Cash flow generator for Financial institution

by financialxla

FinancialXLA built a Cash flow Application which manages the cash-in and the cash-out for various financial products. Cash accounted for includes the cash flow for both loans and interest. This spreadsheet functions as daily management tools that enable the CFO to obtain precise information regarding the account balances for each day plotted against short-term periods and retrieved weekly/monthly/yearly reports in the long term. It provides substantial insight to properly understand deficits/surplus and hence, proper management of the cash flow of the institute. The application tabulates the Notional and Interest of each product and adds the results to the cash flow by corresponding maturity buckets (O/N T/N S/N 1W 2W 3W 1M 2M...12M...2Y....15Y). The process was created using Microsoft Excel through visual basic applications, pivot tables and advanced formulas that show at the end the results along the template reports which provide by the user.

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I specialise in creating creative and elaborate business plans, financial models, feasibility studies, investment preliminary proposals and whitepapers in a simplified and logical manner including explicit assumptions, drivers, financial statements, valuations methodology, ratios, proper sensitivity analysis, scenarios and dashboards that are easy to understand. Also, I have extensive knowledge in advanced formulas, Pivot Tables, Visual Basic App including preparation of dynamic dashboards, screen layout's, drop-down boxes, generator reports, and charts. During my career, I have gained valuable experience in diverse sectors, including VC’s, private investors, start-ups, retailers, power plants, farms, insurance companies, universities, construction businesses, real estate agents, medical equipment manufacturers, traders, among others. My combined experience, knowledge, and creativity will lead to exceptional results that will exceed your expectations. Языки: английский, русский

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