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Create artwork for fasion desings, bags - CREATE ASP.NET (C#) DLL/CLASSES FOR JQUERY BASED CHARTS Create 2.0 theme and stylesheet - Create ASP.NET Website based on example website Create ASP.NET website for Benefits Enrollment - Create atmosphere at GPU with Muslim Aid Create attached design as a vector logo - Create auction logo for ( Auktion$Börsen) Create Auction site like Ebay - Create Audio Files for Prank call website Create audio files from multiple audio tracks - Create audited accounts from spreadsheet an quickbooks data Create augmented reality app on android with translation functionality - Create Auto Cad of Idea of Product Create auto check of coupon links to check validity. - Create auto rotate ad portal for me Create auto save as Pdf system for wordpress site - Create AutoCAD Drawings from A3 Plans Scale 1:100 Create AutoCAD Drawings from PDF's - Create automated bot or script to do fixed activity on website Create automated configuration file for Mozilla Thunderbird - Create Automatic Directory Listing Site Create automatic email mechanism from Google Docs - Create Automation tool for Social Website Create Automation Workflow in Zoho CRM - Create avatars for an online game Create average for subjects and courses in educational program - Create awesome Google spreadsheet, and transfer some data from PDF Create awesome Google spreadsheet, and transfer some data from PDF - repost - CREATE AZO DYE FREE LOGO FOR CLOTHING COMPANY Create Azure and Intranet Network - create back office / admin interfaces create back office(admin+member) - Create backend in plain PHP+MySQL Create backend site for members - Create backlink and Rank kewords create backlink finding software - Create backlinks for Cocktail site Create Backlinks for - Create BackOffice and linl to the database URGENT Create backoffice program - Create Bank Statement and Fianacial Statement For Movie Prop - repost create bank statement for citibank - Create Bank Statement Template - repost Create Bank Statement Template - repost 2 - Create Banner Ads - Urgently - 48hours Create banner ads and info graphics - Create banner for finance company CREATE BANNER FOR KIDS FITNESS COMPANY - create banner style .gif logo Create banner templates - Create banners (private project) Create banners (PSD available) - Create banners for selling audio book Create banners for slide - Create Barcode Label - Sonate #1 Create barcode labels report (code 39 or code128) from DataGrid - Create basic Apigility project Create basic applications involving the use of database management system. - Create Basic Input form from excel example - repost Create Basic Input form from excel example. - create basic photoshop design Create basic powerpoint off of audio lectures - Create basic WiFi captive portal Create basic WiFi captive portal w/ nodejs or similar - Create Beat Composing Software create beat for my song - Create Benefit in Kind Create Bento (from FileMaker Pro) Customer Database/Template - Create Bibiliography Create bid on Dolphin (just an extra message) - Create Billing Website Create billion row CSV files - Create Bitcoin Pool Create Bitcoin Pool - repost - create blank Module Class Suffix for rocket theme template Create Blank MSSQL DB and connect to Results Plus - Create Blog and Shopping Cart for New EBiz Create blog and store in Wordpress from graphics files - Create Blog Page Create Blog Page - create blog site with store Create Blog Site With Ultimatum - Create Blogger Template to Match Site create blogger theme -=-- - Create Board Game Icons Create board games or card games for learning maths for grades 4 to 6 - create book trailer Create book trailers - Create Bookmarklet Create bookmarklet - Create bootstrap website content Create Bootstrap XML Display Page - Create Bottle and Carton Mockups images - ongoing work Create Bottle Design for mjmalikhain - Create Boxes For Ads On My Site create br0 in dedicated server and install vnc server in centos - Create brand name and slogan for nail salon. Create brand name design - Create brasil drums with sticks hitting it Create BRD/FRD/UAT for Video Resume - Create Brochure and Poster for Marketing of medical products Create Brochure Company Profile - Create Browser Executable Create browser extension - Create bugfix for asterisk's libjack implementation Create Bugsnag error reporting unit in Delphi - Create Bulk VoIP Phone Numbers with TextPlus API Create bulk Whatsapp sending - Create business card design Create business card design - Create business case analysis Create Business Citations - Create Business Logo Create Business Logo - create business process flow Create business process in cloud bitrix24 CRM system - Create Button Images Create button in Google sheet to have a macro to perform action to archive data and reset spreadsheet for new day - Create buzz in Dallas Texas Area for Shoes Create Buzzfeed Like Website - Create C# library from Excel formulas Create C# library to layout SVG shapes - Create C++ Solar System Create C++ source / software based on already published software - Create CAD file for clothing and help me source! Create CAD File for Jewellery Item, Rhino - Create Calculation script for website - open to bidding Create calculation web form - Create Calorie Calculator Web Form Create Camera 2 App with Google Vision - Create captions for youtube videos Create Captivate 9 course - Create caricature based on photo Create Caricature Character with photoshop - Create Cartoon Caricature from Image Create Cartoon Cars From Reference Images - Create Cartoon Race Car Drawing From Picture Create cartoon style clothing items (examples provided) - Create Cashflow Forecasting create casing for my LED - Create Catchy Creative Category Names for YouTube Videos Create Catchy Google Adwards AD - Create Category Names for YouTube Videos create category page - CREATE CELEBRITY MYSPACE PROFILES WITH LINKS TO MY SITE Create cell model and short animation on alpha of HeLa (the immortal cell) - Create changing color LED animation on top of image - 07/01/2017 02:55 EST
Create character and Animation For Game - Create Characters in 3D Create Characters, and their attack animations for a mobile game - Create chat app with sharing feature -- 2 create chat app. like whatapp or telegram - Create checkboxes with submit button and output choices to flat file Create checkboxes with submit button and output choices to flat file - repost - Create Child Theme from WP Twenty Sixteen, add Adsense code, modify CSS Create child theme in existing WP site from existing parent theme and run theme update. - Create Christmas Card for E-mail Create Christmas Holidays Video (30 seconds) - Create Chrome Extension using LinkedIn API Create Chrome Extensions - create Citations to rank up my google maps/places listing Create Citrix XenServer Pool, VM, first installation - create classifieds script Create Classifieds Section on the website - Create clean website with price compare as main function Create cleanup script for removed videos (adult site) - Create Client Database create client email database - Create clone of OCX dll in c++ Create Clone of PHP website shown below - Best Selling eBay Auctions - Create cloud code and objective c code for a downloading project Create cloud formation file for a custom multisite wordpress cluster - Create CMS in order to update our website Create CMS Memorial Website in PHP - Create Code for eBay Advertisements Create Code For embeddable Custom Music Player - Create code to insert logged in user id into all URLs in Joomla web site Create Code To Match One Shopping Cart and Go To Webinar - Create Collages from our Website Photos create collapse menu (use bootstrap 2.3.2) with joomla3 - Create Colour Chart - ongoing work -- 2 create colour filters for existing products - Create comments pagination like Disqus comments pagination Create comments section of mobile app - Create company document templates in Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 Create company facebook page - Create company logo Create company logo - Create Company Name create company name - Create company profile in PDF Create Company profile in ppt or pdf - Create company/brand look and feel and subsequently design a brochure Create comparative analysis report on specific types of iOS apps - Create complete PSD website from home page PSD Create complete set up of You tube - Create Component to merge json and joomla data Create Component- Personalised Google RSS Search Interface - Create concept illustration from a quotes (100 Quotes) create concept illustrations - create connection with SOAP connection Create connections between Dapulse, Streak for Gmail, Slack, etc. via RESTful API's - Create Contact form Create contact form - - Create Contact List from 850 Websites Create Contact List from 850 Websites - Create content Create content - Create content for charity fundraising campaign Create Content for Commercial Cleaning Website - Create Content for Youtube! Create Content For: Using Social Media To Find A Job - Create content update widgets on word press site Create Content viewed by registered users only - Create cookie and flash check Create cookie in java to be used to track analytics on Ning - Create copy of my web application into android app. Create copy of site - Create Corporate Brochure and Flyers Create Corporate Brochure based upon current website design - Create corporate video for website Create Corporate Video Opener and Closer. - Create coupons in a wordpress site from an Excel sheet create courier shipping software - Create cover designs for business magazines distributed across Asia Create cover designs for business magazines distributed across Asia - Create craigslist canpain system Create Craigslist Input Phone Software - create credit cards templates Create credit limit for credit customers - Create Cron Jobs In Wordpress Create Cron to Auto Refresh Cache and Reindex data in Magento. - Create CRUD Operations With My Kendo UI Data Grid & Symfony 3.0 Entites & Support Server Grouping, Server Filtering, Server Sorting & Server Aggregates Create CRUD screens in Java/Wicket for healthcare application - Create css / psd file Create CSS /HTML deliverable from Skeletal site mockup - Create CSS For Button In Wordpress Form Create CSS For Checkbox to Replicate ReCaptcha Animation - Create CSS Skin for ace-admin template Create CSS Skin for ecommerce system. - Create CSS web design Create CSS Website from PNG - Create CSV file for Amazon bulk listing, copy products from Ebay store Create CSV file for Amazon bulk listing, copy products from Ebay store -- 2 - create csv from sql based on lastest new record Create CSV from web form submission. - Create custom "Author" for each WordPress Post -- 2 Create custom .css for page(s), as well as a purchase order template .aspx used for printing - Create Custom Apparel Catalog Create Custom Application Form in vBulletin - Create custom Category page template to resemble "home" page layout Create Custom Category Pages for eBay Store - Create Custom COver Page Template in MS Word Create custom cPanel Theme - Create custom eBay HTML template for OpenBay PRO/Opencart Listing Integration Create custom eBay HTML template for OpenBay PRO/Opencart Listing Integration - Create Custom Fields in Joomla & Photo Upload (C.R.U.D) Create custom filed for breadcrumb for listify theme - create custom fuction on my website create custom function for woocommerce cart page - Create Custom HTML Output From RSS Feed Create custom HTML page - Create Custom Insert Create Custom Instagram Panel - Create custom link exchange script, and integrate w/ Amember based website. Create custom links for Google searches on entire web - Create custom map using google maps Create custom map using google maps - create custom New Topic buttons on vBulletin 5 to populate the editor with custom text Create custom news script - Create custom PFsense Script and Package Create Custom Photo App for iPhone - Create custom post and listing plug in for Wordpress Create Custom Post Editor Layout in WORDPRESS (Like Sample) - Create Custom Proxy Script Create custom QR code - Create custom running routes and GPS running log files Create Custom Safe Work Method Statements - Create Custom Signup & Login On WP Site (Custom PHP) Create Custom Simple WordPress Theme - Create custom stylesheet templates HTML5 Create Custom SugarCRM buttons in Leads Module - Create custom user interface for android Create custom validator for page - Create Custom WebView - Android Create custom welcome page based on an existing wordpress theme - Create Custom WordPress Installation Package & Softcalculus Installation Package Create custom Wordpress installation Process - Create custom wordpress template based on PSD and migrate / upload all old content Create Custom Wordpress Template From Existing Simple Site - Create custom XSLTs for a Sharepoint online site Create custom Yeoman package - CREATE CUSTOMER TOKEN IN WHMCS ADMIN Create customer's web cms - Create customised online Ecommerce Store using WordPress