Facebook Game - NOT flash - Multiplayer(repost)

Create a Facebook Game called Alienation as outlined in description below.

Graphics will be provided. This needs to be written in PHP with a backend MySQL database. NO CMS will be used. It is all custom. Javascript and AJAX may be required.

I am open to suggestions as to whether we should use an iFrame or not.

The application must accept paypal payments from players if they want to get more profile points. Profile points are used towards increasing attribute points.

The game is on a timer. Every 60 minutes resources are collected or paid. Every 5 minutes energy and stamina are increased 1 point.

## Deliverables

A Facebook application / game by Aratide Entertainment. Some definitions:

* **The Highest**: A group of 12 genetically superior humans. All are the final result of a brutal series of experiments performed in the 25th century. Experimentation stopped due to pressure from a massive cult of dietist zealots, and these are the last and only remaining of their kind. Having lived for hundreds of years, sustained by a combination of cybernetic-organic parts and cell regeneration, they not only possess extremely intelligent brains by nature but also have ages of experience. For the most part they remain shielded and uncontaminated from the rest of mankind, while they silently watch over the balance of the universe. While they are virtually impossible to reach, they have a large influence on the individuals spread throughout the vastness of space. Their **Elite Guardians**, a group of police nearly as mysterious as **The Highest** patrol the universe assisting the weak.

The site must implement the following features:

* Notifications for all desired actions.

* Posts for all desired actions

* Ability to add the application a user's profile page

* Inviting friends should be emphasized and easy to do

* A story page with content I will provide

* A glossary page with content I will provide


* Resources

* Credits - Money

* Diestricus - Rare mineral used for warping to outside galaxies

* Fuel - Used for short distance travel

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* Profile

* * ROE - Risk Of Extermination - Values 1 - 100 - When it reaches 90+ the character can not be attacked in any way. They are under protection of the Elite Guardians until their ROE is reduced.

* Energy - Values 1+ - Used for jobs

* Stamina - Values 1+ - Used to fight

* Experience - Values 1+

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* Trade

* Request trade with a specific person, or propose offer in a forum

* Fight

* Destroy - No goods are stolen but more is destroyed than if stealing

* Steal - steals some resources with little colaterral damage

* Place Bounty - When bounty is achieved the victim's Stamina and Energy are reduced to 0 and ROE is placed at 100

* Jobs - Go in tiers, beginning small with little reward, and gradually growing with each tier and greater rewards. Examples: Deliver Package, Data Entry, Deliver Robotic Parts

* Inventory

* Ships

* Weapons

* Armor

* Artifacts - Examples: Mechanical Arm, Cybernetic Legs, Brain plug

* Cellbo (Celestial Bodies)

* Planet

* Moon

* Asteroids

* Travel: Requires diestricus to warp to other galaxies. Fuel is used for short distance travel within a galaxy

* Experimentation

* Randomly new items are revealed. Discoverer is rewarded credits and diestricus and 100 of the item.

Admin Module

* The admin module should have one user, admin.

* Allow the admin to change their password

* Profile

* password

* name

* email address

* Admin can work with the following features, adding/editing/deleting where necessary

* Users

* Modify User Name

* Activate or deactivate user. User remains in the db but if deactivated does not have the ability to play the game

* Modify resources

* Modify Profile stats

* Manage Jobs

* turn on or off

* add/edit/remove

* Manage Inventory

* turn on or off

* [url removed, login to view]

* Add new inventory items to the experimentation list, awaiting discovery. Inventory items can be turned on or off (discovered, or undiscovered)

* Manage Cellbos

* amount of diestricus per turn, if any.

* amount of credits per turn

* Galaxies: add/edit/remove

* name

* required job tier to enter

* amount of diestricus to travel to it

Other things:

* When the user first begins the game they choose their name

* When a user completes a job tier the next tier is opened. When a user finishes a tier they can change their title to the name of any tier they have completed.

* Jobs have the following traits:

* Increase rate (percentage the job goes up with each process)

* Items required and amounts of each

* credits earned with each activity

Skills: CSS, Engineering, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Project Management, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Web Hosting, Website Management, Website Testing, XML

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