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Create custom page for existing wordpress template - Create Custom Php ProxyJudge URL -- 2 Create Custom PHP Script and Database Design - Create custom post-types Create custom post-types - Create custom responsive cPanel-design based on x4 and x4mail create custom responsive email template - Create Custom Segments in Google Analytics Create custom shadow box - Create Custom Spreadsheet Order Page in Excel and Google Spreadsheet - ongoing work Create custom spreadsheet tool - Create custom ticketing system using Laravel5 Create Custom Titles and Ads - Create Custom Web Forms Create Custom Web Log - Create custom Wordpress Band Template Create Custom Wordpress Blog - Create Custom Wordpress Plugins (Amazon & eBay) Create custom wordpress premalinks - create custom wordpress/ whmcs hosting theme with correct text and images Create custom Wordpress/woocommerce page - Create Customer loyalty/reward to read and write to mifare nfc cards Create Customer Map for Wordpress Site - create customizeable cup program mimic this page Create Customized Asterisk/Elastix Installation ISO - Create customized user profiles in Drupal Create customized web design subpage needed - Create daily backups from Rackspace to Amazon, Google etc.. create daily blog entries in our 3 blogs for 1 month - Create Dashboard for site Create Dashboard for - Create data exports from SQL database to Reckon Accounting software Create data extraction and auto-input plugin for Google Chrome Browser - Create data push from Postgres/Ruby to SQL Server/C# Create Data Query for vBulletin MySQL - create database create database - Create database and frontend comparison (sid project) Create database and html table - Create database for e-mailing Create Database for Event Management Company - Create database list of PAs and EAs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Create database model for iOS application - Create database of emails IDs of technology executives Create database of emails IDs of technology executives - California - Create database Summer Camps/Crear Base de Datos Campamentos de Verano create database system and write the report - Create Database/Site Integration Create database/SQL dump file automatic import into database - Create Dating Migration Scripts For Skadate Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder - Create DB Tables & Import data program Create db to manage and report 'sponsored links' (similar to google's advertising links at top of search results) Not a search project, just a simple DB. - Create Delivery Date Module Per Product Create delivery system based on Google Maps. - Create demo IDEAS iPhone app Create Demo of elearning course in Articulate Storyline. Convert from POC - Create Description/Instruction of Flash Games Create Descriptions and Publish Contents - Create Design Decal for Cardboard Fundraising Box Create Design Document for n-tier application - Create design for real estate portal Create design for resume & cover letter - Create Design Portfolio Create design program to make rubber stamps online on Joomla - Create designs on t-shirts Create designs on t-shirts - repost - Create detailed 2D manufacturing drawings from SW CAD models. Create detailed 3D model of camping tent - Create device similar to shopkick Create Device UI for Creative Website (Photoshop/PSD) - Create Diablo 2 LOD dupe program online