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We need a media player esque application built in flash so it can be embedded into existing web pages. This is because we will be marketing the media player as a "web widget" or a "video widget". The design will need to be able to access data from youtube which uses a REST api structure. This way we can integrate videos we upload to youtube into this application. Therefore the flash app will essentially be a flash wrapper for the youtube api. We also need the application to track how many times each video is triggered to play, how many times each video is played through completely, and (seperately) how many triggered plays and completed plays come from specific IP addresses (the idea being we want to be aware of which web pages get the most plays). The application will need to give visual feedback on the number of triggered plays on the user interface. If the youtbe api can't deliver this then we'll need a php/mysql or if possible a simple xml socket to take care of it.

The UI:

We are shooting for a roughly 320x500pixel. The UI will seperated into 3 areas. The top 240 or so pixels will house the .flv playback window (which also have playback controls, already in the .flv file itself). Underneath the .flv playback window there will be three tabs, each tab will change the mode of the application. Underneath the tabs will be the listing of videos populated via the youtube api (when in video mode). In video mode this list should scroll be merely hovering the mouse pointer over it, the speed of the scrolling will increase as the pointer moves closer to the edge. I have examples of this.

The Modes:

The first two tabs will be video modes. One each for a different youtube account. Therefore clicking on one are the other will populate the list window with different videos. The first tab will be names "Video". The second is named "Radio".

When the third tab is clicked, the list window will turn into a list that is essentially a simple link exchange mechanism. This link list will be populated from an xml file on my server. Each item in the list, instead of text, will be a .jpg file. The xml file will point the application the location of the .jpg file. If a user clicks on a .jpg in that list a new window should pop up taking the user to that website identified by the .jpg. The web address will be pointed to inside the xml file. The dimensions of each item on the list will need to be about 300x50pixels.

When ever a tab is clicked the .flv playback window should remain in the same state as it was before the tab was clicked. If a video was playing then that video should keep playing.

Additional features:

Because the app is a widget, we will need the app to be stylized or color customized through parameters in the html embed tag.

We would also like an advertiser function that will insert short video clips inbetween the playback of the youtube videos. An advertiser video will play before the first video that is played and after every two videos after the first video. This function will randomly pick an advertiser video from an xml file for each playback instance. Statistics on what advertiser videos are played and how many times they are played, will need to be kept by a php/mysql database.

We was also discussing the addition of two more modes/tabs. One would turn the .flv playback window into a chat window and turn the list window into text input fields (nickname and text) and be powered by an xml socket server for a very simple chat system. The other tab would turn the list window into a dedicated rss reader - the rss address will be pre programmed. Would this rss reader work totally in the client side realm through the use of actionscript?

Thank you

Jesse White

Skills: Adobe Flash, Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP, XML

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