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Create & Write Wikipedia Page - Create ''huver'' Ad for current website and link to video and pitch letter create ''levels'' for a video game (must have Android device) - no coding! - Create 'sales' homepage within existing wordpress template website Create 'service' option in orders in magento - Create (Clone) A Websites Functionalities create (clone) HTML3 and CSS3 layout - Create + Desgin a Wedding Story Montage Video Create + Develop iPhone App - Create Email addresses Create .CSS template for invoicing - Create .epub Ebook from Tamil books create .exe file - Create .jpg Signature for My Email Create .JS parser - Create .net user control dll component for delphi application(repost) Create .NET VB Script that instantly adds 10.000 ips to an IPSec filterlist in Windows 7 - Create .XML pages for RSS feeds Create / Adapt A Provisioning Portal on FREESIDE BSD - Create / Design an Adult Wordpress Theme (With Logo) Create / design an e-book cover - Create / Manage a PPC campaign. Long term work. Create / Manage Affiliate Website That Produces $300 Profit Per Month - Create / Rip three Wordpress themes Create / setup / style a blog for my company - blog platform as you think is best - Create 1 Dreamweaver Template Based On A WordPress Theme (car related) Create 1 Dreamweaver Template Based On A WordPress Theme (wedding related) - Create 1 HTML page - "Product Details" - for my site Create 1 html page - Profile page - according to given examples - Create 1 minute 2D Animated Explainer intro Videos to demo a website create 1 minute 30 seconds video for my website - Create 1 page Fillable PDF (that people can fill in) Create 1 page flash site from provided flash template - CREATE 1 PAGE WEBSITE ONLY HTML5 AND CSS Create 1 Page Website Template HTML - Create 1 twitter page template Create 1 Unique, Heavily Spintax Article (Sentence, Paragraph Spintaxing) - Create 1,000 Q&As to maintain health of people discharged from hositals Create 1,000 Q&As to maintain health of people discharged from hositals - Create 10 "Top Ten" videos c Create 10 (Ten) Business Plan Templates with matching Excel 3 year Financials. Bid for all 10 templates with financials. - Create 10 banners of identical format with company logos on each - repost Create 10 banners with 5 matching images. - Create 10 finance related articles Create 10 flower icons - Create 10 large button type ads Create 10 Lead Generation Landing Pages - Create 10 Pixelpipe, 10 Onlywire and 10 PingFm accounts Create 10 Popup Designs - Create 10 simple cartoon people with various accessories to represent their jobs Create 10 simple cartoon people with various accessories to represent their jobs - Create 10 Units in PowerPoint and Video Create 10 variants of an existing word-mark logo - Create 10,000 Verified Backlinks Create 10-15 second Animation for a Logo - Create 100 Cut and Paste Web Pages Create 100 different 3d models - Create 100 funny sketches/illustrations Create 100 galleries and submit using Chameleon Submitter - Create 100 Links to Celebrity Birthday site Create 100 Links to Jennifer Lopez Birthday site - Create 100 Real Instagram Accounts CREATE 100 REAL, HIGH-QUALITY VIDEOS FOR LEARNING ENGLISH WITH REAL PEOPLE - Create 100 Unique Author Resource Boxes Create 100 unique images for articles - Create 100 Yahoo! Email, 100 Gmail, 100 MSN Email Accounts Create 100 Yahoo! Email, 100 Gmail, 100 MSN Email Accounts - Repost - CREATE 1000 email adress PER DAY create 1000 email id of yahoo or google for seo purpose - Create 1000 simple post on wordpress Create 1000 social bookmarking PR 10-Pr 4 for my website - Create 11 cartoons and 4 graphs for a book create 11 flow chart and add them into a table in word document - Create 12 banners - static with different size- we give images and text Create 12 banners of existing logos - Create 120 'ticker' cute ticker bars create 120 basic web site banners (200 x 350 px jpg) - create 13 web 2.0 pages. Create 13, distinct url, EITHER blog websites AND/OR static info sites with picture/text/video about the keyword, and place affilate ads and banners - repost 2 - Create 15 coding interview question in 5 hours create 15 decals - Create 15 Static Promotional Web Banners (.jpg) Create 15 still-frame illustrations to accompany a video - create 150 user accounts with pictures and profile Create 150 Video scenes/ animations - create 17 Die Cut Ai Files with ready graphic create 17 Die Cut Ai Files with ready graphics in 1 day - create 1K twitter accounts Create 1kg of Pure Ostarine aka Endobasarm - CREATE 2 ADSENSE WEBSITE THAT EARN $10 TO $20 A DAY CREATE 2 ADSENSE SITES AND MAKE MY SITE GENERATE INCOME - Create 2 background themes for a game CREATE 2 BANNER - Create 2 characters Create 2 characters - ongoing work - Create 2 customized Joomla 3.1 Oculus Template websites including virtuemart. - repost 2 Create 2 data graph - Ipython/python canopy - Create 2 FaceBook Groups/Get 20,000 Fans Create 2 Facebook pages & get 200 fans/likes for each one - Create 2 fully functional webforms on my Thrive themes WP website Create 2 generative art shape - create 2 HTML/PHP pages, capture user input and display results based on an XML file Create 2 Html5 animations fastly and cheaply - Create 2 Joomla! registration forms with extra new fields Create 2 JPEG images - header and footer - create 2 logos create 2 logos - Create 2 mobile app with pages for google play/app store and internet sites Create 2 mobile IOS, ANDROID, gps tracking applications and a results publishing web - Create 2 Opt in Web Forms from .PSD Create 2 or 3 business graphics for a report and corresponding powerpoint - Create 2 pages with DIV/CSS/XHTML Create 2 pages with DIV/CSS/XHTML(repost) - Create 2 Print and Packaging Designs - Yoga Towel & Yoga HAND Towel Create 2 processes: one parses file and inserts records into a db, the other parses one db and inserts records into the other - Create 2 short 30 second promotional videos for a website Create 2 short animation videos - Create 2 simple new hooks to put on my functions.php Create 2 simple pages for TickBucks - Create 2 static pages for website Create 2 static small web pages - Create 2 Videos Create 2 videos (one with spoken audio) - Create 2 webpages to enter/change data in a mySQL database create 2 webpages to match template monster template - Create 2 WordPress Blogs Create 2 Wordpress Buddy Press sites - Create 2 x editable PDF's Create 2 x EDM responsive templates from existing code - Create 2-5 seconds of simple video intro Create 2-5 seconds of video intro - Create 20 birthday greeting card messages Create 20 Blogs On Blogger,com - Create 20 gmail accounts and register each account on 25 social media sites Create 20 personas with real names and emails - Create 20 product listings for online woocommerce online store. Create 20 product reviews for website - Australian Buisness! - Create 20 Videos for YouTube - Repost - open to bidding Create 20 videos from 20 podcast episodes ready for upload to YouTube - Create 200 Email Accounts Create 200 email accounts on a Free EMail service (gmail, hotmail,, etc) - create 200 youtube accounts create 200 youtube accounts - Create 210 images - copy, crop, re-size - simple project - repost Create 211 map tile png's where each tile displays a dot on the center point of a major US city (list of cities is provided) - Create 25 email accounts and 25 Facebook accounts
Create 25 Email addresses (URGENT : needed in less than 4 hours) - Create 250 Pr3+ Approved Comment Backlinks for my Site Create 250 simple and 250 jpeg craigslist ads - Create 2D Angry Birds style game in Unity Create 2D Animated Character for Android Game. - Create 2D animation, 5 - 10 seconds Create 2d animations (Backgrounds and animations characters, no need music, nor scripts) - Create 2d explainer Animation video Create 2d explainer cartoon animation plus logo transition (intro) - Create 2D webgame (with graphics) in Unity according to a detailed script in English Create 2D-3D HD Whiteboard Animation With Background Music and English Female Voice Over - Create 3 Ad Posters Create 3 Additional Magento Stores - Create 3 banners (2 animated, 1 static) create 3 banners (just imagea) - Create 3 cron jobs on a CentOS 7 server Create 3 CSS scrolling animation from material design guidelines - Create 3 Eye Catching Email Newsletters Create 3 facebook Ads for my App - Create 3 high quality levels for a Unity3D Adventure Game Create 3 High Quality Photorealistic Renderings from Sketchup and Provided Information - Create 3 Kickass Childthemes for Wordpress Create 3 Kickass Childthemes for Wordpress - create 3 minutes Youtube video for a new job consultancy Create 3 Mobile Pages that work offline - Create 3 page flier for small marketing project Create 3 Page Joomla website - Create 3 Product Demo videos create 3 product design in Tekla - Create 3 short Videos, which will be a guide for customers to find our branches from nearest train station Create 3 similar flash website - Create 3 Storylines Create 3 survey forms using a CRUD plug-in for Code Igniter. - Create 3 videos ready for youtube Create 3 Videos. Real life acting - Create 3 WordPress templates Create 3 WordPress templates - Create 3-5 page brochure for Real Estate + Mortgage presentation Create 3-5 professionally designed static html pages for - Create 30 Facebook posts Create 30 FAQ's - create 30 sec movie to show before after of losing wieght Create 30 sec Video for Website Launch - Create 30 web2.0 profiles with links and optimised page titles (list included) Create 30 WordPress themes for Our Existing Theme Business - Create 300 member profiles for escort website Create 300 page book - InDesign Project - create 301 redirect list Create 301 redirects - Create 35 MS Word templates Create 35 online calculators from an existing .html file - Create 3D Animated Size Estimator Software for Joomla Website Create 3D Animated Video - Create 3D Animation video Create 3D Animation video -- 2 - Create 3D Animations for an Avatar (example provided) Create 3D animations, with Men and Women models, and tools - Create 3D Building Internals from Rough Floor Plan Create 3D Buildings for Game - Create 3D cube with the letters EQ and make a video of it. Create 3D Cubes - CSS PHP - create 3d file from 2d pic create 3d file from picture - Create 3D graphic of e-book cover Create 3D Graphics - Create 3D iOS Game Create 3D iOS Games - Create 3d Model Create 3d model - Create 3D model from Photos Create 3D model from photos - Create 3D model of Dental Unit based on 2D CAD, some 3D and pictures -- 2 create 3d model of detailed 2d apartment floor plan - create 3d model of tessellated beg create 3d model of the car with texture. - Create 3D Models for 3D printing Create 3D Models for in game assets - Create 3D movie clip from .MOV footage (20 seconds) Create 3D object in a geometric/ poly style + flat file with instruction for reproduction out of steel - Create 3D render 1 row light Create 3D render for a front elevation of a home - Create 3D Secure system Create 3d Silver version of company name - Create 3D vector images animals (cheap) alike in example Create 3D version of our logo - Create 3ds Max objects for Morning Coat Create 3ds Max objects for wedding products - Create 4 articles two Create 4 Autoresponder emails around sexual performance - create 4 easy wordpress shortcodes Create 4 Elemental Symbols Using my Logo - Create 4 Icons Create 4 Icons and 1 Favicon - Create 4 Material Design Based iOS and Android Applications Create 4 Min Cartoon - Create 4 pages using bootstrap. Create 4 PDF Application Forms - Create 4 simple banners for slideshow Create 4 simple CMS sites - CREATe 4 VPS +config proxmox fulL+add ip Create 4 web backlinks - Create 40 '16th birthday' greeting card messages Create 40 '1st birthday' greeting card messages - create 40 moods stamp of my image character2 Create 40 moods stamp of my image character3 - Create 40+ Profile Create 40+ Profile(repost) - Create 45 LiveID accounts on Create 45 original homemade protein shake recipes - Create 5 Adword Ads in Chinese Create 5 Affiliate Marketing Websites Including Logo Design & Google Submission - Create 5 Color Charts Create 5 company pages - create 5 forms using contact7 plugin in wordpress Create 5 funnel pages on website, code in pages to Open Cart - Create 5 Images - ongoing work Create 5 images - the same with variation - Quick Work - Create 5 newsletters Create 5 newsletters - Create 5 Photorealistic Renderings - 2 Exterior, 3 Interior Views -- 2 Create 5 photos from other photos- High Quality - Create 5 short 0,5s - 3s transition animations between videos with a logo Create 5 short animation videos - create 5 squido and 5 hub pages Create 5 Squidoo Pages - create 5 web banners Create 5 web banners ads from concept design in Flash & animated GIF - Create 5-10 Second Video For Me (After Effects) Create 5-10 second Video Intro - Create 50 characters illustrations Create 50 citations in directories. - Create 50 Gmail Accounts -- 2 Create 50 gmail accounts. - Create 50 Phone verified Craigslist account Create 50 posts for new store - Create 50 Wap Portals/month Create 50 website 50pages - Create 500 email accounts Create 500 email accounts and create 500 iTunes Switzerland accounts - Create 500 steemit-accounts for me Create 500 Threads/ Replies on a new MMA Forum - Create 55 PR1+ Guest Post Links (We would provide content) Create 55 PR1+ Guest posts - Create 6 different A2 posters. Create 6 Different Sports Arbitrage Videos (with Voice-Over) - Create 6 Infographic Images