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change a position of services groups with drag drop. Change a power point presentation Change a power point presentation to a Word file CHANGE A POWERPOINT Change a PowerPoint presentation to a Flash movie Change a presentation/ brochure in psd. Change a Prestashop CSS file and adjust one form size. Change a Prestashop CSS file. Change a prestashop module and other Change a Prestashop Store from Multistore to Single Store change a program Change a psd design page & bring it to life. Change a psd design to complete wordpress theme and website. Change a PSD File to CSS/XHTML Change a PSD layout and a HTML change a purchased bootstrap landing page template to suit brand
change a rar file into a zip file or pdf Change a ready form to a jQuery Multi-Step Form Change a Report: Report is Completed, just need to make it different so there is 2 reports completely different but with same information. Change a revolution slider change a Roku Bright Script project from poster screen to grid screen Change a sandbox paypal testing site to our real paypal store change a script Change A Scripts Template Change a section on an existing one page website. Change a sentence in Flash Change a set of landing pages Change a shopify "add to cart" button into a "Buy Now" redirect button. Change a short string of php code. (WORDPRESS CUSTOMIZATION) Change a sidebar menu to a top menu, and making another menu a carrousel Change a simple JSP script (ahref, for loop, try catch etc) Change a simple mysql php script
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