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We're looking to setup a new music website for Record Labels to listen to demos from bands.

The site should be easily navigated and work on a PHP5 and MYSQL backbone.

There should be the following sign up options...

1. Record Label A&R

When a record label signs up they need to provide the following information.

Name, email address, record label name, preferred genre 1,2,3 (from a drop down list), location

When they are registered they are taken to the A&R page where these is a flash player which plays a track (showing the label the band name, name of the song and the bands logo & biography along with where and when they can see the band live. Also how many fans playslists that song appears on) The player should only play songs fo the genre in their preferred genre list. The flash player should have an integrated review form where the A&R can leave a comment about the song. A&R can easily skip to the next song without leaving a review. Once they have listened to that song they never have that song appear again, also once they listen to that song the artist has a tag placed against the song on their profile which says "This song was listened to by " and the record label name. Below that should sit any comment left by the label, if no comment is left then it should say "No comment was left".

2. Publishing Company

Same as Record Label but with Publishing company details.

3. Management company

Same as Record Label but with Management company details.

4. Artist

The artist will need to make a payment of £2.95 when signing up via Paypal. The amount the artist pays should be changeable via an admin control panel along with the Paypal address payment goes to. If the amount is set to £0 then artists can proceed to setup their account for free.

When setup each artist can upload 3 MP3s, a band image and a biography.

When the above is uploaded and they save the info the songs and images should be set to waiting approval to prevent offensive material being uploaded. The admin control panel should have a section to approve or deny individual songs and images and the artist to be informed as to the reason why.

When songs are approved they are then available in the A&R player for the above profiles to review.

Artist can also fill in a gig calender to inform the A&R people where and when they are next playing live.

Each artist should have a profile page with a flash player on playing the bands songs, showing their upcoming gigs, their biography etc all on one single page for ease of information.

We need to capture band name, contact name (not shown), contact number (not shown), location (from a drop down of UK counties), genre biography, website links, individual band members, their ages and what instruments they play, record label (yes or no) if yes Record Label name, management (yes or no) if yes Management company name. All should be shown on their profile.

When uploading songs a genre should be selected for each track.

The profile should also have a "Book this Band" button if logged in as a promoter.

When entering gigs they should have to enter a venue name* (when typing it suggests previously entered venues), street address, City*, county*, postcode, telephone number, website and ticket price.

* is required

If it is a venue not already in the database then it should be saved to the database in correct Title case.

Plays and profile views should be displayed on the profile.

There should be a comments section where users logged in can leave the artist comments on their music. All comments should be manageable by the artist i.e. removing spam comments or disrespectful comments themselves if they so choose.

5. Promoters

When promoters sign up we need to capture...

Promoter name, City, location (again the county drop down), phone number, website address, preferred genre 1,2,3.

When logged their homepage should have a list of local bands (determined by UK county) and matching their preferred genre list. Each band should have a listen to button by the side and a "Contact this band" button.

The site should have integrated private messaging and everytime someone receives and private message they should be emailed to inform them they have a PM waiting.

6. Music Fan

Music fans can sign up and click a "like this song" button against each song. Their profile has a flash player on which plays their play list in a random fashion. When they click "like this song" against a song it automatically adds to their playlist.

Music fans should enter a user name, location (from drop down list of UK counties) when signing up.

On their profile page it should show upcoming gigs in their location for the next month in a side bar.

We would require a clear crisp graphical approach to the site. It should be professional looking to attract industry professionals to the site. It should be search engine optimised, all of which should be changeable via the admin control panel.

It's imperitive that the admin control panel be as flexible as possible to enable us to make easy changes to the site's features. For example one day we may say an artist can upload 4 songs, we should be able to do this via the control panel.

Sign up options should be clearly displayed on the homepage along with an area which tells everyone what the site is about. This should be editable in the admin control panel.

We would require full integration with a 3rd party forum software which should be designed to appears part of the site with a single login. i.e login to the site and you are auto logged into the 3rd party forum.

The homepage should have a menu on with the following...


MY PAGE should return the user to their homepage which would be...

Artists - Their profile

Music Fans - THeir Profile

Record label - The reviewing page

Management - The reviewing page

Publishing - The reviewing page

Promoters - The reviewing page

We're currently in the process of getting interest in this from artists and companies alike and hope to have funding in place over the coming months. Finding prices to do this is key to the feesibility of the project and is an important part of our fact finding to see if this is a worthwhile project for us.

If you are interested in quoting please give us examples of your work, also an idea of how you see this looking, feeling and working.

Please ask any questions that need asking.


Skills: Adobe Flash, Anything Goes, CSS, Graphic Design, MySQL, PHP

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