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Create beautiful images for slides - Create beta USG Website, where users can write articles Create Betfair API-NG Software - Create Bigcommerce Template Create Bigcommerce Template -- 2 - Create Birt report with available sql script Create birth announcement card - Create black & white vector from color image Create black and white animation - Create Blog Create Blog - Create blog for existing website - URGENT 2-3 HOURS Create blog for my site - Create Blog Posts For Online Coupons Create Blog posts for personal injury website - create blog with wordpress Create Blog with Wordpress and Populate with Original Content and Autoblog - Create blogsite using wordpress engine Create Blogspot Template - Create book cover for Diet and Recipe book based on The Wild Diet Create Book Covers - Create Booking Website for Start Taxi Up Company - repost Create Booking Website for Start Taxi Up Company - repost 2 - Create bootstrap json template for a landing page builder Create Bootstrap Menu - Create bot for telegram Create Bot of Account Registrations (no request of graphics) - Create Box Design for product Create box for audio button - Create Brand Label - Repost - open to bidding Create Brand Level Script That Displays Popular Products - BigCommerce - Create Branding For a Car Wrap 3 cars Create Branding for Product - create brochure Create brochure - Create business cards - create banner last minute - create broucher Create browsable copy of website witch some small changes - Create budget analysis program(repost) Create Budget Planner in Excel - create bulk telegram account for me Create Bulk Upload Facebook Quotes for HootSuite Pro - create business card - URGENT Create Business Card and Letterhead - Create Business Cards in Illustrator/PhotoShop Create Business Cards print ready layout/art file - Create Business listing with DirectoryPress Create Business Listings from U.S. IP's - Create Business Plan. Create business process in cloud bitrix24 CRM system - Create Button Images Create button in Google sheet to have a macro to perform action to archive data and reset spreadsheet for new day - Create Buzzfeed Like Website create BW sketches from video scenes - Create C# program to cover the requirement in the description Create C# sample application that uses the Kakadu 64bit SDK to convert an image - Create c++ Zip/Unzip file Create C-ICAP plugin to send requests over MQTT. - Create CAD File for Jewellery Item, Rhino Create CAD file from .STL and 3d render - Create calculation web form of WordPress create calculations for my PDF Adobe Acrobat file simple work - Create Campaign Monitor HTML email template from layered Fireworks file Create Campaign Monitor Responsive Template. - Create captions for youtube videos Create Captivate 9 course - Create caricature for football website Create caricature from design - Create Cartoon Character logo Create Cartoon Character, "SolarMan" for Website Branding - Create cartoon video, 30-45 seconds, from storyboard Create cartoonish vector graphics - Create catalog - for iserve only Create Catalog and Brochure - Create categories and import csv of exported products from one magento website to a new website Create categories and sub categories for our website - Create CCK Module or use Rules Module to update fields Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More - Create CentOS server with control panel Create Central Database and Then Web Tool featuring convenient Search, Filter and Output Options - Create Character game Create Character Illustration and an Animation - create chart of website - firmness info graph create chart using React and d3 - Create chat messenger mobile app for android & ios create chat program like paltalk - Create Chichen Itza background Create child template for a theme with some customization - Create childtheme on wordpress site create chimical search box - joomla - Create chrome extension for trading algorithm Create Chrome Extension For web whatsapp - Create Circuit Diagram based on Visio-Sketch Create circuit for PWM Solenoid - Create Classified ads New Site Create Classified ads New Site - Create clean time-lapse movie from still images Create clean URLs with Codeigniter on pages using pagination - Create Client Centre Create Client Checklist in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL - create clone game with different graphic and design Create Clone of a mobile game. - Create cloud based backup and restore app Create cloud based backup and restore app - Create CMS for Create CMS for one page to update a menu - create code Create Code - Create code that will allow me to show different banners based on screen size. Create code that will pull in plug-in posts onto the home page of Wordpress site - Create ColdFusion script create collage - Create coloring pages create coloring pages from photos / images - create comment box option and page archives to existing website Create comment Module in Nice, Simple Design - Create company contact information artwork from supplied details Create company details for John Tech Management - Create company Logo Create company logo - Create Company Name Create Company Name - Create Company profile in ppt or pdf Create Company Profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest - Create comparative analysis report on specific types of iOS apps Create Comparators for MeraWaala.Com - Create complete set up of You tube create complete SQL/queries from oscommerces db - CREATE COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL FROM AUDIO FILE METADATA - repost CREATE COMPREHENSIVE EXCEL FROM AUDIO FILE METADATA - repost - Repost - Create condition to apply full width (no sidebar) to posts of specific category Create Conditional IF / ELSE Statement For WordPress Single Post Theme Page - Create console application get image from remote URL upload to SharePoint 2010 Library Create Consolidated Plugin (One plugin for all printers) - Create Contact Form and link to mailchimp Create Contact Form and Thumbnail gallery - PHP & Java Script - Create Contact List of Postgrad Support Teams in Australian Universities Create contact list of potential clients - 100 contacts initially - Create Content (Product Title -Description and Specs) for Website & AMAZON Create content (profiles) for a wow bot - create content for facebook and Instagram Create content for hosting website (Visual Composer) - Create Content Match AdGroups in Yahoo Create content of CSS Senior quiz with 40 questions - Create contract and invoice template file (editable .pdf) Create Contract File - Create cool, engaging infographic for teenagers from article Create Coorporate Website with products range (3) - 7 pages - create cordova plugin for android create cordova plugin for android (java) - Create corporate PowerPoint presentation template
Create Corporate PowerPoint Template - Create Countdown Timer Design & Implement create counter for interspire ecommerce system - Create Courseware in Flash.. Similar to Edutainment. Should be interactive.. create coustom reports from database - create CPT with list category post wordpress Create crafts by hand - CREATE CREATIVE IQ GAMES, MEMORY & ATTENTION GAMES, and MORE Create creative logic puzzles - Create CRON JOB for CIM Create Cron Job Code in PHP - Create crowdfunding lottery website sell Product Create crowdfunding lottery website sell Product -- 2 - Create CS:GO server with GunGame mode using TeamViewer Create CSS - Create CSS for 5 widgets Create css for a background - Create CSS profile pages Create css pure site (for Zdesign only) - Create CSS to match design with HTML. Create CSS to replace lost CSS files for 4 websites - Create CSV extract from website for upload to eBay Store Create csv extraction file from - django, python - Create CSV files using PHP create csv for listing - Create Curriculum Vitae x7 create custom banner and re- work logos - Create custom apartment search box and implement into Wordpress site Create custom API payment gateways for XFILESHARING (sibsoft) - Create custom callout for MKMap Create custom car graphics - Create custom control like appbarbutton in windows 10 app Create Custom Cordova Plugin - Create Custom EA as discussed Create Custom EA for MT4/MT5 - Create custom fields Create custom fields available for use in a wordpress multi site network - create custom fuction on my website create custom function for woocommerce cart page - Create custom HTML page Create custom HTML tag - Create custom Instagram accounts Create Custom Instagram Panel - Create custom lightbox Create custom link exchange script, and integrate w/ Amember based website. - Create custom management restaurant space with custom module - Jreview composant Create custom map of North America with 175 markers using approx 15 custom icons (each custom icon represents a company) and legend to match... - Create Custom Myspace Create custom network traffic analyzer like ieinspector - Create custom pdf, with FPDF "framework" Create custom PFsense Script and Package - Create custom post and listing plug in for Wordpress Create Custom Post Editor Layout in WORDPRESS (Like Sample) - Create custom race scoring on website Create Custom Raspbian Image - Create custom sales report - Magento Create Custom Sandbox for EXE - Create custom carton box simple model Create custom skin for bblog to match website - Create custom table of content headings in Microsoft Word document Create custom Tabs for Fanpage (FB): Shop Now and Instagram - Create Custom VB Theme 4.x Create custom video intro - Create custom widget for Divi Theme Wordpress site with API Integrations Create custom widget for wordpress responsive theme - Create Custom WordPress Page Using Advanced Custom Fields Data Details Create Custom WordPress Plugin - Create custom Wordpress Theme Create custom Wordpress theme - Create Custom, Back-Office Dashboard for Clients Create Custome Bread Crumbs for Wp Page - Create customised mobile app for andriod & apple Create customised online Ecommerce Store using WordPress - Create Customized Perl and Associated CPAN Modules SPEC Files (RPM Building) Create Customized Permission Request Letter - Create CV (English+Russian) Create CV from pdf to psd - Create daing website Create Danaryn Services Order System - create data correction Create Data Dictionary/Data Flow Chart - create data form Create data form in to update daily status - web based simple project - CREATE DATABASE Create Database - Create Database (URGENT - DEADLINE 30th May) create database - 26/09/2016 06:24 EDT - Create Database and Stored Procedures create database and then help with Queries - Create Database from existing FTP files (Product Information, Photos of old site, etc included) Create Database from list of 70 companies - Create database of Australian Real Estate Agent Contacts - Repost Create database of Australian Real Estate Agent Contacts - Repost - open to bidding - Create database of TV & Film Commercial Production Companies UK Create database of United States golf courses for website - Create Database Website Directory for Churches Create Database with Access | Excel - create datamodel, API & more Create Dataset for 16 Pieces of information about a number of Projects - Create Day Night Css Effect on website create daytimer mths for planner artwork - Create deals page on wordpress and fix search Create Deb-Installer for Ubuntu Linux - create demand chart Create demo Apache Cordova App for IOS with read/write files - Create Demos & Images for popular software projects create dental logo - Create design - for Mborad Create Design 3 - 02102010 - Create Design for box packaging Create Design for Cell Phone Case & Use as T-Shirt Design - Create Design for Website -Photoshop create design for website based on two templates - CREATE DESIGN/EXTENSION FOR MAGENTO ECOMMERCE WEBSITE Create designed videos out of already existing video files - Create desktop application from existing php script Create desktop application in C# - Create detailed requirements specification for Mobile App development (iOS and Android – Tablet & Smartphone) Create detailed specifications for PHP based website - Create DHTML menu using Yahoo! UI Library Create Diablo 2 LOD dupe program online - Create Diet Evoca Cola 330ml Can Design Create different backgrounds for different pages on my website - create digital copy of company logo from business card Create digital copy of drawing - create Digital story Create Digital Training Product - DONE FOR YOU - Create Directory Website Create Directory Website for Stag parties/Events (using metronic keenthemes) - Create Div Layout for Joomla ARTICLE for webmaster122 Create div markup from JSON - Create dll to interpret and/or create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation)(repost) Create dll to interpret and/or create CD/DVD/BD image files *.NRG or *.CIF or *.DMG or ... (prototype and example available, easy implementation)(repost)(repost) - Create document for my business "Invoice, Quote, Proposal, Contract" color in my business Create Document from PDF Copy With Enhance Feature - Create Dog Illustrations Create Dog Illustrations - Create DOOH Media Kit, rate card and other marketing materials Create Door Opening animation - create download manager with simple browser create download web site - Create drawing in Acad Create drawing in one line, illustration in style sci fi - Create drilling rig presentation. Create drink label Design and logo - Create dropdowns on existing website - repost Create Droplet / Transfer from old Server to Digitalocean / / / DigitalOcean Expert - Create Drupal Contacts Module for our app