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Create 10 simple one-page templates for a website Create 10 simple website layouts/templates. Create 10 simple webstore HTML pages for retail store affiliates Create 10 sites based on one CSS design create 10 sites in Italian Create 10 size variations of logo from existing Photoshop file Create 10 small fun animations for a character on a hoverboard for use with iOS SpriteKit Create 10 small gifs for Years 2002 - 2012 create 10 small hand drawn illustrations of computer icons Create 10 small icons Create 10 small line drawn black & white sketches to be used in a printed brochure Create 10 Social Bookmarking Accounts Create 10 Stem and Leaf Plots for Middle School Create 10 Step by Step Tech Doc integration Articles Create 10 subdomains using my cPanel, then use my auto-site builder software to create a site on each subdomain Create 10 super fun monkey icons Create 10 Templates .SWF 200x200 Create 10 text based graphical prints
Create 10 thought provoking questions to generate kids' interest in Maths -- 2 Create 10 thousand accounts create 10 tier 2 backlinks Create 10 to 15 Second Video Create 10 to 20 DIY Tutorials Create 10 tutorials in crafts using a specific product with photo and/or video support Create 10 Twitter accounts Create 10 Twitter accounts following instructions Create 10 UML Sequence Diagram in MS Visio Create 10 unique german account and german ip for trust site Create 10 Unique Gmail Addresses AND LinkedIn Profiles Create 10 Unique Resume Samples Create 10 Units in PowerPoint and Video Create 10 variants of an existing word-mark logo Create 10 vector designs Create 10 vector portraits of famous persons! Create 10 verified Yelp accounts for me