Projects Directory : Create 40-second animation from HTML/CSS - create a captive portal from new subway restaurant website( am a subway franchisee.

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Create 40-second animation from HTML/CSS - Create 45 second animated explainer video. Create 45 Second Explainer Video For Our Company - Create 5 Animated GIF Emoticons Create 5 Animated Illustration Videos - Create 5 Custom business images from professional photos and text Create 5 custom html pages for online store - create 5 gorgeous vector patterns create 5 gorgeous vector patterns - repost - Create 5 images to be used in Facebook ads campaign Create 5 images to go in corporate gallery - Text over Picutres - CREATE 5 One Page Site Create 5 Online Portfolio HTML Templates - Create 5 Photoshop Pages Create 5 PHP pages - Create 5 SHORT gif animations for web - 3-5 seconds each Create 5 short Videos - Create 5 Squidoo pages a week, 1 day using our content Create 5 Squidoo pages a week, 1 day using our content(repost) - Create 5 web banners ads from concept design in Flash & animated GIF Create 5 web pages - Create 5-10 Second Video For Me (After Effects) Create 5-10 second Video Intro - Create 50 characters illustrations Create 50 citations in directories. - Create 50 Gmail Accounts -- 2 Create 50 gmail accounts. - Create 50 Phone verified Craigslist account Create 50 posts for new store - Create 50 Wap Portals/month Create 50 website 50pages - Create 500 email accounts Create 500 email accounts and create 500 iTunes Switzerland accounts - Create 500 Social Networking Profiles. Create 500 steemit-accounts for me - Create 54 HTML files containing different song lyrics, from a given list Create 55 PR1+ Guest Post Links (We would provide content) - Create 6 designed Facebook pages with custom forms Create 6 different A2 posters. - Create 6 maximum 60 seconds whiteboard Video Create 6 movies for our youtube channel. animotto style or stupeflix or other.... - Create 6 snapchat geofilters Create 6 Solidworks parts, from dxf cross section - Create 60 Forum Profiles + Make 1 Signature Post Each create 60 icons for me - Create 600 member profiles for an online website and collect data Create 600 pictures from 12x12x5 different pictures - Create 7 Graphical Banners For Affiliates Create 7 HQ Landing Pages for my Air Conditioning Company - Create 75 accounts on 15 websites (web 2.0s). NEED FAST JOB, DONE IN 2 HOURS. Create 75 articles for blog network - Create 8 mortgage calculators to be used on my wordpress website Create 8 mortgage calculators to be used on my wordpress website -- 2 - Create 80 high page rank backlinks using provided packets Create 80 High PR Backlinks Using Provided Packets - Create 9 Custom Fonts Create 9 Flash Pop Up Windows - Create 900 accounts for my small business Create 900 forum profile - Create a 4 - 5 min loop video from Lighting product catalog. Create a 4 page brochure for investors - CREATE A FANTASY ART WORK IN VECTOR CREATE A FAST SEARCH ENGINE + WEB-BASED GUI - Create a parcelable ArrayList that will work in my android application Create a PDF Brochure - create a runescape private server Create A Scraper - Create a Webseite Create a website - Create a "coming soon" video for my sleepwear fashion and write a description for it Create A "Contest Page" in OptimizePress - Create a "page curl" effect for a Facebook cover photo. Create a "Personal Team Page" on our website - Create a "trouble shooting" ticket Create a "Under Construction" message for a homepage - Create a 'fan page' for me in Facebook (for business) Create a 'freemium' iPhone app for royalty share - Create a .CAD and .PDF for my dress sock prototyp Create a .cgi File which runs html code - Create a .Net Shell Extension - Shell Thumbnail Handlers - STL viewer Create a .Net Web Application for a Case Management System - Create a 0Days exploit -- 7 Create a 1 (ONE) Page Website that Consists of Software Which Allows a Client to Design a Corporate Seal - Create a 1 minute ad for a website Create a 1 minute and 30 second whiteboard explainer video - create a 1 page add-in for my Joomla site Create a 1 Page Bootstrap Template of an Existing Website - Create a 1 to 2 minute animation video (2D) Create a 1 to 2 minutes long animated advertisement for my website - Create a 10 minute voice over demo Create a 10 minutes cartoon - Create a 10 second video of Your own (dialogues given) Create a 10 seconds Animation - Create a 120 articles /500 words article Create a 13 page Drupal website, I will provide the content as to word and images and I have purchased the Drupal theme - Create a 15 second Product Video / Infomercial for Google Video / Youtube Create a 15 second video - Create a 1min after effect animation Create a 1min intro video for a mobile app - Create a 2 minute Animated Video For Our Website Create a 2 minute animated video of my website... - Create a 2 Page Website to include Audio, and Video. Create a 2 page Wordpress site, similar to this example - Create a 2-minute Animation for a Canadian non-profit Create a 2-minute explainer animation video for peacemaking website - Create a 25 second video with Logo's changing Create a 25-30 second Video - Create a 2D Animation Create a 2D animation - Create a 2D Animation of 2 minutes Create a 2D Animation of 30-40 seconds - Create a 2d Character Animated Video Create a 2d character animation for an Android game - Create a 2d multiplayer online shooting game (Android) Create a 2D pencil drawing Animation style - Create a 3 column Shopify Template Create a 3 D animated video - create a 3 page aesthetic static website Create a 3 page app with Facebook signup and storing the emails on the server - Create a 3-minute 3D animation video to promote a software Create a 3-minute animation. - Create a 30 second intro 3D video Create a 30 second Maya Animation - Create a 30-45 second video Animation from an image -2 - Repost Create a 30-45 second video Animation from an image -2 - Repost - open to bidding - Create a 360 video of a bag create a 360 video stitching template - Create a 3D animated video out of a CAD file + some design work Create a 3D Animation - Create a 3D Animation Mayonnaise Box Create a 3D animation movie of the area development plan (masterplan) of an airport. - Create a 3D booth rendering image create a 3D brochure from 2D plans - Create a 3D design out of a sketch Create a 3D desktop game based on a flash one - Create a 3D illustration and drawing for a kitchen shelf Create a 3d image - Create a 3D Medical Presentation using 3D Studio Max & V-Ray Create a 3d mesh of this piece of furniture - Create a 3D model from a blueprint or a amateur photo and render it nicely Create a 3D model from a building plan - Create a 3D Model of a Packing Box (That Looks Real) Create a 3D model of a phrase to be printed on a 3D printer - Create a 3D Modelling Create a 3D modelling and animation - Create a 3d render Animation of airport Create a 3D render for an event - Create a 3d STL file from 2d DWG file.
Create a 3D STL to print a complicated badge / Jewellery. Less than £50 Budget! - Create a 3D Video -- 2 Create a 3d video -- 2 - Create a 3min video Create a 3rd Partition on Raspberi Pi 8GB SD Card running openWRT - Create a 40-50 second animated video Create a 404 error page for my electronic cigarette website and upload it to my 3dcart - Create a 5 minute, promotional video. Create a 5 minutes Cartoon Type Animated Video - Create a 5-10 second animation in Maya Create a 5-10 second Intro Animation for Beat making video - create a 6 page wordpress site Create a 6 page Wordpress Template - Create a 60 seconds Video Animation Create a 60 storey Hexagrid Building (Revit Architectural and Structural) - Create a 750word article in anxiety niche (urgent) Create a 78 cards Tarot Deck - Create a 90 seconds Video including Voice Over by 10th January (Only apply if you can deliver by deadline) - Max budget is INR - 27000 Create a 90 seconds Youtube Video Commercial - Create a a small custom nested Visual Composer element Create a A3 Map and provide file - create a admin panel Create a Admin Panel CMS - Create a adsense website that will be generating income of 20- 25$ per day Create a adsense website that will be generating income of 20- 25+$ per day - Create a After Effects Intro Create a after effects intro with smoke effects. - create a Amazon affiliated website - open to bidding Create a Amazon File Uploading Website - create a android app create a android app - Create a android web crawler Create a ANDROID/IOS app - Create a animated logo Create a Animated Marketing Video - Create a animated video Create a Animated Video - Company and Services Intro Video - Create a Animation explainer Video Create a Animation for a Freight company - Create a Animation. Create a another simple iPhone app icon set - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app like whatsapp - repost create a app like whatsapp - Repost - open to bidding - create a app like whatsapp Create a app network for friends - Create a apture type replacement that works on the web Create a Aqua Log website - Create a attractive CSS for my website Create a auction game website - Create a awesome blog Create a awesome music app - Create a Backend script for URL Shortener Create a backend service in .NET to process Stripe payments - Create A Backlink Indexer Script I have visual for you Create a backlink verification tool - Create a Banner Create a Banner - create a banner + logo create a banner - mockup needed before i award the project - Create a Banner for Law Firm - ongoing work Create a banner for me - create a banner, very simple Create a banner/"ribbon" watermark - Create a basic animated GIF for a blog header Create a basic animated GIF, based off my story! :) - Create a basic facebook type social website Create a basic fashion website from template - urgent - Create a Basic Mobile Website from Template Create a basic Nintex workflow template for a logic - Create a basic video slideshow in Adobe AfterEffects Create a basic Video/Animated presentation - Create a batch file Create a batch file / script to map a shared drive to enable sharing of videos - Create a Beautiful blog Create a beautiful catalog from the products i provide. - create a beauty recipe app Create a Beauty Salon Wordpress Website and SEO - Create a betting script for wordpress create a betting software - Create a Big Cartel Page for a Craft Studio Create a Big Data Project in PPT - Create a Bitcoin application that sends fake transactions to the Chain. Create a Bitcoin application that sends fake transactions to the Chain. - Create a black & white restaurant menu to be used as an image in an Ebook. Create a black and white Animation - Create a blog Create a blog - Create a Blog and Maintain Create a blog and maintain it on regular basis as and when needed - Create a blog in my site create a blog in word press and want to create an attractive, user friendly dynamic website for my business - Create a Blog Post Forum Create a blog post from three youtube videos - Create a Blog With Adsense Revenue Create a blog with and add 50 posts - Create a Blog Create a Blogging site - Create A Book Cover Create a Book Cover - Create a booking plugin for Wordpress Create a booking site - Create a bootstrap Create a Bootstrap 3 template based on existing layout - Create a Bootstrap Theme for an Existing Website create a bootstrap theme for fengoffice - Create a bot for facebook Create a Bot for Game - Create a Bot to Copy data from Ebay and past on another auctions website Create a bot to do soundcloud plays and downloads - Create a box design for a product Create a box design for our product - Create a brand identity Create a Brand Identity - Create a brand name for nail salon Create a brand name for our products - Create a Branding Video Create a brandname for our Facebook Application - Create a brochure - flyer with events and news and offer for a baby shop Create a brochure / catalogue for a family winery - Create a browser based Android App Create A Browser Based Bot - Create a Budget Create a budget - Create a bunch of random CSS styles (Buttons, hover effects, navigation bars, forms, lists, etc) Create a bunch of rough clip-art and icons - create a business card - open to bidding create a business card --- - Create A Business Funding Landing Page Create a business game/simulation for my research - Create a Business Pinterest and Shopify pages for 4 items Create a Business Plan - Create A Business Slogan Create a Business Template - create a button on a existing website Create a button on my shopify product page that links back to the catalog - Create a C# .net application to connect to Google Drive and Dropbox Create a C# .net application with embedded PDF form - Create a C#.Net class to share a folder Create a C#.NET plupload POST request to upload the file. REST interface, Plupload need to be used. - create a CAD drawing of a custom park bench support. Create a CAD drawing of an event setup - Create a calendar app on Macbook Create a calendar app on Macbook -- 2 - create a candle labels template for me create a candy sale logo - create a captive portal from new subway restaurant website( am a subway franchisee.