Rendering in Adobe Photoshop

by sathyasingh1991

I am Big fan of Aaron Nace and never fail to follow his Video tutorials any week. Here is a Rendering of an Apple Watch created by me. Its obvious that his tutorials had helped me reaching this level. Its a blend of my Favorite color, Favorite Manga character - Naruto and Favorite Brand - Apple. \n\nDo not forget to see the details it has in itself. The Glossy upper case, The Metallic Lower case, Grip in the Knobs and lot more to say. See it to yourselves and you can never take your eyes of it.

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About Me

I am SathyaNarayana Singh. J. I wish to do everything perfectly. My prior Goal is to satisfy all my Employers here. I am Freelancing since July, 2013 and I am still learning it each day. I came here after seeing the outside atmosphere where Engineers are dominated by their Top Authorities and treated literally like Slaves. I want to be my own Boss and I hope I will become as Expected Someday. There are many engineers outside who still suffers like I was in the past. I want to help all of them to come to the outside world which is very large. This is my long term goal. To be more clear, I am a layman with a dream of making an organization particularly to help Engineers who are like-minded. I will do it oneday!!!

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