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I need a right-hand person who knows how to build php services to accomplish the following:

1. Auto-login to certain web sites. Perform actions like checking account status, uploading a document, etc, and logging out.

2. As there will be potentially hundreds of such endpoints I need a test harness set up meticulously so that each endpoint can be tested each day to ensure that the process (curl?) is still working correctly through a series of tests of expected behavior and expected content.

3. Example: PHP script logs into [login to view URL] using a valid username and password. It then checks to make sure it is really logged in. The script then replaces a resume on [login to view URL] with an updated one. Double checks to make sure this has been accomplished. Perhaps takes a screenshot of the page for verification purposes. The script then logs out of the account.

The code needs to be reusable, well commented, written in English and VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT as it will provide the basic underpinnings, platform and logic behind many more endpoint scripts that need to be written.

Can you demonstrate your knowledge, skills and ability to put this together? Can you come in on time with results for at least one endpoint? Can you demonstrate to me how easy it will be to add future endpoints and run a page that will show a red or green light for each endpoint that can be successfully tested?

If you can answer yes to the questions above and can prove it I may have found a new key member of my team.



Attached you will find the details that comprise the product requirements. This comprises most of ResumeBroadcaster 1.0 functionality and I would be keenly interested in exactly how you would perform reote login, upoad functioality, fill out fields, save ad exit. cURL? cliget? Another technology.

Remember I will be setting up hundreds of similar fields ad the furst ones that you would be working on must be:


Using a UI that conforms to the Enfold themeof faebook

This is another update to the original description that should cut down on the amount of work the consultant needs to do by working directly with me to add data to the UI (which I will generate) and by only creating a feed for initially.

Here are the details - and remember, what matters MOST to me are:

- Honesty and loyalty throughout the processs. Being upfront regarding dates and hitting them square on the head or coming in early (SURPRISE BONUSES WILL BE IN ORDER FOR PROPT OR EARLY WORK AS WELL AS QUALITY WORK).

- Code that can EASILY be managed and modified.


- Cleanly written code in English, very well commented ad that leverages tools like CLIGET (perhaps a serious contender) to generate real cURL language by following you through browsing actions in Firefox (CLIGET is a Firefox plug-in).

More info just to be super over communicative:

The only change since yesterday is that while I still need someone to pull data from the db (authentication information for each user, etc) and insert data when each 'job' is complete and then make sure the UI is updating with current data - I will be designing the UI to help speed things along.
Please factor this in to the estimate.
and the initial estimate should be just for performing actions against and the same feed logic with a fake account to test out all features each day so that we can update our dashboard to show the status (working, not working and why) for all endpoint destinations.

I *JUST* update the project notes description with some further data that cuts down on the amount of work the consultant will need to do for this project. Given that I want one great feed to included and will need 200+ more endpont broadcasts set up I would ask that you adjust your bid accordingly and let see what we can do to enter a long term relationship if this first project is a success on your end.

What to get a leg up on other bidders, her is a secret:

I am waiting on more bids to come in but what would certainly help is if you could show me a demo file / php of connecting to Monster, doing the actions listed in the spec and disconnecting. I could review the code, see what I think and let you know what I think. Again if you were to use some shortcuts like CLIGET to generate http request/responses via FireFox which can be automatically exported to curl this would prove to me that you have the aptitude to generate the other 200 or so endpoint broadcasts quickly and efficiently.

Skills: Javascript, MariaDB, MySQL, PHP, Software Architecture

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