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develop personal website - Personal Marketing - repost 2 - develop photoshop actions Develop Photoshop CS5 action for Andy Warhol Filter - Develop PHP Framework for Existing Online Music Learning Site develop php function for daily bonus in Codeigniter MVC - Develop PHPFox module Develop PHPFox module (1) - Develop plugin for enigma2 Develop plugin for Front Accounting - Develop Podcast Android & iOS App That Pull Content from WordPress Site develop point of sales system - Develop Powershell scripts to automate database refresh Develop PPC campaign for mobile apps and Mac Store App - Develop Prestashop Module for attributes Develop prestashop site - Develop Product Literature develop product name, description and copywriting - Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 2 Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner -- 3 - Develop prototype assembledboards from block diagram (5 pcs) Develop prototype for new word/spelling game app for iOS - Develop Python program to (1) integrate previous python modules and (2) create algorithm to value oil & gas assets under various financial theories. Develop Python program to download, analyze and visualize data - develop Quick Checkout open cart Develop QuickBooks Online App - Develop Ready to Use payment platform with Cyclos 4 Develop real estate buying and selling App for ios and android - Develop recruitment portal Develop recurring invoices module with Spring Framework 3.x Quartz scheduler/JQuery/JSF. - Develop Reports for Openerp v6.1 Develop reports in fedena school management system - Develop Responsive Website develop Responsive website . - Develop reusable Flex 3 dialog Develop Reverse Engineered / Enhanced Products. - Develop RSS feeds for me today Develop RTMP Stream Host - develop same but more better design web as smooci com develop same functions of fully works - Develop scraper in PHP to get opening hours of insurance company Develop Scraper Property Listing Website - Develop script software to automate badminton court booking thru activesg platform -- 2 Develop Script to make VirtualBox Send a shutdown signal when logging out of the Mac Host - Develop security for unity 3d web application Develop security training slides - Develop server software for a social mobile app Develop ServerPilot WHMCS module - Develop Sharepoint Online template Develop SharePoint Solution for Cascading Columns - Develop signalr live support web chat Develop SilverStripe website for portal website - DEVELOP SIMPLE ANDROID APPS Develop Simple Android Game - Develop simple E-Signature application using Rightsignature API Develop simple econometric model of GDP using R - Develop simple iPhone app demo for me 2 Develop simple iPhone App for 4 hours - Develop Simple New Website Develop simple NS2 scenario - Develop simple site develop simple site - Develop simple wordpress plugin for us develop simple wordpress theme - develop site + web design Develop Site cargo. Russian speaker developer - develop skynet file develop skype equivalent - develop small software that obtain the data from URL develop small static informational website(10 pages) - Develop Snapchat Friend Adding Software Develop snapchat like IOS and Andriod like app for China - Develop social network / collaboration platform (The Netherlands) Develop Social Network App for iPhone - Develop Software Develop Software - Develop Software and Webapp Develop software app. for Mac OS - Develop software for IPTV set top box and Integrate Develop software for me - Develop software key management system Develop software mobile in phonegap - Develop software to control/automate Mach3 CNC software. Do not must be a complete software, I just need to know how to do with a sample project. Develop software to control/automate Mach3 CNC software. Do not must be a complete software, I just need to know how to do with a sample. - Develop solution to mask traffic referral Develop some changes to a website - Develop some routines in c# Develop some routines in c# -- 2 - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop South America and Caribbean list Develop SOW (RFP) for PrestaShop Module - Develop SPRX for PS3 Develop spy software - Develop statistical algorithm - pattern recognition, correlation of 2 big data sets, stock quotes -- 2 Develop Steam Gambling Website - Develop sub routine using vbasic - open to bidding Develop Sub Site for Client Login - Develop Symbian Application Develop symptom checker and integrate with our app - Develop Tax Calculator - Strong php, Js coder needed develop taxi app - Develop Template for Joomla 2.5 Based on Design Develop template for webapplication - develop the "Recurring Payment" Robot component Develop the (Order Area) for an E-Commerce with Multiple Vendor - Develop the data structure for a project costing database Develop the database schema for implementing the model in the Oracle OORDBMS. - develop the Linux driver Develop the local display software / Mimic Display - Develop the site as discussed Develop the site Imgur Clone - Develop the wordpress site (end to end) develop the.tpl file for prestasshop -- 2 - Develop TimeCard web and desktop application (1964015) Develop timetabling software for the European market - develop Training Needs Analysis module in Moodle environment Develop Training Website like "".Need similar website - Develop twitter engine on site (comment mechanism) Develop Twitter Game - Develop Two Sister Websites & A Structure for a network of Mini Sites Develop Two Themes for MythTV - Develop Unique Selling Point for Education Business + Fill Website Content Develop Unique Social Networking Website from Existing Source Code Template - Develop USMLE Step 2 CK MCQS DEVELOP USSD APPLICATION - Develop Very Simple SDK for banner Mobile Application Develop Very Simple SDK for showing promotional banners and videos in Application - Develop Video on Demand Module Develop Video on demand Plugin - Develop voice and vedio chat program using Delphi language Develop Voice Recorder App with Merge of Track - Develop Watermark Plugin for Wordpress Develop Watsapp Messaging Solution - Develop Web App with Java, HTML5, NodeJS, Angular JS and Spring MVC - open to bidding Develop Web Application - Develop web application using Kendo UI Develop web application with ability to provide reports - Develop web browser plugin for chrome, firefox, iexplore, safari Develop web browsing history tab - Develop Web Scrapping Tool With JAVA Develop web search page with Ads - Develop web site for iphone/ipad screen Develop Web site for jewelry business - Develop Web-site Develop webapp for film crew management (HR System) - Develop websit Develop Website - Develop Website
Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop Website and Get traffic with SEO Develop Website and integrate SMS API - Develop website exactly similar in features as on wordpress Develop website for a Preschool on a wordpress theme - Develop website for photo editor online develop website for picture capture from builtin camera and post data to MSSQL - develop website in language Develop website in Avada wordpress theme and WHMCS integration - Develop website like Develop website like - Develop website module Develop Website of Web Hosting Company - Develop Website Template Develop website Template - develop website via wordpress Develop Website w/ User Customizable Capabilities - Develop website/database/mobile app for form entry Develop website/s - Develop WHMCS Gift Card Module Develop WHMCS module - Develop Windows ATAOE Driver Develop Windows based software to capture info - Develop Wireless Product develop with Magento - Develop Wordpress Admin Panel for Existing Website Develop WordPress Assets and Website - March 2015 - Develop Wordpress Plugin Develop Wordpress Plugin - Develop Wordpress plugin that admins shortcodes Develop Wordpress Plugin to add custom fields to new post - Develop Wordpress Site Develop wordpress site - Develop Wordpress Theme Develop Wordpress Theme - Develop Wordpress website Develop Wordpress website - Develop working multi-step contact form for auto finance website. Develop Working Prototype for Product Website - Develop Wrist size freediving computer Develop WSO2 mobile MDM app from source code - Develop Zaypay [payment method for Prestashop Develop Zoho app - Develop/ Customise UI for Mobile phone Develop/ design an app for model castings (fashion) - Develop/Design widgets through CMS[ HTML/CSS ]NO FTP! Develop/duplicate website and do the design if you can... - Developa a Jewellery Site (Expert Only) Developa feature of an iPad app - develope a chatting bot Develope a child sponsorship compenent for Joomla - Develope a donation Website develope a express engine website - Develope a mobile application that can do physical fitness measurement(posture,jumping.vs) Develope a Module who let users in my current system auto post link to their facebook wall - Develope a Responsive and Graphical Word Press Website. Clone Pages From Different Site. develope a responsive online web application for an artist booking agency (incl. App) - Develope a Soccer Prediction webstie (With an intranet for users that register and use this front end/backend website), this site is for fun only (NOT A BET SITE) Develope a social network app in a specific niche - Develope a website Develope a website - Develope a website in php -- 2 Develope a website like IMDB - develope an Android application develope an Android application - Develope an Excell Program For Solar Estimates develope an i phone application - Develope and build an idea. Develope and build an idea. -- 2 - develope app Develope App for Ning - develope Chrome browser extension' develope Chrome browser extension, - develope edit video online option to hwdmediashare component Develope Enigma 2 plugin - Develope Inteligent Web Service Develope ionic App for Magento website - Develope mt4 CRM Content Management - repost Develope multithread python crawler - Develope of new Website -- 3 Develope of software for dimensioning of cargoes - Develope SAW Study any where Develope Script - Develope Template. HTML CSS and Jquery develope the project - Develope Website | Responsive, Multi-Platform, Wordpress Develope WhatsApp Api for contact center - developed and up-loud html web pages developed android application jsp to activity connectivity use od http request - Developed our college website Developed plugin - Developement Developement - Developement of Greek Search Engine Developement of Greek Search Engine - open to bidding - Developent of an informative web site in Joomla Developep a SIP phone bar with notifications - Developer Developer - developer developer - Developer Website CLONE TSU.COM Developer Website CLONE TSU.COM - Developer - 96999 Developer - 99320 - Developer .NET Developer .Net - Developer 4D database base management developer : Angular JS/ jquery/Css - FULL TIME - Developer an Android and iOS mobile application Developer an Android Parcel Service Application - Developer and SEO expert Developer and SEO Marketing Expert Required - Developer app with appcelerator and Alloy developer apple - Developer by the hour for Geolocation App and Speech Engine app - open to bidding Developer c# - Developer cooperation wanted Developer Corporate Website - Developer Experienced in Wordpress for Long Term Developer experienced in Xamarin - Developer familiar with woocommerce and export import csv developer file - Developer for adult site - Simple setup and configuration tasks Developer for All in ONE - Developer for ASP.NET (VB.NET) & SQL 2008 needed - repost Developer for Asterisk-Java Fast Agi protocol - Developer for crypto project, python or php script, and more Developer for csgo jackpot and coinflip - Developer for implemeting a script on my site.Script is for Affiliating.Site si WP + woo Developer for Indie/horror game - Developer for kinect Developer for KnackHQ codebase wanted - Developer for Mobile dialer for Symbian developer for mobile shooting game - Developer for Ongoing Work -- 2 Developer For Online Certificate/Diploma Maker (GIF, PDF) - Developer for Shopify tweaks needed Developer for simple (2pages) iOS & Android apps - Developer for web project Developer for Web Scraping Tools - Developer for Yii Framework Website Developer Forum - Developer Guide