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C++ Crypter which protects a binary from any anti-virus-software, incl. automated stub updates - repost - C++ data structure binary tree project due 11/19 C++ data structure binary tree project due 11/19 - ongoing work - C++ Data Structures Timed Exam C++ Data Structures Timed Exam (2) - C++ decode a message (University level) C++ decompile - C++ Developer C++ Developer - C++ DEVELOPER FOR AAF SDK WORK - repost C++ developer for ConfirmIt (tm). A conversion from XML to engine language. - C++ developer required C++ developer required - C++ development C++ development (Linux) - C++ Disk Tool to read/write sectors C++ distributed Requests app, api based - C++ DLL to VB.NET DLL C++ dll update - C++ easy coding C++ Easy Coding Project !! URGENT !! - C++ Error Fix C++ error fixed - C++ Expert C++ Expert - C++ EXPERT MYSQL,LINUX, UNIX c++ expert need - C++ Expert required for a small project C++ Expert required for small fix - c++ explain c++ explanation - C++ File Structures (Student Registration Project) C++ File System - C++ for GUI and desktop widget C++ for image processing - C++ Function that Converts A Search String into an SQL Query C++ function that converts from EUC-JP to Unicode - C++ Game Class C++ game code - C++ game using premade engine C++ Game!! - C++ Grading C++ Grading - repost - C++ GUI Debugger for Linux C++ GUI Design - C++ hash table program C++ Hash Table Project - C++ help needed C++ help needed - C++ Homework C++ Homework - C++ homework assignment C++ Homework Assignment!!!! - C++ homework project C++ homework project - c++ hw, and 2-3 question at specific time C++ HW. 3 Small programs. - c++ in Linux C++ in Visual Studio Assignment (2088) - C++ IP Socket Project -- 2 C++ iPhone Music App Modifications, Related Desktop App - C++ knowledgeable developer required C++ l MySQL Project - c++ lib to read soap web service C++ Libcurl - c++ linked list implemantation to a project C++ Linked List Problem - C++ Local Proxy/LSP run javascript in browser (SSL support) C++ Localization Framework - C++ Mathematical expressions and Algorithms C++ mathematics - C++ MFC OCX sample C++ MFC Problem with FONTS - C++ modify existing app. sfx stub C++ Modify Existing Trading Program - C++ MySQL development C++ mytable - c++ Nsis installer c++ NT service based software - C++ online project - Repost C++ online project - Repost - c++ opencv wink selfie project C++ opengl - C++ operator overloading, recursion project C++ Optimization of Convolution using NEON and ASM - C++ OR PHP C++ or python for Maya plug-in - C++ Pc analysis C++ PC Client for watching Pictures and Videos - C++ pointers - open to bidding C++ pointers program [DOES NOT NEED TO BE 100% COMPLETED, AS LONG AS BEFORE THE SPECIFIED DEADLINE] - c++ Problem 1 c++ problem 2 - C++ Program C++ Program - C++ Program C++ Program - C++ program C++ program - c++ program c++ program - C++ Program - MS DOS Console C++ Program - open to bidding - C++ program design C++ program design and program - C++ program game C++ Program Help - C++ program on searching and trees in 24 hours C++ program on searching and trees to be done in 24 hours - C++ program that takes in 3 data members using the sizeof function C++ Program that uses 2 dimensional array! - C++ program to read two input files and product a report in third file C++ program to simulate 3 dices with using class - C++ program, web page reading C++ Program. - c++ programing C++ programing - ongoing work - C++ Programmer C++ Programmer - c++ programmer + security expert C++ Programmer - Reading Memory From 3rd Party App. (.dll project) - C++ Programmer needed for 30 Minutes easy $10 + more projects C++ PROGRAMMER NEEDED FOR A CONTEST STARTING IN 1 HOUR - C++ Programmer required for Doing Small Programming Project Urgently ! C++ Programmer required for Doing Small Programming Project Urgently ! - C++ Programming C++ Programming - C++ Programming C++ Programming - C++ programming C++ programming - c++ programming c++ programming - C++ programming C++ programming - open to bidding - C++ programming and algorithm. - open to bidding C++ programming and correcting errors - C++ programming course C++ Programming Data Structures - C++ Programming help - ongoing work C++ programming help needed. - C++ programming Project C++ Programming Project - open to bidding - c++ programming to implement an algorithm C++ programming to track object - c++ programming, 3d printing related C++ programming, Data structure - C++ programs written
C++ ProgramSendkeys Windows (2 hour turnaround) - C++ Project C++ Project - C++ Project C++ Project - C++ project C++ project - C++ project C++ project - C++ project C++ project - c++ project c++ project - C++ project C++ project - C++ Project + Binary Search Trees C++ project +URGENT+ - C++ Project 13 C++ Project 14 - C++ Project Commenting ONLY. C++ Project Completion - C++ project help C++ project help - C++ project program C++ Project programing - C++ Project upgrade issue from Visual Studio 2013 to 2015 C++ Project URGENT Basic Level programming - c++ project(repost) C++ project, back up - C++ Project_5 C++ Project_6 - C++ Pseudocode C++ Psuedocode - C++ Question C++ question - C++ Rational Class Project (header, cpp definition, cpp driver) C++ Rational numbers class - c++ related to (kinect) urgent c++ relatively simple classes task - c++ RSA algorithm C++ RTMFP Client - C++ screen capture windows C++ Screen Capture MP4 - C++ Senior Software Engineer Required C++ Sentence Parsing - C++ Simple Browser C++ Simple Calculator - C++ simple programs C++ simple programs - C++ Single, Complete, Average linkage C++ Skin customiztion using ''Skincrafter'' - C++ Small Project - C++ course tutoring C++ small project -- 2 - C++ Software Developer C++ Software Developer for Browser project - C++ Sorting Project Required done ASAP ! C++ Sorting with Graph - Able to calculate Page Ranks using Graph - C++ spell checker using hash tables C++ Splash Screen program - C++ STL Stacks Program (Postfix) - repost c++ STL, datastructures, algorithms work for srudents - c++ task C++ Task Help - c++ task need to answer points C++ Task need to be fixed - C++ teacher that is fluent English with Windows or Linux api understanding -- 2 C++ teacher with fluent english skills - first project: K-MEANS algo - 5usd per hour - C++ text file streams and file stream operators C++ text mode program - C++ to C# C++ to C# - C++ to Matlab C++ to Matlab Conversion - C++ trading strategy, Teach me C++ Trainer - C++ Tutor needed c++ tutor needed - C++ University Assessment C++ University Assignment - c++ using observer pattern C++ using OpenGL & GLUT QUIZ NEXT four hours - C++ Video downloader Software C++ Video Player (based on Qt5 & ImageMagick++) - C++ web scraping project, potential for long-term repeat projects for right developer c++ web server in unix - C++ windows 2008 secrity code developmeny C++ Windows 8 Desktop App Slot Machine - C++ WindowsCE 5 USB CDC Host Driver C++ WinHTTP Dll to be used in C# - c++ work under visual studio C++ work urgent asap - c++ writing tree project C++ Writing Tutorial - C++, Apache Thrift, Symfony C++, APL, Fortran....Check it out! - C++, Linked Lists, Trees, Algos - repost C++, linux - C++,browser level apps, VoIP/SIP,ISP operations, c++,c programming - C++/ASM Crypter ( VB6 Builder ) C++/ASM Crypter ( VB6 Builder ) - Repost - C++/C# Utility C++/C# wrapper for Unity iOS app - C++/Java Programmer C++/Java Project - C++/PHP Senior Programmer for php work c++/python programing - C++/Visual Basic Programmer Needed! C++/Visual C Developer Required - C++_231015 C++_24 March - C++programming expert required c++project - C, C++, Java, Python, Perl Analyzer C, C++, Mediastreamer2, FFMEG - C,linux C- Compiler project - c-g project modification for Radu only C-Genius Computer Repair - C-program on a microchip controller C-program on a microchip controller -- 2 - C-Sharp Programmer C-sharp programmer needed - c.a.p.t,c,h,a,.............................................. c.a.p.t.c.h.a. team needed - C.L PVA needed C.L Specialist in Posting Ads - c.op.y of an ecommerce web site need c.op.y of an ecommerce website - C/ C++ programmer required for Mac OS !! C/ C++ programmer required for Mac OS !!(repost) - C/C++ Additions to the class C/C++ affiliate stats software (client/server) - c/c++ code which acts as handsfree bluetooth profile c/c++ coder for h.264 streaming application fixtures - C/C++ development with Low Latency and High performance. Will pay top $ to the right candidate with experience C/C++ Dll called from VB app - C/C++ Libraries -- 2 C/C++ library for reading/writing AAF and OMF files - C/C++ Port to C# (Image Processing application) C/C++ Port to C# (Image Processing application)(repost) - C/C++ Programmer with STM32f4 experience - repost C/C++ Programmers Need - C/C++ School Work c/c++ shared library (.so) for android to call using JNI - C/C++ to Delphi translation(repost)