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I want to simulate User growth on my website

So I need a cron job on my linux webserver that executes a shell script that retrieves a value from my local mysql table, adds a number to it and writes it back. The cron should run all 5 minutes.

For adding the number, there should be a function with the following parameters:

1. probability that number should be added (like tossing a coin).

if prob = 1, number will be added 100% sure

if prob = 0, nothing happens, no number will be added

if prob = 0.5, number will be added with a 50% probability. Means, assuming the script runs every 5 minutes, number would be added roughly every second run of the cron.

etc. etc.

2. size of number: should be random number. Range should be defined by upper and lower bound.


var_prob = 0.5;

var_upper = 50;

var_lower = 10;

function determine_if_number_should_be_added(prob) as boolean {

out = calculate(prob);


if (determine_if_number_should_be_added(prob) == TRUE) {

number_to_add = generate_random_number(var_lower, var_upper);

old = mysql(retrieve value)

new = old +number_to_add;



Skills: Linux, MySQL, Shell Script

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