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convert and debug Iphone app from IOS4 to IOS6 in xcode 4.5 Convert and design hand drawn slides Convert and Design My PSD Mockup Pages Convert and Design PSD Template to HTML Convert and design PSD template to HTML Convert and Develope a Template to a Website Convert and display BASE64 (MIME format) files convert and display music notes in flash Convert and Display of uploaded files in OSC CRE LOADED Convert and edit 3D model to make suitable for 3D printing Convert and Edit a .swf file to .fla Convert and Edit Home Video Convert and embed mp4 video for cross-browser compatibility and re-arrange HTML5 page to accomodate the video Convert and enchance an existing website Convert and enhance a mobile application to graphical mode on Android and iPhone Convert and enhance MS-Excel App to PHP-MySQL convert and excel file into small program Convert and excel work sheet in to a web based application
Convert and existing Android Game to X-Code for iPhone iTab Convert and Existing Joomla Template to RTL Convert and existing messaging template Convert and existing Wordpress website to be Mobile Responsive Convert and filter a Json-file to WXR or CSV. Convert and fix a Website Convert and format from MS Publisher to MS Word Convert and format incoming CSV file to formatted export CSV file. Convert and format XLS convert and forward file Convert and Illustrator Web Design to Wordpress Convert and Image to Bootstrap Html convert and implement wordpress theme into hebrew site convert and import 2 3ds models into udk Convert and Import CSV Product file and Images to Volusion Shopping Cart Convert and Improve current Flash based site to Wordpress convert and improve logo