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Create cartoon and graphic illustrations - Create cartoon image of robotic bug Create cartoon image using PHP imagemagick - Create cartoons mascot / character Create case material for online business case - Create CATALOGUE app for tablet (very easy) Create Catalogue in Word from - Create category section on sellers shop -- 2 create category and product list - Create CD labels from current images Create CD, DVD, Ebook Covers. Will need a header also - Create Chain Payments for Global Cart Create Chairlift terminal in 3dsMax and Vue from Blueprints and photos - Create character, set, and other designs for 2D animation Create Characters - Create charts from Excel data create charts from excel data; use company branding colors - Create chat... create chatting box for my site - Create Child Theme and secure Original WP Theme on host server Create child theme and static page that displays large search box - Create Chinese questions for learners Create Chinese Version of Existing Website - Create chrome extension for website create chrome extension Javascript external - Create Circular Company Seal as Microsoft Word document Create circular masks in photoshop and create 5 individual images - Create Classified ads New Site Create classified listings on 2 sites using php - Create clean simple and professional website based on look of other website Create clean symmetrical vector image of broken infinity loop - Create ClickYes! Clone(repost) Create client aps.Android,Ios,Windows.. - Create clon of newspaper reader for android create clone game with different graphic and design - Create clothing sale image Create cloud based backup and restore app - Create CMS for Create CMS for - Create Coco's 2D sprite sheets (pve.ccz) for iPhone game from 3D model create code - Create Code that reveals video on same page after opt in Create code that will allow me to show different banners based on screen size. - Create coin like bitcoin Create Coldfusion Developer Mirror Site - Create coloring pages Create coloring pages - Create commanding 650 sentences for a mobile phone functions Create commands and spooling for a folder - Create company brochure from template(repost) Create Company Catalog and Marketing Material - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create Company Logo. Create Company Logos - Create company profile about healthcare & retail services (pharmacies , clinics , spa centers, restaurant , medical supplies ) Create company profile for a construction and devt company. - Create Company Website - US Freelancers ONLY Create company website using Wordpress Thalliumity theme - Create complete branding for our company including webstore Create Complete Calculatue Program with assemly with 4 new button- plsease read - Create Component for Joomla Create component for Joomla - Create concept for board games for learning maths for grades 2 to 7 Create concept for board games or card games for learning maths for grades 2 to 7 - Create connection to Payment Gateway in Ecommerce CMS using API create connection to server with JSON over HTTP - Create contact database Create contact database from Excel to MS Access 2007 - Create contact forms for wordpress site create contact forms for wordpress site. - Create contact.php file and make contact form work create contact7 form - Create content for a website Create content for a website and do basic linkbuilding - Create content for website pages Create content for wordpress website about REITs + do basic link building - Create content update widgets on word press site Create Content viewed by registered users only - create convert site to joomla cs Create cookie and flash check - create copy of image attaced Create copy of Magento using multi store - Create Corporate brochure (Trifold) Create Corporate Brochure and Flyers - Create corporate video for website Create corporate video for website - create coupons and advertisement website Create coupons in a wordpress site from an Excel sheet - Create cover designs for business magazines Create cover designs for business magazines distributed across Asia - Create craigslist campaign system Create craigslist canpain system - Create Credit Card Number Verfication script for Form Field on Webpage Create Credit Card process w/out Paypal account - Create cron job to prune certain entries in MySQL create cron job to send emails - Create crowler using scrapy framework Create Crozzle Game in C# - Create CSS /HTML deliverable from Skeletal site mockup Create CSS advanced 40 Quiz - Create CSS For Checkbox to Replicate ReCaptcha Animation Create CSS For Existing HTML Pages - Create CSS Skin for ace-admin template Create CSS Skin for ecommerce system. - Create CSS version of this box Create CSS web design - create csv file Create CSV file for a Shopify gr0cery store - Create CSV from MySQL Create CSV from PDF and add additional location fields - Create custom "Author" for each WordPress Post Create custom "Author" for each WordPress Post -- 2 - Create custom API using PHP for the Fiverr website Create Custom App on Shopify to Sync 2 Store Inventories - Create custom cartoon style city - roads, buildings Mario style for 2X2meters Create custom catagorization engine for stories - Create Custom Cordova Plugin Create Custom Cordova Plugin - Create Custom EA for MT4/MT5 Create custom eBay HTML template for OpenBay PRO/Opencart Listing Integration - Create custom fields available for use in a wordpress multi site network Create Custom Fields in Joomla & Photo Upload (C.R.U.D) - Create custom API Create Custom FTP Multisite CMS on Code Igniter - Create custom HTML newsletter template for Mailchimp Create Custom HTML Order Form - Create Custom Infusionsoft Order Form/Sales Page (MUST BE FLUENT IN ENGLISH) Create custom input template for Mantis bug tracker (PHP) - Create Custom Layouts and CSS for PHPRunner by Xlinesoft Create Custom Lead Management System- URGENT - Create Custom Mailit for James Email Server(repost) Create custom management restaurant space with custom module - Jreview composant - Create Custom Mycred Hooks and configure S2Member in Wordpress Create Custom Mycred Payment Gateway for Audiotel - Create custom PCB design that is more mass manufacture create custom pdf forms - Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed Today Create Custom Podcast RSS Feed Today. - Create Custom Proxy Script Create custom QR code - Create custom RSS feeds Create custom running routes and GPS running log files - Create Custom Simple WordPress Theme Create custom single product template? (WooCommerce) - Create custom stylesheet templates HTML5 Create Custom SugarCRM buttons in Leads Module - Create Custom User Database That Is Searchable From The Front End Create custom user interface for android - Create Custom Website with CMS & Mobile app
Create Custom Website with PHP - Create custom Wordpress functionality - checklists linked to user accounts Create Custom WordPress Installation Package & Softcalculus Installation Package - Create Custom WordPress template Create custom Wordpress template - open to bidding - Create Custom WP theme with 6 hour Create custom WP website - Create Customer Receiver for Chromecast to demonstrate HTML5/Javascript/CSS capability proof of concept Create customer support with whatsapp with connection to CRM systems - Create customized Form/Formula to connect two spreadsheets Create Customized Forums for a Website - Create customized Wordpress Theme Create customs templates for a Category and a Product page - Woocommerce - create daily blog post Create Daily Cybersecurity status briefing.. - Create Dashboard Graphs in Excel Create Dashboard in Excel - Create data exports from SQL database to Reckon Accounting software Create data extraction and auto-input plugin for Google Chrome Browser - create data product feed create data product feed - create database create database - Create Database and Drupal/Joomla Site create database and er diagram - Create database for a company using Odoo ERP Create Database for a web/Mobile App - Create database from XML file; Web Front End for searching and data manipulation create database in access with forms and queries - Create database of customers from white pages Create Database of Design Businesses - Create Database Research Program Create Database Schema - Create database, and an application in PERL or PHP(repost) create database, collect data, do various calculations - Create Datasheet in Excel with structured Names & Emails - Repost Create Datasheet in Excel with structured Names & Emails - Repost - Create db and static pages create db design schema - Create Debian instance on EC2 Create Debian Package - Create demo Apache Cordova App for IOS with read/write files Create Demo App Android Wikitude - create dental logo Create dental software - Create Design 3 - 02102010 Create design a vibrant power point presentation - Create design for app / Crear diseƱo para aplicacion Create Design for box packaging - Create design for web site create design for web site - Create design scheme for shopping center -- 2 Create Design shopify - Create designs online step by step - Kevin create designs to used as stickers from a website logo - Create detailed 3D model of camping tent Create detailed artwork. - Create device similar to shopkick Create device similar to shopkick - Create Diary Application for Android Create Diary Image - Create different sizes for a set of logos Create different sizes for a set of logos - repost - Create digital paintings / illustrations to be used for canvas prints Create Digital Patient Room Whiteboard - create directory and copy folders/files Create Directory app for me please. - Create Disk Partition on Windows Create DiskCryptor Windows 7 Setup DVD Live CD - Create dll for FB Messenger for Monotouch Create DLL from C code Phase 2 - create dns entries and private nameservers on dedicated server Create DNS Entry and Update Plugins. - Create documentation for a Wordpress theme Create documentation for chupamobile - Create domain names on joynic and other websites Create domain names on joynic and other websites 2 - Create DotNetNuke Module for Online Resume Editor Create DotNetOpenAuth simple example code - Create drag and drop email template for e-mail marketing campaigns create drag and drop field; pass vars to our uploader - for mac os / 5 - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create drop down menu Create Drop Down Menu For Aviation Website - Create Drupal 7 Theme Create Drupal 7 Theme - Create Drupal Site using Windows Apache Mysql Responsive Create Drupal Template - Create Drupal views with exposed filter Create Drupal Web Service APIs and add a drupal fix - Create duplicate invoices Create duplicate iPhone application from an existing Android app - Create DWG editable files from two images of a Floorplan (one is PDF, the other is PNG) create DWG file from pdf plans - Create Dynamic Excel sheets from Database information Create dynamic excel timetable for a tournament - Create dynamic page content for wesbite create dynamic page on Cre Loaded - Create Dynamic Site with PDF Manipulation Create dynamic Sitemap, Simply member URLs for Community website - Create Dynamic Website Create Dynamic Website - create e product registration page on opencart whit serial generator + script for activate product Create e trade account - Create E-Commerce site in AJAX from existing MySQL database create e-commerce site with in-built cart pointing to paypal - Create E-mail Compaigns Create e-mail copying Powerpoint textbox - Create EA for MT4 from a simple Pine Script strategy Create ea for MT4, and similar for TradeStation - Create easy interactive map for wordpress Create easy interactive map for wordpress video site - Create eBay End Listing Programme. EBAY API SKILL REQUIRED create ebay excel spreadsheet that i will use for my inventory management.. - Create eBay listings template Create eBay Listings that involve >>>>CAR PARTS <<< - create ebay store design and matching ebay template for listing Create eBay Store Design based on existing website - Create EBOOK Create Ebook - Create eBook Facebook Training For The iPad 4 With Screenshots Create Ebook for Desktop and PDA - create eBook with "Read Along" (audio) Create Ebook with illustrations and cover - Create ecommerce product with attributes and variables Create Ecommerce Site - Create ecommerce website for start-up company create eCommerce website on magento platform - create editable bank statement temeplate for chase or citi create editable bank statement temeplate for chase or citi - Create Editable PDF Form Create Editable PDF Form - Create editable version of infographic (from photo) Create EDITABLE Video Sales Pages That Can Be Used As Website Template - Create educational website with interactive features Create EER diagram based on database - Create elearning resources / videos Create eLearning software for web - Create Elements for Google Sketchup Create eletronic form using information from PDF - Create Email Accounts corresponding Facebook Accounts Create Email Accounts for bulk emails and help with marketing - Create Email Capture Forms Create Email Capture Forms -- 2 - Create Email ids on Yahoo & Hotmail Create Email in PLESK with PHP - Create Email List of Naturopathic Doctors and Herbalists and Send Emails