About Us: IIS RAPID is a conglomerate of multiple pieces of diverse businesses with control under the common umbrella/goal of maximizing each business

competitive advantage through operations management. We do this by automating supply acquisition/demand fulfillment.

Why do we Need You: We normally do this in-house but are looking to outsource the programming work so we can focus on expansion. Upon finishing,


Our Client: Our current project is to help a start-up company "X" a custom T-Shirt Company significantly reduce data-entry and manipulation workforce and increase efficiency dramatically.

--->The goal of this project: to create an automated workflow which simplifies the process of:

1. User enters data on website, saved into MYSQL table. User submits any graphics wanted and image location is stored in MYSQL DB.

2. The user-submitted data on the forms is exported as Excel File and saved to IISRAPID SOLUTIONS local systems.

3. Data is processed in Excel using custom formulas and macros, ready to use in ONE OF *MULTIPLE* possible Photoshop Templates (user chooses which "template" they want).

4. Processed data is exported to csv and then imported into Photoshop

5. Photoshop has pre-defined layers as variables, and variables are linked to column naming in csv files such that we now can import data sets for each template and export each dataset into PSD.

6. Due to PS batch processing limitations of the software, we now must batch process the PSD files for readiness to print.

Your Job Will Be to Streamline/Automate our Batch Processing Workflow.

--below is how each of the steps above, 1-6, are going to be altered to achieve our goals--

1. User submits graphics with different names. We need to auto-rename the files to the order\'s name to help us later (see below)\

2a+3a: Data-->We want each batch of orders, where each order contains a mix of product choices to be processed in [url removed, login to view] and then exported to CSV file after formulas and alterations are completed. Each template will have its own designated csv file where the "ORIGINAL DATA" sheet sends each Row to a separate sheet depending on user choice. NOTE: the Excel formulas are complete but need to be integrated to new platform

2b+3b: Images--Each image\'s server location is stored on the "ORIGINAL DATA SHEET", however before the data+images are processed on the server we need a script to re-name the images such that there are no conflicts, mis-naming (multiple "[url removed, login to view]" will cause problems, and proper naming stops errors)\

4a. Raw Images-->Now the renamed-images, "[url removed, login to view]" need alterations and retouching. To achieve this, we need to send any orders that are not yet "COMPLETELY DONE" to an FTP server. Our employees will edit images and save them as "[url removed, login to view]". We need a script here to determine: if edited image exists but completed file isn't present. If yes, continue.. Script runs x3/day.

4b. Processed Data-->MYSQL exports to csv & each csv is designated to each template/product we have (csv1->temp1, csv2->temp2 where userdata1a/1b // 2a/2b>csv1/csv2 etc

5+6. Image Processing. Each userdata set in csv1 will be applied to a linked PS Layer and saved as "jpg" or "png" etc.

7. Admin of server needs interface to download each new batch

--FURTHER---\We also need to package the steps above into: a script that intelligibly installs itself onto user computer, links Photoshop and Excel/MSACCESS etc as needed such that:***ANY USER can customize package so user can batch generate ready2print files based on ANY USER DATA LINKED TO ANY PS TEMP.

Our vision is VERY much an outline. We highly encourage new ideas & ask you to *PLEASE* outline your own ideas along with your bids. We hope to have a long and prosperous relationship with YOU or newest contractor.

Thanks For Your Time,


Skills: Data Processing, Database Administration, MySQL, PHP, Software Architecture

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