Python is a powerful, versatile programming language known for its simplicity and ease of use. It's widely employed in various industries for solutions ranging from web applications to data analysis and machine learning. Python Developers have the expertise to create, modify, and enhance programs using this language, offering a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs. Hire Python developers on to bring your project to life with their technical expertise and creative problem-solving capabilities. Here's some projects that our expert Python Developers made real:

  • Developing custom APIs for seamless integration between diverse software platforms
  • Building browser-based apps with elegant user interfaces for various industries
  • Creating automated tools for data gathering, cleaning, and analysis across datasets
  • Designing specialized applications for tasks like audio mastering and chatbot deployment
  • Modifying existing systems like Odoo or Django to deliver improved functionality or customized reports
  • Developing web applications using frameworks such as Flask and Django with full-stack support
  • Implementing machine learning algorithms for advanced data processing or recommendation systems

The vast array of successful projects completed by our skilled Python developers demonstrates the limitless potential of this programming language. Hire Python developers on to turn your ideas into practical applications that suit your unique requirements. Our platform offers instant access to a large pool of talented freelancers who are ready to take on your project and deliver exceptional results.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Python and Haskell programmer to build a calculator for elementary functions. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of mathematical functions and algorithms, as well as experience in software development. Key requirements include: - The program needs to calculate the value and derivative of trigonometric functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. - The program should implement the calculations in a clear and intuitive manner, with proper error handling for invalid inputs. - The code should be well-documented and structured for easy maintenance and future modifications. - A good understanding of numerical methods and calculus is highly desirable. ...

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    I need an experienced full stack developer to work on a web application project. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Python, JavaScript, and PHP - Strong hands-on experience with Django, React, and Laravel frameworks - Capable of building a web application from scratch Your role will include: - Collaborating with the UI/UX designer to realize the project from design to functional web application - Writing well-documented, clean code that is scalable and maintainable - Ensuring the application’s responsiveness on multiple devices - Implementing a secure authentication system - Optimizing the performance of the application Ideal skills and experience: - Proven track record of developing web applications - Deep understanding of front-end technologies - Familiarity with cloud platforms ...

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    I'm in need of a Python script that can download a specific dataset from a financial website. The script should be designed to run from the command line, without the need for a graphical user interface. Key requirements: - The script should be able to access and download the financial data from the target website - The download process should be automated, requiring no manual intervention - The script should be designed to run efficiently from the command line interface Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Experience in web scraping and data extraction using Python - A good understanding of financial data and web security practices - A track record of delivering command-line tools or scripts Please share your relevant experience and details of similar projects you'...

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    I need a Python script that can log into my TradingView account and collect historical data as much as my account allows. Specifically, I require both price and volume data on a 1-minute timeframe. After collecting historical data as much as my tradingview account allows, the application should continue to collect historical data once a minute and save it to the database I created, 24x7. When I use the github/tvdatafeed library without logging in (tv = tvdatafeed() and tv.get_hist('EURUSD',exchange='FX',interval=Interval.in_1_minute,n_bars=5)), I can get the historical data and save it to the database, but the volume information of the EURUSD:FX symbol is in tradingview. It seems different and incomplete from the original information on the website. I need help from som...

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    Help make the Space Robot Operating System (ROS) more robust and assist NASA’s plan for future missions by adding to the repository. Solvers need to fill out the Challenge Registration Form before submitting the solution. Please refer to the Guidelines tab for more information. Overview  Space ROS is an open-source software framework, derived from ROS 2, which was created to be compatible with the demands of safety-critical space robotics applications. NASA is looking to expand the Space ROS repository with new higher fidelity demonstration environments and additional capabilities. If you can provide a useful addition to Space ROS, you could be eligible for a share of the $30,000 US prize purse. Background The Space ROS project started with a joint agreement with the priva...

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    I need a seasoned Python developer who has the experience and proficiency in configuring the Raspberry Pi 5 to run a Python script upon startup. Key Requirements: - Setting the Raspberry Pi 5 to run a specific Python script automatically upon startup without any manual intervention or trigger. - Ensuring that the script will run seamlessly and without error every time the device is turned on. - Providing a detailed guide or instructions on how the code was implemented, so that I can understand and potentially modify the script in the future. Experience and skills in the following areas would be highly advantageous: - Extensive experience in Python programming, especially in developing scripts for Raspberry Pi devices. - A strong understanding of Linux systems and experience with system-...

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    Hello, We are looking for a deeply experienced ML developer who has worked with various GAN and Computer Vision in the past, especially involved in human faces as well as "image to image manipulation" Please don't forget to attach a sample of your work related to your GAN experience before bidding. We are looking for a long-term commitment Thank you!

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    I need an expert who's proficient in and Selenium Python to address session timeout. The web login page should be maintained alive, even when the session times out. Your responsibilities include: - Solving website session timeout issues - Implementing a solution in Selenium Python Your expertise will ensure: - keeping session alive - removing session timeout Please reach out if you have the required skills and are committed to taking on this task.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me with an analysis of baseball statistics in the GAMECHANGER app. Though I didn't specify the exact stats, it'll involve digging into the performance data to draw out the insights. The project includes: - Deep dive into baseball statistics on the GAMECHANGER app - Extract insights from the data - Present the analysis in a clear, structured way Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in baseball statistics - Experience in data analysis - Familiarity with the GAMECHANGER app is a plus

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    Bot will operate on Okex subaccount, when I Sell call Option, bot should automatically: Put limit futures order (long) - At the option strike price - For the same asset (btc in this case) - Same volume - With stop loss at the strike price If price goes below strike price (stop loss should work so position will be closed), bot should execute same action: Put limit futures order (long) - At the option strike price - For the same asset (btc in this case) - Same volume - With stop loss at the strike price Bot should close position (if it exist) at the same moment when option expires.

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    I have a React based website that's already built, but I need a skilled developer to make some enhancements and fixes. Here's what I need: - **Styling Changes**: I want to change the layout of the website to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly. - **Functionality Modifications**: I require the addition of new features, along with improvements to the existing functionalities. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in React and front-end development. - Strong knowledge of web design principles and user experience. - Experience in fixing bugs and enhancing website functionalities. - Good communication skills to understand the requirements and provide regular updates.

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    I'm a hobbyist looking to build an Ai assistant using the paid version of OpenAi. Twilio, and Google console are set up, I need help writing Python scripts. Here's what I'm seeking: - A 1-2 hour tutorial with someone who can help me finish the script writing process...this will simply send SMS messages to someone based on a predefined schedule - I require the script to have functionality specifically for OpenAI, Twilio, and Google Cloud. - The Python script should be proficient in handling file input as a source of data. Skills & Experience Required: - Solid experience in Python script writing - Experience with OpenAI, Twilio, and Google Cloud integration - Knowledge on how to handle data through file input (google sheet or Excel) Would love to find someon...

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    I'm in need of an ASP.NET developer with strong expertise in session management, specifically keeping sessions alive and handling session timeouts. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in : Extensive experience in developing applications is a must. - Strong Understanding of Session Management: I need people who have knowledge about session timeout keeping webpages alive for more then 1 hr

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    As someone dealing with a migration task from R to Python, I am looking for a diligent professional who can carry out this task proficiently. To provide more insight, it is a small dataset of less than 1GB that needs to be migrated. Unfortunately, I am unable to specify which tasks I need assistance with, but anticipate the range could cover code rewriting, data manipulation, and package translation. The individual I am seeking should have: * Detailed knowledge of both R and Python libraries * Prior experience in managing migration from R to Python * Proven ability to work with data sets Understanding these libraries and having prior proven experience is essential to complete this project task effectively. Your astute knowledge and expertise will definitely be a contributing factor to t...

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    YOLO8 Expansion -- 3 6 days left

    I'm looking for a skilled deep learning expert to enhance the YOLO8 structure with new layers like Efficient Channel Attention (ECA), Large Separable Kernel Attention (LSK), ParNet Attention (ParNet), and Shuffle Attention (Shuffle) for the purpose of improving object detection accuracy. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing the YOLO8 structure - Integrating the new layers (ECA, LSK, ParNet, Shuffle) in the YOLO8 network - Ensuring the new layers effectively enhance the object detection accuracy Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of object detection models, particularly YOLO - Experience with integrating attention mechanisms like ECA, LSK, ParNet, and Shuffle - Strong experience in improving model accuracy - Good understanding of deployment on desktop computers This ...

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    I need an experienced Python developer to help me with my Badoo bot script. The project involves fixing any existing bugs and enhancing the script's reliability. Key Tasks: - Debugging: Identify and fix any existing bugs in the script to ensure it's working as intended. - Enhancements: Improve the reliability of the script to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Skills and Experience: - Expert Level at Python: You should have strong experience in Python programming language (at least 4 years of experience). - Bot Scripting: Previous experience with bot scripting and automation. - Debugging Skills: Ability to identify and fix bugs in existing code. - Reliability Enhancement: Experience in improving the reliability and efficiency of scripts. - Windows OS: Familiarity with th...

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    Good morning!! I am looking for a programmer with extensive knowledge of the Sierra Chart trading platform as I would like to automate my trading strategy which will include a lot of coding as well as creating many parameters!! secondly, be able to create a copier that will be able to copy my live trades from Sierra Chart to the tradovate trading platform!! in order to duplicate them on tradovate!! I remain at your disposal to discuss it in more detail!! Please!! I am looking for a serious person because I am looking for someone for the long term!! THANK YOU!!

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    I require a skilled Full Stack Python developer for a project to construct a web application. This project predominantly revolves around two main tasks; 1. Developing User Registration and Login: This feature of the web application will require advanced security measures, specifically a two-factor authentication for all users to protect confidential user data. Ideal skillset and experiences for the project would be: - Proficient in Full Stack Python - Extensive experience in user registration and login systems - Proficient in two-factor authentication security measures - Excellent communication skills - Good problem-solving skills Looking forward to your proposals. Let's build something great together.

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    I'm in need of seasoned online trainers who are capable of providing advanced training sessions in Python, Angular, and React. The sessions will be conducted live online. Key requirements: - Proficiency in Python, Angular, and React: I need trainers who have extensive experience and deep knowledge of these programming languages. - Experience in online training: It’s crucial that you're well-versed in conducting effective, engaging online training sessions. - Adaptive to advanced learners: The training is for participants who already have advanced knowledge, so you should be able to tailor your content and approach accordingly. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Python, Angular, and React - Proven track record in online training - Experience with advanced-level teaching - Strong...

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    I'm an individual with a strong programming background, who's looking to delve into the field of Data Analysis, specifically focusing on Machine Learning. I'm in need of a professional who can help me kickstart this venture. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive experience in Data Analysis, specifically in the field of Machine Learning - Expertise in programming, especially in Python - Excellent communication skills as they'll be required to explain complex concepts in a way that's easy to understand Your role in this project would include: - Assisting me in understanding the basics of Data Analysis with a focus on Machine Learning - Collaborating with me to work on small projects and help me in understanding the intricacies of the field - Pr...

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    I'm in need of a Python developer who will create a Web API that can extract text from images and PDFs. The extracted text will be used for automating data entry processes. Key Project Requirements: - I need a Web API that can extract text from both images and PDFs in a seamless manner. - The text extraction should be accurate and performant. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Python and Web API development. - Prior experience in image and PDF text extraction. - Knowledge of data entry automation processes would be a big plus.

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    I am in need of a Python developer with a deep understanding of deep learning, specifically with a focus is on image classification of facial photographs. Key Responsibilities: - Implement deep learning algorithms utilizing python libraries such as cv2, numphy, pandas, and torch. - Carry out image and video processing tasks with a focus on facial photographs. Ideal Candidate: - You are skilled in working with Python and its libraries including cv2, numphy, pandas, and torch. - You have experience in implementing deep learning algorithms with a focus on image classification. - Experience with facial image recognition will be highly advantageous. This project is a unique opportunity to contribute to an exciting project and demonstrate your proficiency in Python and deep learning.

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    Hi there, I need you to modify the code of this Python program. Link: @jannismoore/Vapi-Custom-LLM You can also start from scratch. This custom LLM will be used for a realtime AI Phone Agent made on Task: - Replace OpenAI by (Llama 3 70B Instruct) - Provide the entire working code in the .zip format Groq documentation: API Key: I'll provide an API Key once the mission will be accepted Delivery: Today or tomorrow maximum

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    I'm looking for a developer skilled in node.js to create a Chrome extension. The extension's specific functionality was not specified but I would like it to encompass some form of web scraping, customized browser actions, or data manipulation. Your expertise in JavaScript and experience with Chrome extensions will be crucial in this project. Your knowledge in node.js will be beneficial for the implementation. I'm eager to confirm a timeline for completion, so please let me know your availability.

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    I'm creating a chatbot on the “Hello TARS” platform and need a freelancer to help me integrate it with Zapier. The chatbot's main functionalities will include sending user input data to a spreadsheet or database and fetching user-specific data as search results. Key Project Requirements: - Connect the chatbot with Zapier: I need the freelancer to establish a seamless connection between the chatbot and the Zapier platform. - Data Update and Management: The chatbot should be able to send user input data to a spreadsheet or database. This will involve creating a Zap that can handle this data transfer effectively and updating the database with the information. - Search Results: The chatbot should fetch user-specific data as search results. This functionality will help th...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to build a copy trading bot for Solana. The bot should be able to copy the buys (from 1 address up to 10 addresses) and auto sell after custom delay. The must operate on Windows. I don't really need a Telegram or a nice user interface, just something automated, simple and functionnal (text, lines, code) that I can start, stop and edit quickly. Key Requirements: - Develop a copy trading bot for Solana - Copy addresses that trade pumpfun/raydium tokens - Possibility of copying up to 10 addresses at the same time (in same interface or by running multiple instances) - The addresses that I want to copy are buying sometimes 10 times in a row the same token, I only want to copy the first buy of the serie. See the attached pictures. (as soon as t...

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    I'm in need of a web scraping tool that can fetch valid tracking numbers from various shipping carriers' websites, such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Key Requirements: - The tool should be able to fetch tracking numbers. - No UI needed. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web scraping and data extraction. - Experience working with tracking systems of major shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

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    I am in need of an expert in web automation for a project that involves web scraping, data processing, and task scheduling. Key Responsibilities: - Develop an automation system that involves data entry, report generation, and email automation. - Web scraping: Extract data from various websites, APIs, and databases. - Data processing: Clean and transform the scraped data into a format that is easily interpretable. - Task scheduling: Implement a scheduling system to ensure the automation tasks are executed within the specified time frames. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web scraping technologies and tools. - Strong background in data processing and manipulation. - Experience in building task scheduling systems. - Proficient in various programming languages commonly used in ...

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    I'm urgently in need of an expert with in-depth Arduino programming capabilities. The project involves developing custom Arduino code for a specific functionality. Key responsibilities: - Arduino code - Python program - for electronic project My ideal freelancer should have the ability to understand the desired outcome of the custom Arduino code, which is mainly electronics projects basis. Essential skills and experience: - Extensive experience with Arduino programming - Proficiency in data logging, sensor integration, and actuator control - Hands-on experience with LED lights and temperature monitoring setups - Ability to deliver the project ASAP. I'm looking for someone who can start immediately. A rapid, accurate, and high-quality delivery is desired.

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    I am looking for a talented developer to help me build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will serve as a powerful tool in attracting investors. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: The MVP should be easy to access and use, with a simple yet secure registration and login system in place. Since the MVP is intended to be used as a tool for pitching to investors, it is crucial that it is not only functional but also attractive and user-friendly. I'm looking for a developer who can combine necessary functionalities with an appealing design that can demonstrate the value of the product effectively. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web application development - Experience in creating user registration and login systems - Knowledge in creating appealing and user-...

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    I'm initiating a journey to boost my knowledge in the Django Rest Framework, specifically needing assistance with: - Understanding Cache Configuration and Management within DRF: A strong tutor with expertise in elaborating concepts and walking me through practical examples of both cache configuration and management will be ideal. - Customizing Permissions: I also plan to explore deeply into creating, modifying, and setting custom permissions in the Django Rest Framework context, requiring a tutor with hands-on practice in these areas. - Implementing Customizable Approval Levels: Lastly, I seek to comprehend how to deploy customizable approval levels on forms within DRF. Tutors experienced in working with various levels of form approvals are in pole position for this gig. Be pre...

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    I need a professional who can utilize AWS for the extraction and analysis of data from PDF documents. - The primary aim is to convert the extracted data into a structured format. - The documents contain textual data (reports, articles). - The ideal candidate should be experienced in AWS and have a strong background in data extraction and analysis. - Attention to detail is crucial, as the extracted data needs to be accurately identified, extracted, and validated. - It would be highly beneficial if the freelancer is proficient in creating and managing containers. The project involves: 1. Automated Data Extraction: Implement a robust process to extract data from PDFs automatically. 2. Identification of Key Identifiers: Accurately identify and extract key data points from the document...

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    I need support with Azure IoT Hub, specifically with trying out frameworks / OTS systems to create a user-friendly front end complete with authentication and various functional widgets for better interaction with the data and two way control. The scope of the project includes: • Building a front end with Graphs, Tables, and Buttons. • Including different types of graphs such as Line graphs, Bar graphs, and Pie charts. • Displaying time series data in the tables and graphs - VERY IMPORTANT - able to pick data ranges • Link end devices with customers who own then - customer can add and remove devices. The end goal is a functional front end that can show the data gathered through my Azure IoT Hub. My background is industrial device firmware and control systems - this w...

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    I'm seeking a skilled educator (but most importantly somebody knowledgeable about robotics) to devise an interactive robotics course targeted at 9 year olds. The course should be 60 steps that take 1 hours each. Key expectations include: - Covering the topics of programming basics, LLM for conversations, mechanical design, and sensor integration. - Having instructional knowledge about intermediate level robotics for children. - Ability to convey technical information in digestible, written instruction format. Ideal skills: - Knowledge of robotics. - Familiarity with products that can facilitate the activities. E.g Raspberry Pi.

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    I am seeking an experienced professional with expertise in converting Semi-structured PDF TO Excel using Python Desired Skills: - Experience PYTHON - Attention to detail for accurate data conversion - Knowledge of CSV files and formatting Please, include previous experiences of similar conversions in your bid. Let's ensure successful and accurate conversion with this project!

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    I require a highly skilled AWS data engineer who can provide on-demand consultation for my data processing needs. The project involves helping me manage large volumes of data in AWS using Python, SQL, Pyspark, Glue, and Lambda. This is a long-term hourly consulting job, where I will reach out to you when I need guidance on any of the following areas: - Data Ingestion: The initial process of collecting and importing large volumes of data into AWS. - Data Transformation: The process of converting and reformatting data to make it suitable for analysis and reporting. - Data Warehousing: The ongoing management and storage of transformed data for analysis purposes. Your role will be to assist me in making critical decisions about data architecture and processing, using the tools and languages ...

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    I require an experienced developer to create a web application that integrates face recognition technology. The application will serve as an employee management tool, specifically designed for registration and data retrieval based on face recognition. Key Requirements: - Integration of Face Recognition: The web application must have a seamless integration with a face recognition system. This system should be able to accurately register employees by analyzing their facial features. - MongoDB Database: All employee data captured during registration should be stored in a MongoDB database. This database will be integral to the functionality of the application. - Employee Information Retrieval: The application should be able to retrieve all stored employee information based on the face recogni...

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    I need an experienced Python developer who can assist in making some minor adjustments to a Selenium script. Key Requirements: - The script currently handles automation. - The changes needed are minor and relate to the data extraction logic, and error handling. Adjustments Needed: - Modify the element selectors The ideal candidate should possess: - Proficiency in Python - Experience with Selenium - Strong understanding of web scraping and data extraction - Ability to work with multiprocessing in Python (desired but not essential) - Good knowledge of error handling in Python - Excellent communication skills This should be a straightforward project for someone with the right skills and experience. Looking forward to receiving your bids.

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    I need an expert for with experience. Key Requirements: - Automation: Setting up automation processes to ensure the images in our OneDrive are resized automatically when new images in JPEG and PNG formats are added. Process: New Folder with jpg/png will be uploaded an OneDrive folder. These Images must be resized automatic to max (eg. 700px width) or max (eg. 400px height). In this dimensions maximum. and saved in new renamed folder. eg: uploaded folder "client1234" --- resized images in new folder "client1234_new". - Experience with : Familiarity with is an added advantage. Please provide a brief overview of your experience in automation and image processing, particularly within a business context. and more automation in

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    I am seeking a proficient developer experienced with Python, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning to develop a code primarily for Pathological image understanding in a multimodal setting. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficient in the use of Python for coding. - Strong familiarity with Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques. - Experience in developing medical image codes. - Understanding of proper optimization for personal computer-based machine learning processes. Working together, we will strive to create an efficient and reliable object recognition system. A preference will be given to those who can clearly demonstrate past achievements in similar projects.

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    Purpose: Develop an intelligent robotic system using the Niryo One robot to optimally grasp, transport, and place irregular products in containers based on their size and packaging volume. Objectives Optimize Container Selection: Automatically select the most suitable container for each irregular product based on its dimensions and the available packaging volume. Optimal Product Placement: Determine the most efficient position for each product inside the container to maximize space utilization and stability. Seamless Integration: Implement an algorithm that integrates with the Niryo One robot, using the robot's camera for space identification and placement optimization. Methodology Data Upload: Product Dimensions: Upload dimensions of the irregular products. Container Volumes: Upload...

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    Purpose: Develop an intelligent robotic system using the Niryo One robot to optimally grasp, transport, and place irregular products in containers based on their size and packaging volume. Objectives Optimize Container Selection: Automatically select the most suitable container for each irregular product based on its dimensions and the available packaging volume. Optimal Product Placement: Determine the most efficient position for each product inside the container to maximize space utilization and stability. Seamless Integration: Implement an algorithm that integrates with the Niryo One robot, using the robot's camera for space identification and placement optimization. Methodology Data Upload: Product Dimensions: Upload dimensions of the irregular products. Container Volumes: Upload...

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    I'm seeking an expert Python developer experienced with the NLTK and spaCy libraries for an urgent debugging task. My data cleaning file has 25 test cases, each representing a unique text cleaning operation. Your job will be to: Ideal skills and experience for this job include: This is a very small project potentially can be completed in less than 2 hours. 7 test cases are failing, just need to investigate if they are actually failing and if they are, making sure the code is correct.

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    I'm currently engaged in a project that requires customization of an existing program: ArduPilot. The aspect that needs particular alteration is the flight modes. Here's what I need from an ideal applicant: - Proven experience with ArduPilot - Proficiency in feature change and optimization - Strong background in manipulating flight modes Apply if you have these in your Quiver. This is a unique opportunity to bring my project to life by altering the standard flight modes. I envision your skills and my idea working towards a successful rendition of this ArduPilot project. Thank you for considering closely.

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    I am in need of an experienced coder who is proficient in Python and C++. These tasks will often consist of advanced-level work that could cover: - Data structures - Algorithms - Object-oriented programming The ideal candidate will be capable of producing accurate solutions within a brief timeframe of 20-30 minutes per assignment. Immediate, competitive payment will be provided upon successful and timely completion of each task.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Linux Admin who has solid experience with Kubernetes along with proficient Python coding skills.

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    I am seeking a skilled professional who can help me optimize my web browsing and navigation experience. The primary task will be to assist me in accessing a specific website and efficiently clicking the registration button. Your expertise in web navigation techniques and tools will be invaluable. And please text me "read message" to avoid wasting time. Key Project Details - I need help with advanced web navigation techniques - Utilizing tools like auto-refreshers and web automation scripts - Goal is a swift and efficient access to a specific website's registration button - The primary browser in use is Google Chrome - The intended usage of the web automation tools is for business operations Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with advanced web navigation techniqu...

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    I'm in search of a reliable and experienced online tutor who can guide me through multiple facets of computer science and information technology. I consider myself to be at a beginner level and I'm looking for support in the areas of programming languages, database management, networking, hardware, software, and operating systems. Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in teaching programming languages, database management, networking, hardware, software, and operating systems - Previous experience teaching beginners - Good communication skills and patience - Ability to conduct tutoring sessions through video call platforms like Skype or Zoom - Must have Masters Degree - Minimum 5 years in the industry Your role will be to assist in understanding and applying the core co...

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    $13 / hr Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled Python developer to modify our existing script. The project involves improving the accuracy of Google transcription, incorporating Twilio for SMS functionality, and resolving any existing bugs. *** CANNOT VIEW ANY SCRIPTS OR PROJECT FILES TO ACCEPT PROJECT OTHER THEN ANYDESK *** Outbound AI Caller Project uses >> Twilio >> Google Transcription >> OpenAI >> ElevenLabs Key Project Details: - Enhance Google Transcription: The primary focus of this project is to improve the accuracy of our existing Google transcription feature. This will involve optimizing the script to better process and convert audio files into text. - Twilio Integration: I am looking to add SMS functionality using the Twilio API. This will require knowledge of Twilio�...

    $226 (Avg Bid)
    $226 Avg Bid
    17 bids

    I'm looking for an expert in Natural Language Processing, Text Generation, and Sentiment Analysis who can finalize the development of a custom Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) and make it ready for deployment and then help me get it on to a cloud based server ready for use so people can access it. Primary Responsibility: - Enhance the GPT's features, including Natural Language Processing, Text Generation, and Sentiment Analysis. - Deploy the optimised GPT on a cloud-based platform, ensuring smooth user experience even during peak usage times. Who's Best Fit: - You should have a solid understanding of GPTs and a proven track record in developing and optimizing such systems. - The project expects a low usage of up to 10-1000 users and experience managing solutions...

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $13 / hr Avg Bid
    11 bids

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