Social Networking Recipe Site - Graphic/Web design and coding

## Deliverables

Recipe WebsiteRequirements:

- Full web site design, programming and logos. I need to see logo and webdesign templates until I am satisfied. I need high resolution versions of thelogos for business cards and printable material. The designs must be UNIQUE

- Similar to [url removed, login to view] (read on)

- A design document outlining the structure of theweb site is necessary

- A detailed timeline of when each feature will becompleted is necessary

- Weekly detailed status reports are necessary

- I would like the team to guide me on how myinteraction with them will take place. Please tell me when to review eachfeature and comment.? I am looking for ateam that come up with attractive and efficient ways of providing the featuresI want while filling in the gaps of things not mentioned in order to make thesite extremely user friendly.

- My site is [[url removed, login to view]][1]and should be spelled with that capitalization structure.

- Before any bid is accepted I must see a sample of afully functional site created by the team that is as big as or bigger than thisproject.

- OPTIONAL FEATURE: If the bidding comes down to twoequally competent teams then the one with the expertise to incorporate FacebookConnect <[url removed, login to view]> will beselected. Membership on [url removed, login to view] is preferred but Facebook connect canalso be selected for those who don’t want to bother creating another account.

-I own all rights to the work in the end and the team’s name willnot appear anywhere on the site.

Requisite Level of Professionalism:

-This project is being reposted. After 3 months witha previous team I lost confidence that they would ever get the job done. I needa professional team that can meet the deadlines it sets and that has theprofessional website design experience to make decisions on how the websiteshould work. This means making small decisions, like a “Remember me?? check boxfor when people log-in?? even though I haven’t explicitly stated it.

- The coders must speak sufficient English to writecorrectly on the site and in correspondence


- Adsense must be incorporated in to all pages aswell as my google analytics code.

**-Must have all the features of [url removed, login to view] unless stated otherwise.**

**Please generate a list of suchfeatures when making your bid, if they are not included below.**

- It doesn’t need to have the Fun and Games section (Except itdoes need to have the vote for photos section), Newsroom, Jobs, or Magazinessection, I also don’t need the glossary search.

- The sitemust be fully customizable from a custom CMS that can be logged in to fromonline. I never intend to edit the source code myself and when the project iscompleted successfully I would like to continually add new features by usingthe same team.

-The final pages will have SEO friendly urls. Teamneeds to follow best practices in SEO and W3C Standards. This will help thewebsite to get better page rank and traffic. The pages will be validated (XHTMLand CSS)

**User Profiles:**

- User Accounts(Register, Login, Log out). When signing up users must submit a Zip or postalcode, country and birthday or check a box that they are over 13 years of [url removed, login to view] must agree to the terms and conditions and will have to check a box toopt-OUT of newsletters. They are opted in by default.

-The idea behind the userprofiles is for each user to create their own homepage, in the IncrediMealformat, that they can share and promote themselves.

- Static profile URLS of [[url removed, login to view]][2]

- User profile (completeuser profile including photos), Personal recipe box, blogs posts, uploadedpictures and videos, contact info (optional) with twitter ID etc.

- When users sign up theycan opt to have their recipes published under their real name or screen [url removed, login to view] must be encouraged to upload an avatar.

- Each profile shouldhave the option to be monetized, The block ad will always be [url removed, login to view] adsense code but users should be able to generate their ownadsense banner code that if they input it should be displayed at the top of thepage on their profiles and their recipes. The code must be checked to be validadsense code. Initially adsense will be the only ad-network allowed unless theteam can format it to allow other popular ones.

- Users Favorite orFeatured dish should appear on their profile. This is favourite if it issomeone else’s recipe or Featured dish if it is their own

-Users should also have a“Chefs I like?? section in their profile which is their listed of favouritesubmitters. Comments should be able to be added about why they are a favourite.

-Users should be able todownload attractive widgets of their profiles to paste in to their sites. Theyshould link back to their profiles and include keywords editable from the [url removed, login to view] bid includes the design of these widgets.

- Private messagingbetween members with e-mail notification of new messages (customizable in theuser’s control panel)

- Individual user blogs,complete with the ability to attach or upload pictures and video. This meanseither linking to youtube OR uploading a video direct to the site.

-CMS members section mustproduce statistics about # of members, frequency of logins, must popular hours,average time spent logged in, average age, accounts that have not been loggedin to for 3 months should be sent an e-mail that I can customize reminding themabout their accounts.

- On the user profiles itshould display any contests won, articles submitted, recipes or menus submittedand the users average score (displayed out of five stars). Users should be ableto suppress their scores if they want.

-Cook information shouldbe the same as [url removed, login to view]

**Home Page:**

- Recipe collections(most popular)

- With photo style like <[url removed, login to view]> , it mustbe attractive

- Newest photos

-Newest chefs (with uploaded photos)

- Top cooks (5): #1 with profile pic if available, the rest nameonly, picked from highest average ranking on recipes and menus submitted andany articles submitted and published. The equation to determine this up to thecoding team.

- Cook of the week, selected either randomly from cooks withprofile pics or manually by me in the CMS

- Top searches, most recently viewed recipes, most popular blogs


- Recipe Categories (By Ingredients, Ethnicity,Type of dish, Target audience, Events, Preparation time, Vegeterian Etc etc). ALLTHE SAME CATEGORIES AS ALL [url removed, login to view] but only a few are mandatory. Alsoshould include categories from [url removed, login to view] such as Mood. These will be managedfrom admin section. I must be able to add new categories and users must be ableto suggest new categories/subcategories. See advanced search:[url removed, login to view]

- Also on this page mustbe a Search Web for Recipes (Google Adsense special search). This shoulddisplay within the site search listings.

- Recipe submission by registered users.

- Menu submission. Usersshould be able to create full menus with recipes of their own or others on thesite. They should be able recommend a drink and notes for the menu saying whythe menu is designed the way it is. Menus should be categorized by meal,season, ethnicity or country of origin etc. Menus must be able to be rated justlike the individual recipes. REFERENCE: <[url removed, login to view]>

- Upload picture(s) of Recipes.

- Upload videos of Recipes or links of videosoutside of site.

-I will provide [url removed, login to view] button for the recipepages

- Recipes will be screened for profanity by havinga set list of banned words I can input in the CMS. -- Flag options will beprovided to other members to report violation. Recipes can be flagged forCopyrighted material, Inappropriate or misleading or Other. These will go tothe CMS and will be set as inactive until I approve or delete them.

- Recipe complete detail

- Recipe rating and comments

- Unit Conversions of Recipes. Users must be ableto submit in US or metric and the site must convert back and forth and multiplyup or down depending on inputting serving size. Default is US

- Nutritional information of Recipes (This must bean option but not mandatory for all recipes). The information should bedisplayed in the standard North American nutritional information label format.

- What to Drink: Users can suggest a drink or wineto go with their dish (OPTIONAL: Upload picture for wine) Additionally usersshould be able to comment on the drinks or wine.

- Recipe Serving

- Add Recipe to User Recipe Box

- Email Recipe to friends ? - Sharethis button

- More Recipes like this

- Recently viewed Recipes

- Recipe Search ??" with advanced search just [url removed, login to view] with ingredients I want and don’t want. Also should be able tosearch by each category and username of submitter. Also users should be ableselect if they want the search listings in order of rating.

- Cooking Tips (In Cooking tips there will bedifferent categories manageable from admin section and articles in eachcategory).

-User should be able tosubmit articles for consideration to be published in Cooking Tips or should beable to Suggest their blog posts be considered for publishing. I will approveand publish or reject from the CMS and if we do publish them a link back to theuser profile will be created and they will get some sort of honourable mentionin their profile ie “Articles published (2)?? and an award next to their name ifthey don’t already have one.

-Admin control panel must be able to add code infor banner ads and block ads just like I am looking for thecoding team to be use its discretion to incorporate adsense advertising.

-Users must be able to create a “Print Friendly??version of each recipe. The format of this version needs to incorporate adsenseand should be editable by me somehow, CMS is preferred.

**Initial Database:**

-Need an initial database of at least 10,000 recipescombed from a combination of [[url removed, login to view]][3] and No menus are necessaryinitially.

- As with all recipes I must be able to edit all theserecipes, including titles, from the admin panel. All these recipes shouldinitially be set to inactive until I edit and activate them. This can be doneby a script or through data entry, this is up to the team.

- Each recipe needs tohave at least one picture. If the source site has more than one picture then itis preferable we take the second or third picture.

- If the recipe hasnutritional information that must be captured as well.

- All recipes need tohave a minimum of 20-50 initial rating with between 3-5 stars so it appears thesite has been operational for a while.

**E-Mailing and CMS**

From the CMS I must beable to generate e-mail lists (Inactive accounts, Those who have signed up tonewsletters, E-mail addresses inputted to send recipes to people, E-mailaddresses sent dinner party dish planners, Active accounts etc) All e-mailsmust include an unsubscribe option. I am relying on the team to come up withthe best solution for me to contact users.

**RSS Feeds**

Users should be able todownload RSS feeds to their browsers

- My All Recipes (RSSOption with Adsense)

- Popular Recipes (RSSOption with Adsense)

- View All Recipes (RSS Option with Adsense)

- Top 20 Recipes (RSS Option with Adsense)

- Newest Recipes (RSS Option with Adsense)

- Daily Recipes (RSS Option with Adsense)

**Other Features:**

- Dinner party feature:Unsure of design but registered users must be able to select 1 - 20 recipes andsend them to friends via e-mail to ask they make them for a party. Theseaddresses must be stored in a database. The creator of the list should be ableto check back and see who has decided to bring which dish to the party. I amcounting on the programmers to design a smart interactive feature here.

-Contests: From the CMS Ishould be able to create contests that will appear on the home page. The ideahere is users submit their recipes for “The Best Chili?? and over a time periodspecified in the CMS. Other users rate the recipe and at the end date a prizeis award to the top 3 people. The prize is ribbon icons that will appear nextto their name. I also want the option to add a cash prize to the contest fromthe CMS. Winners need to be notified by internal private message or email. Onlythe highest placing ribbon should appear next to their name if they win multiplecontests. In their profile though it will state all the contests they have [url removed, login to view] generated menus must also be able to be considered for contests.

Outside of contests if auser has the highest ranked dish in a collection they should also get a ribbonnext to their name.

Any question? Please [url removed, login to view] winning team will be exceptionally skilled in graphic design, sitearchitecture design and communication. This is a big job so please only bid ifyou are confident to you handle it.

Skills: Engineering, Logo Design, MySQL, PHP, Project Management, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Web Hosting, Website Management, Website Testing

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