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Verified freelancers go through a video interview process that ensures their identity, maximizes the quality of their profile, and helps them increase their chances of getting awarded.
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Get noticed

Standing out from the crowd can mean the difference between making your time count, and aimlessly bidding on projects. Verified freelancers get a badge that makes sure that employers notice them first.
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Work with enterprises

It's no secret that we are working with more and more enterprises like NASA, Facebook and Airbus. If you want to expand your portfolio, and really put your freelancing career on the map, Verified is for you.
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Make more money

Getting verified instantly opens you up to working on high value projects, which are normally restricted. Get verified today and start working on high value projects.
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"After I got Verified, I started winning more projects.
My clients really appreciated that I went through the extra step to verify myself.
It removed a lot of the friction."
- Josh S.
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Show clients you are serious

Clients want to know that who they work with is serious about their career. Verified tells employers that you have gone the extra step to let them know that you mean business.
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Getting started is easy


What is required?

Minimum requirements for getting verified will include:
- Phone Verification
- ID Verification
- Identity (KYC) Verification

How long does it take?

The process is usually complete within 24 hours.
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What is the process?

The process is easy, hit the "Get Verified" button today and connect with our Verified team. They will reach out and schedule a time to verify you.

There is a lot of competition out there. If you want to increase your chances of success, and your earnings, get verified today for just

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