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Create 12 Designs for a Sticker create 12 eps icons + fontstyle Create 12 html pages based on an existing template Create 12 html pages based on image Create 12 images based on 2 examples Create 12 Mailchimp Autoresponder Messages Create 12 Month Newsletter - Information provided Create 12 More Images Similar To Provided Image Create 12 NEW Icons . don't use template Create 12 new pages for an existing site using HTML/CSS [merit-energy] Create 12 pages in html Create 12 Photo Collages for Calendar - A3 size Create 12 png's 1920*1080 from provided logos. They should all be the same design and text with only the logos changing. Create 12 Posts for use on Facebook & Instagram Create 12 Power Point slides from PDF (layout and editable text boxes for new subject matter) Create 12 print quality illustrations / diagrams Create 12 psd to html Create 12 Pull Up Banners From Templates. All Content Provided.
Create 12 Simple Explainer Videos on Classical Music Create 12 simple illustrations depicting actions people do to stop drinking. Create 12 Simple Videos from provided Powerpoints Create 12 Site Templates - Verticals Create 12 types of Banner Ads - Urgently Create 12 unique characters for our Apps Create 12 vector images from scratch Create 12 Videos headers for my website Create 12 Web Galleries Create 12 WhiteBoard Animations CREATE 12 YOUTUBE VIDEOS create 12,000 ebay listings Create 120 Linux LP1 questions Create 120 'ticker' cute ticker bars create 120 basic web site banners (200 x 350 px jpg) Create 120 Book Summaries in PowerPoint create 120 email accounts from a spreadsheet