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Create a sample project with frisby.js or protractor and jasmine to test API's. - Create a Scaled graphic for a print to scale Image Create a scam html copied from my website - Create a Scope of Work Document with Flow Chart Create a score sheet - Create a scrapper Create a scrapper scrape all businesses from - Create a screen scraping app that retrieves download information from an Android Market Place Publishers Account Create a screen sharing software/website. - Create a Script based on times & days create a script captcha bypass by cURL - Create a script for providing Instagram Followers/Likes - repost Create a script for providing Instagram Followers/Likes - repost 2 - Create a script or database to find owner of phone numbers by number Create a script or excel formula that searches partial keywords from one excel sheet into another - Create a script that outputs current Deal information from Highrise API as CSV Create a script that puts photographs onto these products - Create a script to bulk delete fake followers from a date create a script to capture audio html5 - Create a script to map a field in Zoho - ongoing work create a script to match records from two different tables - Create a script to update price and stock levels from xml file Create a Script to update stock from XML - Create a ScriptBox in Visual Basic 6 Create a scroll class for a radio button field on gravity forms - Create A Search Engine Create a Search Engine - Create a Search page for my wordpress website Create a search page where users can find their representative based on geographic location - Create a second VPN from a cisco 1921 to a Watchguard XTM 25 Create a second Wordpress Website - Create a SELF DEVELOPMENT wordpress site Reocurring Payments Create a self extracting installation file - Create a SEO Optimize website Create a SEO Report as per Brief - repost - Create a series of e-book covers Create a series of e-book covers - Create a Series of Videos on Indian Cooking (please quote per video) Create a series of web. videos in New Jersey, United States - Create a Service Status script, that ties into our design Create a Service to write to MySQL Database from WP8 - Create a Set of Clip Art Create a set of Display Ads for me - create a setup a production enviroment for a a django app Create a Setup File - Create a Sharepoint Document Library Create a Sharepoint list and deploy to Quick Launch bar - Create a shoe database website create a shoe design - Create a Shopify page template NOT a theme Create a Shopify Page- Advent Calendar - create a shopping app CREATE A SHOPPING CART - Create a short Video and animation Create a short "intro" video - Create a short ad based on a purchased template Create a Short Ad Film / Video - Create a Short Animation Create a short Animation - Create a short clip Create a short clip of 2d Animation, about 3sec. - Create a short intro Video Create a Short Intro video 3-5 seconds, templates welcomed. - Create a short storyboard Create a short text based Video into - Create a short video about Freelancer Local Create a short video about Freelancer Local - Russia - Create a short Video of about 1-2 mintues. wiht fixed image/photo and changing texts Create a short Video to promote startup business - Create a SICK logo for my death metal band!!! Create a Side Scrolling game for Iphone and Ipad - Create a signature/logo Create a Signup form exactly like the example + connect mailchimp to newsletter form - Create a similar iPhone game - repost Create a similar kind of video - create a similar to the that website - open to bidding Create a similar tool as in the video - create a similar website - repost Create a similar website and add products - Create a similiar WEBSITE TO SWOOPO AND QUIBIDS create a simillar to this website with diffrenet theme. - Create a simple 1 page website / landingpage according to design Create a simple 1 page website from a screenshot - Create a simple 3D maze using WebGL Create a simple 3D model - Create A Simple Alpha For SaaS Application Create a simple and basic SIP/VOIP Client (repost) - Create a simple Android app template. Create a Simple Android App that Show a Website ..and Integrate with 3 SDK - Create a simple animation Create a simple animation - Create a simple app gallery(magazine style)for iPhone Create a simple app on meteor framework with AngularJS - Create a simple audio routing AU plugin (C++) - repost Create a simple audio track recorder - Create a simple blog application. Create a Simple Blog on PHP, HTML, MySQL no CMS - Create a simple C++ OpenGL and GLUT Program create a Simple C++ program+GUI - create a simple content page in joomla Create a simple contrib module for Drupalgap - Create a simple database Create a simple database - create a simple drop down,leave header there Create a simple dropdown menu for demo purposes - Create a simple excel macro Create a simple Excel macro to go through a list of rows and sum numbers - Create a simple filering back and front for wordpress Create a simple filter and sort with Angular js - CREATE A SIMPLE FORM WITH DROP-DOWN MENU Create a simple form with multiplication and addition function - create a simple GOOD SEO blog Create a simple Google Analytics to be seen from Desktop as a constant updated Feed - create a simple html page Create a simple HTML page - Create A Simple Infographic Create a Simple Installation for Advertising in Windows Desktop - Create a simple IPHONE app to get a few data and sync it back to a cloud server create a simple iPhone app. - create a simple javascript handlebars mustache template Create a simple Javascript MouseOver DIV on the current page - Create a simple letterhead Create a simple lighting control app for iPhone - create a simple logo for a website create a simple logo for a website- - Create a simple messaging application with GPS Location services create a simple messaging mobile app using ionic - Create a simple multiple choice test for our phone staff manual Create a simple multiplication math game for my son - Create a Simple Online Mobile Recharge Application Create a Simple Online Mobile Recharge Application - Create a simple personal website for photo and video Create a simple personality test survey with HTML + JS + Ruby on Rails or other DB - Create a simple PHP to automate creation of email users for postfix and roundcube Create a simple php website - Create a simple poster ------ using my sketch create a simple poster ---------- - create a simple poster------------------ Create a simple power point presentation 2 - create a simple Qt GUI Create a simple quora like question/answer feed with - Create a simple restaurant order system with Visual Basic Create a simple restful api - Create a simple single-screen iPhone app. Create a simple site - Create a simple spreadsheet with website contact details Create a SImple SQLite Database - Create a simple text replacing program for windows Create a simple TEXT to MD5,SHA512,etc. Converter (PHP / HTML) - create a simple UNIX sendmail script
Create a Simple Unix Shell in C - Create a simple voicemail system on Asterisk/A2Billing Create a simple voicemail system on Asterisk/A2Billing - Create a simple web page [ref.164] Create a simple web page builder, Just code, Design is ready.. - Create a Simple Website Create a Simple website - create a simple website based on a psd template create a simple website based on another website for my domain - Create a simple website form filler macro Create a simple website from mockup - Create a simple website with just a button that connects to FlapIT API Create a simple website with product manager - Create a simple wordpress blog Create a simple wordpress blog page - Create a simple wordpress plugin (quickly!) Create a Simple Wordpress Plugin Timesheet - Create a simple wordpress theme design Create a simple wordpress theme from image - Create a simple xsl template from sample data in the DOM provided Create a simple yet elegant graphic logo for myself - CREATE A SIMUALTION IPHONE/IPOD GAME FOR IOS - PROGRAMMING/CODING ONLY NEEDED create a simular script as - Create a single item ecommerce, information & video streaming app/site Create a single item ecommerce, information & video streaming app/site Revision - Create a single page website in .NET CMS, DNN or Kentico Create a single page website of the free Wordpress Online Booking Calendar - Create a single Wordpress page Template Create a single, responsive HTML template based on the responsee framework - Create a site based on existing designs -- START WITHIN 12 HOURS Create a Site Builder for wordpress like - Create a site in Wix (No coding required) Create a site in wordpress - create a site like Create a site like the link below - Create a Site Search create a site similar and simple like - Create a site similar to or Create a Site similar to Zomato - Create a site with flash and animation - open to bidding Create a Site with Google Maps - Create a sketch for approval then 3D image of new duffle bag design - repost Create a sketch for my website - CREATE A SKYPECAST FROM OUR SITE Create a sleek business website - create a slider on android - repost Create a slider on the home page. - Create a slideshow video file with graphic-designed captions Create a slideshow video for an event - Create a small 2 hour Coding Workshop on Python for new learners based on the slides I am sharing here. Create a small 2d animation in Adobe Flash. - create a small code that automatically inserts create a small banner - Create a small desktop application Create a small desktop Application (EXE) - Create a small java program Create a small Javascript animation for a wordpress website - Create a small PHP script Create a small PHP script - Create a small script to verify some info in a external webservice Create a small search engine by crawling multiple sites - Create a Small Web Site Create a small web site for Eco business - Create a small, simple logo nicely-looking at 120x30 pixels Create a small, simple Perl MySQL content management page - Create a Smarty template to be used in the joomla extension "form2content" Create a smashing facebook fanpage - create a soccer player from A to Z (create psd and wordpress) Create a Soccer/Football Flick Free-Kick game prototype - Create a Social Media Likes,Followers etc Website Provider Create a social media login for my website and attach it to a database - JUST LIKE PINTEREST - Create a Social Network App for Iphone and Android Create a social network app for video sharing similar to 'Instagram' and 'Vine' - Create a social networking like a twitter. Create a social networking Mobile application - Create a social website + commerce + social Create a social website using Drupal - Create a software create a software - Create a Software for Automated Posting. Create a software for bookmakers live odds - Create a Software or Interactive Program for USB Sticks and Online. Create a Software phone to work with USB 2.0 56K External Voice Modem - CREATE A SOFTWARE TO DESIGN ON A STL FILE A NEW FILE FOR 3D PRINT Create a software to extract data from PDF files - create a soholaunch template for event's center Create a SOLAR ENERGY VIDEO Must Have a Sample SOLAR ENERGY VIDEO Done before - Create a Song for me in the style of Mika's "Big Girls you are beautiful" Create a song in the style of "Cuban Pete" (from the movie the Mask) - Create a Spanish Version of an English Website Create a Spanish Version of an existing iOS app - Create a specific layout(only 1 page) as described in the image Create a specific news type for Drupal website - Create a Spokesperson video with BRANDED OFFICE background Create a Sponsor Deck for my company - Create a spreadsheet and fill some data Create a Spreadsheet Application - Create a spreadsheet with all the premium membership schemes in the UK Create a spreadsheet with automated functions & conditional formatting - Create a SQL query according to my needs. create a SQL report - Create a StackScrollLayout Create a staff newsletter on service value - Create A StandOut FrontPage Banner/Central Image For Website create a star - create a static text page on my current site Create a static version of 12 pages on different server - create a sticker from a logo create a sticker from a logo --- - Create a store directory plugin for wordpress Create a store for game sale. - Create a storyboard for a mobile application Create a Storyboard for game trailer or create game trailer - Create a structured questionaires in c# with a mysql database as database Create a structured survey in c# with a mysql database - Create a Style & add applications on Wordpress -- 3 Create a Style Drupal Bootstrap theme - Create a Submit form and upload to webhosting company Create a Submit News Option on Wordpress Site - Create a summary of notes made on univeristy articles Create a Summary Sheet from Audio Interview - Create a Survey in Moodle Create a survey in php for me. - create a Symbian C++ class Create a Symbian Call Recorder app - Create a system to list multi variant items onto Etsy Create a system to record 3 fields and display content in homepage - Create a T-Shirt for a Teespring Campaign that will sell 5,000 units Create a t-shirt for use in the opening line of a startup clothing brand! - Create a table on my site that copies data from a database table Create a table on my web site that allows visitors to view/edit - CREATE A Task #1 SIMPLE 30 SEC VIDEO FOR 5" SMART PHONE TO INTRODUCE BUSINESS PLAN Create a task app with reminders - Create a Team Page tool for sports website so users can create join and teams - repost Create a Team Page tool for sports website so users can create join and teams - repost 2 - Create a Telegram Bot that can auto like users Instagram Profiles Create a telephone directory application - Create a Template Design for our eBay store Create a template e-mail marketing - Create a template for drupal Create a Template for - Script - PTC Clone - Create a template for reveal.js Create A Template For SIWAPP Billing - Create a Template in overall Black colour as base and vibrant colour for images and texts create a template in psd - Create a Ten Thousand Years Chinese Calendar. Do a 万年历 for iphone and android apps. Create a tender notice website - Create a testimonial Video