utility - Creation of a website that will reveal weekly specials that will link to retailers creation of a website using wordpress - Creation of Accounts at Free Websites Creation of accurate night time sky with variations for light polution - Creation of an Android version of an existing iOS app Creation of an animated commercial - creation of an floorlpan via pictures and data (0 day) Creation of an html page for Wordpress - Creation of android developer account and set up services Creation of Android UI layout XML files from iPhone screenshots - Creation of AutoCAD 2D Floor Plans - Repost - open to bidding - repost Creation of AutoCAD 2D Floor Plans - Repost - open to bidding - repost - Repost - Creation of Blue Tooth App Creation of - Creation of Cbots for FXPRO Algotrader / Ctrader Creation of CD Jacket (front and back) - CREATION OF CONCIERGE CLUB BRAND Creation of Conference Badge, Program Guide, EJournal, and Resource Guide - Creation of CSV Upload Tool to Execute URL Calls w/ Query Strings Creation of CSV/Text files and cron delivery - creation of design eternal (CODE) creation of design eternal (CODE) - open to bidding - Creation of e-text using Adobe - content supplied - Rehire Creation of EA for auto scalper - Creation of Excel 2010 Macro Creation of Excel 2010 macro - Creation of financial strategies and preparation of financial documentation (training provided) Creation of firmware for a set of multi-axis timelapse equipment - Creation of Game Advertisment Creation of Game Advertisment Design - Creation Of Header for YouTube Channel