We need a COMPLETE modern and unique dynamic website developed (though the graphic design element may be outsourced depending upon whether you have a GOOD talented designer on staff…or can recommend one… and of course “cost vs. quality” considerations in reviewing portfolio work and price quotes will be a major factor in this decision). This website will utilize many existing open-source software tools already in popular use (Interactive Maps, Reservation Calendars, Blog, Forums, Polls, Embedded Video, Photo Galleries, RSS, Wikis, Broadcast Newsletters and so on); which we have already identified and compiled a list of. If 3rd Party proprietary applications are required, we will purchase and supply the licensing. This website is for an international VACATION RENTALS / SECOND HOME REAL ESTATE/ HOME EXCHANGE company, so experience in building sites in the vacation rental & real estate industries is critical.

In regards to the CMS…JOOMLA, DRUPAL, PLONE, JAHLIA, etc ...doesn’t matter as we will rely on your suggestion and the site Super Administrator will be open to learning whichever choice is in general the BEST 'fit” for this project; however multi-language content is essential (We will provide translations, starting with English, Spanish, German...and ending with “Non-Latin Alphabet” languages such as Russian and Simplified Chinese). This site must be scalable to accommodate frequent changes and GROWTH as NEW members/subscribers join our site (thus NEW member control panels and of course individual property profile or “home listing” pages must be easily generated and developed to be “user friendly”). We are looking for a “look & feel” and well as similar functionality (i.e. navigation systems, "matching" e-mail notifications, format of individual "property profile" web pages, etc.) to a [url removed, login to view] (Here is a sample “property listing page“: [url removed, login to view])…mixed with a [url removed, login to view] (Here is a sample “property profile” page: [url removed, login to view]) YET not an exact "clone" of either in that we will have additional search fields, a unique design or “look and feel”, THREE “USER INTERFACES” (Site Administrators/Back End, Registered Subscribers or “Members”/Password Secure Front End, and of course the public Searcher/Browser Front End).

The amount of web pages will be minimal at first, but of course if one is familiar with the model of VACATION RENTAL or REAL ESTATE websites, one knows that the individual “property profile” pages will grow in number as new subscriptions are sold (ie. An advert for an individual property), so the site must be developed with that in mind. Initially there should be about 35 to 45 pages to consist primarily of CONTENT provided by us as well as individually designed “LANDING PAGES“ (provided for by the CMS) that will be periodically updated and optimized according to our marketing feedback. Finally we know there are several software programs that can accomplish a specific task we require; however, we are additionally looking to find a product that can copy or “scrape” property profile information from other websites (to include text, images, and contact details) to allow for an easy “sign up” process for our members.

“Back End” or Admin Control Panel requires the functionality to EDIT all CONTENT at different levels of authorization, control all E-COMMERCE/FINANCIAL functions, measure MARKETING FEEDBACK, manage CRM as well as integrate with TAX REPORTING 3rd party software amongst other critical functions typically associated with and standard to a Administration Control Panel common to our industries.


This site is NEW and requires all stages of development. As aforementioned, we need modern, vibrant, "attention getting" design so at this stage we MAY or may NOT assign this portion to an artistically talented designer who has the innate ability to create the "look & feel" we want (please submit bids with this in mind, i.e. "with design" or "without design"). We will provide most ALL content (text, images, video, etc), and we have a marketing plan to promote the website once it is already developed (and "about to launch"). Many of the tools we will utilize are “open-source“ and thus non-proprietary or FREE to use, whom most of you should be familiar with, (as aforementioned to) and “property profile“ websites (real estate, home exchange, vacation rentals) are ALREADY in existence and universally utilized so this technology and platform format should be familiar to the development team already (past experience in designing comparable websites is a must...please provide portfolio and indicate which features EXACTLY you developed on a particular website); however as we are NOT the technical EXPERTS in the Web Development field, we are humbly open to ANY suggestions you may have in regards to the functionality or alternate technologies (or indeed we would be impressed with any NEW technologies you may recommend that would be a good match for our industry). We will refer ALL of the open-source tools WE are aware of to the developer, and the contract price agreed upon should reflect this as we are aware of what is involved in aggregating these tools and developing them on a reliable functional CMS driven platform. Finally as intellectual property rights are a major concern for us, our first priority will be to work with U.S. based web developers. If however, you overseas developers can provide a SUPERIOR PRODUCT and a SUPERIOR PRICE, then that will also be taken into consideration in the interest of our organizational budget and time parameters.

Time frame for Delivery:

This is dependent on many factors such as Total Development Cost (and Payment Schedule), subsequent Production Pre-Approval “Mile Stones”, Post-Development TechSupport/Training, etc. We are looking to launch a quality “one of a kind” website. Quality is more important than time frame; however excessive delays are obviously unacceptable, as are excessive charges for minor changes and revisions as reasonable requested by us in the future.

More details will be provided after a Non Disclosure Agreement is entered into (We can provide an NDA for U.S. Based developers, and overseas developers should be prepared to provide an NDA from their jurisdiction in the official national legal language with a certified copy transcribed into English), and indeed we are open to any ”add on” services that may be suggested by any experience you may have in these industries, if indeed you could handle such a project effectively and efficiently.

If you are interested in just ONE ASPECT (or specialize in only one or two areas, i.e. graphic design, programming, vacation rental script development, SEO, etc) of this project...we would appreciate the honesty in acknowledging one's best abilities and may be interested in contracting out different elements of this project to different contractors if the end product comes out as perfect as possible. So then, please specify your areas of expertise, and provide examples of what can be similarly produced for us.

We can promise you that along with competency and efficiency, we value LOYALTY, so if this project is successful.....there will be MANY more (at least THREE) to come later in the year.

Many Thanks for your TIME Ladies & Gentlemen and Many Blessings...


Skills: AJAX, Project Management, Script Install, SEO, Website Design

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