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DO NOT BID, until your project manger reads the entire posting.

DO NOT BID, if you are not willing to complete the project within 100 days.

DO NOT BID, if you are not serious about taking large project.

DO NOT BID, if you are not in the position to start work on the project, if awarded within one week.

DO NOT BID, if you can not assign six people in your team to work on this project.

DO NOT BID, if you are busy to submit a proposal and project understanding.

DO NOT BID, if you can not demonstrate clear understanding of social networking with our two pages questioner.

DO NOT BID, if have no experience with Large Social Network Website.

DO NOT BID, if do not master one of the following framework: Zend, Yii, OOP Concept and proven code for Social Network.

DO NOT BID if you can not produce clean and bugs free code.

DO NOT BID, if you planning to use Wordpress, Drapal, Joomla or any CMS as framework, since they are not expandable for some planned future modules.

DO NOT BID, if you do not agree with the payment terms below.

FUNDS TO BE PAID in an account based on the milestone below and released by the buyer upon 100% completion of the project.

PLEASE INCLUDE with your bid a full-page to demonstrate project understanding via private message not including your profile or site designed.


We will not pay provider directly nor pay provider upfront. Hence, we will post all payments based on the payment milestones below in the Portal with the purpose of protecting our welfare. Provider receives the first 50% of payment released by the buyer once the full website is completed, uploaded to our server to our satisfaction. Provider receives seconed 50% of payment once the website debugged and assured stability and bugs free for 60 days. We will not accept partial work, only complete 100% working project.

Payments Milestone

Equal payments plan will be deposited in the Portal milestone payment system.

Milestone 0: Initial payment of couple hundred dollars showing our commitment after signing the contact.

Milestone 1: Provider completes the monkup for every screen, actual nonworking HTML pages of the final design NOT BLOCKS

Milestone 2: Provider provides the first login capable piece of the project including the Profile, General setting, Billing and Power User (membership user).

Milestone 3: Provider completes work for What\'s new, Dashboard, Notes and News Feeds sections.

Milestone 4: Provider completes work for The Monitor Console, Who is Around, Credits, Message and Friends sections.

Milestone 5: Provider completes work for Group, Apps and Fun sections.

Milestone 6: Provider completes work for Past Memories, Mom Talk, Pro Queue sections and Travel sections.

Milestone 7: Provider completes work for Career, Talent Contests, Shop n Save and the Business Page sections.

Milestone 8: Provider completes all the side bar items, Ads section and links related

Milestone 9: Provider completes Mobile functionality and Admin CP.

Milestone 10: When the site tested and ready for uploading for production and provider load it on our servers.


The final Website design should have all the features, capabilities and functions that are listed in the generalized list of the functions and modules below. The Website look and feel should be unique and not in violation of any copyrights.

The code should be modular and well-organized and should not contain any encrypted files. You must ensure that all work together cohesively. Layout flowchart of scripts interconnections are well documentations. The code must be understood by our programmer and by your colleagues in case of future enhancement of [url removed, login to view] want it done professionally with a stable code; professional look and feel; solid security; easily expandable and scalable and must be able to expand to around +10 million members.

All software must be self contained and no outside services should be required. This project must not rely on any services that require monthly (or other) fees. No outside services. No other software to buy. Any needed services must be approved by the client in writing.

We require complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done (so that client may modify it in the future). A backup copy of all deliverables is to be sent electronically by way of upload to the final server used for installation AND zip file should be sent via email.

All rights to this software belong exclusively to us and you will provide 100% of the source code upon completion. You will not be able to sell or share to second or third parties or licensed out any part of any of this project code or design with anyone else. All deliverables will be considered \"work made for hire\". Buyer will receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.

The work will be completed within 100 days window. You must stay within the agreed time schedule. If you are beyond the deadline date, I reserve the right to void and null the agreement and get funds back.

We expect developers to be available during the programming by Voice IP phone, chat and email. You should be able to communicate well in English.

Installation guideline: Any website server-side deliverables must be installed by the developer company, the company will move and install the software from the place it was created (QC environment) to the (production environment) in ready-to-run condition in the Buyer\'s environment. The provider should outline servers and hosting requirements for successful installations.

Testing: The installer then tests the software to make sure that the installation was done properly and completely production environment.


This list is only provided for reference and is NOT complete. This project requires you to assemble a COMPLETE list of functions and features; a non-working HTML mockup of all pages/screens in the final software once you are chosen and we enter into an agreement.

Prototype: The Provider will create a HTML non-working mockup of ALL pages/screens in the final software, actual nonworking page and look of the final design NOT BLOCKS.

The buyer have to approve the HTML mockup work. Creating a prototype makes it easier for us to visualize the final software, and reduces misunderstandings.

Document: The Provider will create a document describing everything the final software will do (other than what was documented in the prototype.)

Daily Updates: At the end of the day, email us a brief daily update about work completed on the project and access to system to allow us to view work completed. .

Website Security: Best security methods against hacking and injections. Security from spammers. Security measures include cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention, cross-site request forgery (CSRF) prevention, cookie tampering prevention. Secure sessions with HMAC, SQL injection prevention, etc. Forms, user input validation, caching, authentication/access control and JQuery integration. Prefer Layered Object Oriented Approach with 3-tier architecture programming techniques to support information hiding, data abstraction, encapsulation, modularity, polymorphism, and inheritance

SEO Friendly: Website should be completely: meta tags - keywords, descriptions etc, page titles, entire web site layout including its content relevance, links - Link structure, Alt tags, Text link words and titles, keyword density of each major section on the page, HTML validity, web site accessibility, SEO friendly URL generated with .htaccess MOD_REWRITE.

Follow Us: On Facebook, Tweeters, MySpace, G+. With pages for our site on them..

Website Speed: Visually attractive and eye-catching. Easy to navigate and fast to load. Within standard query response speed, Preventing memory bottleneck issues, optimizes the performance of the SQL queries updates and. Advanced Java Script, AJAX etc to aid faster page loading.

Database: The expansion capability and database scalability is very important. The whole site should work on caching technique for faster loading. Proper indexing and Database caching are expected. The use of one main database and Master/Slave replication is preferred keeping load balancing in mind, which can be synced over multiple servers in real time by load balancer use.

MYSQL WORKBENCH to see load on each table and values in runtime information with full statistics.

Excel sheets with database structure fully documented should provided to us.

Backend admin CP: Admin CP that allow admin to perform any required task to manage, control, monitor the website smooth operation and management.

Browsers: The website should work with all recent browsers i.e: IE 5.x , latest version, Firefox 2.x, latest, version, Safari 4.x - - latest version, Opera, Chrome

Language: Multi Languages support i.e translator to different language to change the site HTML link title. In addition, database must be in UTF format as well.

Mobil: Actual Mobil connection support for i.e: iPad, Wap, Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone so members can access the site functions from their Mobil. The code should auto determine whether the request is coming from a Desktop browser or a mobile browser and display the related content

Server Load Balance: The website design should include Server Load Balancing

RSS feed: Ability to use RSS feed for e.i news, market, weather .

Facial recognition API connection from [url removed, login to view] to allow member to use Facial recognition. It is an API only available from It is used for fun, it can recognized user age, sex, and it can matches names to photo.

3D Photo Editor: 3D photo editor is for Fun, It is PHP script that allow user to change photo in 3D, it is freeware might be at

Antivirus: A mean to scan any uploaded or download file (photo, video, music, attachments) or a way to ensure no viruses can enter the servers.

Signin/Data import: API support that allow members to import their profile data from facebook, G+, AOL to Oursite or signing using facebook, G+ or AOL account.

Design templates following Web2.0 standards. Compliance with W3C Standards. [XHTML/CSS] using HTML 5.0 & CSS 3.0 and PHP5.3

CSS: Global CSS link pages and ID\'s will be used for site.

Resolution: Full screen at any resolution starting from 1072x720

Design/ Style: We expect three design styles and color for the main page, the 2nd and the 3rd page for us to choose from.

Pages Color: White background, Light gray line, Light gray boxes, Black text with light blue for links, Blue top.

Meters: Complete accounting meters for the whole site on the 1st page and per member, alerts, message, posts, likes, comments, trips �.and as needed by the buyer

Image: All graphic design as images, small icons, eCard photos and logo needed for site will be provider by the Provider Company. The client will have to approve the images

Arrow up: An arrow image, once clicked on it to go up immediately from button of page. For pages that have many rows and the user keeps scrolling down. We can have small arrow image pointing up that scroll down with the page. User can click on the arrow and it shoots the page all way up faster than using the mouse to scroll up the standard way. This is needed for the wallpage and the business page and the site\'s pages.

Like/unlike: Like/unlike support for all posts, music, video, event, topic, destinations with counter and thumb up/down icon as needed.

Action animation: When doing any search or activity that takes time, always show an animation processing motion like in FB.

Review: Member should be able to write review and set rank by stars on any publicly posted topic, trip, event

Disk Space: Limit user free disk space to upload photo, music, video, User must upgrade and pay for additional space by becoming \"Power User\".

Ecommerce: Complete automate payment centers are needed as outlined below for each area and section that require member to pay

Billing: All billing information should be kept in one place and remembered, so member does not have to enter his billing information every time they do a new transaction. Should be very secure. History of all billing should accessible from the Billing menu item under Account. Allow member to use his home address for billing contact if they are the same with a check box. Allow member to use Visa, Master card, paypal.

IP Stamp: Every post should have the source IP address to references if need rise.

Permission: This has to be GUI choices for member and quickly selected by mouse from the list above when user create profile or post any photo, video or any post or setting that requires permission.

Revisions/ Design Change: We should be allowed revisions during development i.e : changes to the layout and data search capability and screens as long no new major sections are introduced.

WallPage: Can think of it, as personal webpage/wall.

Create a Wallpage for members when they create their account, referred to it by [url removed, login to view]

Ad Campaigns: Ads created by the member should appear after member clicks on Advertise. Member can manage their Ads or create new Ads from there and view statics about his ads like billing, how many display.

Click through Banner or Sponsored Ad Links: Should open with new browser page and not affecting current member page.

Quick Search: When performing any search or filling forms. The scripts should lookup any available member name, business name, webpage name, apps, games� and autocomplete filling the rest of phrase once member type the 1st/2nd letter, either from our database or from preloaded data.

Help: Provide help about each item by click on question mark \"?\" or \"!\" and we should have FAQ, Ticket System, Live Chat Help. Help Center to provide an in-depth learning module where the user can find answers to all aspects of the site.

One Year Support: On bug fixes, why and what to do with this issue

Photo: Main photo in the Wallpage and in the profile should display with signal frame and double frames for albums..

Credit (Credit Log, About Credit, Add Credit)

Member photo

What\'s new



News Feed

+Monitor Console

+Friend ( -Invite Friends, -Family, -Fav Friend, -Buddies)

+View (-Say Hello, -IM, -Send eCard, -SMS, -Delete, -Block, -Unblock )

+Who is around (-New, -Online, -Popular, around me, my destination )

+Group (--Listing all the group, Create group, -Group Setting, ( (Edit Group, Leave Group, Unsubscribe to Group, Subscribe to Group, Invite New Members, Report this Group, Email)

+Message (-Text, -Say Hello, -Send eCard, -SMS)

+Apps (-Blog, -Poll, -Events, -Forum, -Classified, -Articles, -Fav Web, member\'s apps)

+Fun (-Photo/Album, -YouTube Video, -Music, -3D Photo editor,

-Facial recognition, -Live Web Cam, -Jokes, -Games)

+Travel (-Book Online, -Trip Post, -Travel Forum, -Tour Packages,-Travel Guides Destination, -Travel Agents)

+Career (-Job Seeker,-Recruiter)

+Past Memories ( -Photo, - Video, -Discussion)

+Mom Talk (-Mom Like Me, -Mom Confessions, -Babies, -Single Mom, -Mom Q&A, -Mom Q&A)

+Pro Queue ( -Ask Med, -Ask law, -Ask Tax, -Pro Contacts)

+Talent Contests (-Running Contests, -Vote on Contest, -Awarded Contests).

+Shop n Save ( Api to different shopping outlet)

Side Bar: Chat box, Feedback, FAQ, Mobil, LiveChat, Advertise, Payment Center, File Share: (Share files among members or groups, upload or download files) with file zipping support.

Links: Terms & conditions, Official rules, Privacy policy, Content Rules

Skills: Anything Goes, Social Engine, Social Networking

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