Corporate Governance News Corp

by dionline

This paper discusses the relevance of guiding principles or standards for a good Corporate Governance. A detailed review on News Corp has been done to find out its practices and protocols that led to its public defamation. It also presents a critical review of Corporate Governance at News Corp Company that recently was split into two public firms (News Corp and 21st Century Fox). After a long allegation period that started when the phone hacking scandal of News of the World UK, came to light and questioned its governance principles. Since then the company has been under scrutiny relating its board structure, independence of directors, tone at the top, shareholders rights, ethical conducts and dual role of its founder. A critical review on the company\\\'s protocols and practices relating its governance has been detailed and further recommendations are made for improvement that might help it to regain value and its lost trust and confidence in its stakeholders which might take a while.

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