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This is a very unique project so please read the below carefully and only bid if you are fully confident that you can deliver according to what is required. The winning bidder will not only be paid for their work but will also be given a negotiated percentage of the project’s after-tax profits.

We are a small private space program located in New Zealand (NZ). Our ultimate goal is to send a small probe of approximately 100 kg (or less if possible) into space to reach Low Earth Orbit (LEO) where it can continually orbit the planet. The probe only needs to have a few cameras for capturing both photos and videos of the earth below and space above. It will also have the required telecommunications equipment to send the information it gathers to me in NZ and solar panels for power. Lastly, it will carry a small hard drive with information acting as a ‘time capsule’. This information will not be used by the probe itself. We want to accomplish this ourselves as a private sector entity and be the first to do it in NZ, in Australasia and, in fact, in the whole southern hemisphere. We know this is possible, even if very difficult. The Russians did a similar project 59 years ago.


Now that we know what we want to do we require an absolute expert in the fields of astrophysics, engineering, electronics and other relevant fields to come up with a way of achieving it on a budget of less than NZ $1,000,000. Plans need to be made with processes, calculations and material specifications to achieve what we want. Methods of propulsion and routes taken may be based on past theories and practices and/or new theories that you come up with yourself and test electronically or in cyber space. While we may not have the huge budgets that America and Russia had in the 50s and 60s we do have the 60 years of incredible technological advancement that has taken place since then.

Without a doubt, the probe itself will be small, safe, cost-effective and practical. A crucial factor with sticking to our budget is not having to use established space launching facilities but perhaps other more common ones that can be rented, such as airports. Hardware also needs to be relatively easy to acquire or build.

Our current team has already come up with some ideas on how to easily get the probe into space, as below.

- Instead of sending the probe vertically into space, as done with conventional space rockets, send it on a gradual incline, as done with ordinary airplanes, to gently escape the massive pull of the earth’s gravity. This will take longer but be much easier. Compare walking up a gradual slope to climbing up a ladder. The probe will circle our planet until it reaches Low Earth Orbit.

- Using a large hydrogen balloon attached to the top of the probe to first lift it as high as possible off the ground and then give it fuel (being the actual hydrogen gas inside it) to burn as propellant to continually ascend until it reached space. The hydrogen bag would then detach and fall back to earth.

- Using a single, small and advanced booster rocket to send the probe out of the earth’s atmosphere and into space. The booster would then (with no fuel left in it) detach and fall back to earth.

Remember that nothing can be used which runs on nuclear power as this is strictly forbidden in NZ.

All work completed by you will become our own intellectual property.

Please do let me know if you have any questions or queries. Thank you. With the absence of established space launching facilities, of which there are none in New Zealand, we probably would have to use an airport to launch the probe from and on top of a plane is another method that could be utilised.

I researched India's 2014 probe which successfully reached Mars. India made it immensely cheap by using only local resources, making the probe as light as possible and also doing all the testing with computer models in cyber space. These

Skills: Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Astrophysics, Engineering, Physics

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