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    ...developer to implement specific changes to my existing color prediction game. Key Requirements: - Modify the game logic: Primarily, I want to change the scoring system. This will require a deep understanding of how the game currently operates and how to adjust it effectively. The new scoring system should enhance user engagement and retention. - Connect APIs from other websites: I need to integrate external services into the game, which will require knowledge of API integration processes. This integration should be seamless and reliable, and will play a crucial role in the game's overall functionality. - Implement JWT token for user authentication - Basic error fixing: There are some minor issues in the existing code that need to be addressed. An attention to detail and t...

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    ...(P2P) money transfers between wallets - Cash withdrawal and recharge at our agencies or partner points of sale - Payment of bills to partner public service providers (water, electricity, cable TV, etc.) 3. Technical Components The overall architecture of the mobile money solution must include: - A secure central platform hosting all functionalities - A middleware layer for integration with external systems - A complete administration back-office for platform management - Required security components 4. Technical Requirements The supplier must guarantee the following technical requirements: - Enhanced security mechanisms - Robust and reliable architecture - Ease of integration with APIs and third-party systems 5. Deliverables The service provider must provide: - Complete doc...

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    I'm searching for a skilled ServiceNow developer to assist with crafting custom applications and configuring workflows and approvals. Your primary focus will be client scripts and business rules. Your tasks would include: - Creating client-side validations - Automating field calculations Experience with integrating external systems is beneficial, but not mandatory for this project. There's 2 days strict deadline, giving you the flexibility to ensure top-quality results.

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    I'm having a tough time with my powerapp project and need an expert to step in. There are some crucial issues that need to be fixed quickly. These include: - Data not saving properly - Difficulty in integrating external APIs - Improving formula optimization I've attempted to save multiple screens to PDF and email it, as well as search for employees in my organization but am currently failing. This work needs completion ASAP. Therefore, I am seeking a freelancer who understands powerapp projects and their workings, down to the smallest detail. Your expertise in correcting data saving issues, integration of APIs and mastery of formula optimization will be crucial to get this project completed successfully. If this is your terrain, please make a bid.

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    ...setup and integration with the SIP Trunk Provider. This requires a comprehensive understanding of both Avaya systems and SIP technology. - The primary goal for this configuration is to achieve a seamless integration between the ASBCE, the SIP Trunk Provider, and our Avaya servers. The focus is on ensuring robust communication and operation between these systems. - Basic training on how to restrict external call access to everyone, give dedicated SIP line to one user etc. The ideal candidate for this project should possess: - Proven experience in Avaya ASBCE installations and setup - Expertise in SIP technology, specifically with SIP Trunk Provider integration, and any prior experience in STC SIP Trunks - Strong communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving - T...

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    ...Zomato. This should eliminate the need for manual intervention, ensuring a streamlined and efficient order management process. - Menu synchronization between the POS system and Swiggy/Zomato is crucial. This means that any changes made to the menu on the POS system should be reflected on the online platforms and vice versa. Skills and Experience: - Experience with integrating POS systems with external platforms, particularly in the food industry, would be highly beneficial. - Proficiency in building robust, real-time data synchronization systems is key. - Prior experience with Swiggy and Zomato APIs and understanding of their order processing mechanisms is a distinct advantage. Please note that I do not require inventory updates from Swiggy and Zomato orders. The focus is ...

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    Hello, we need personnel to carry out the external financing operations of our betting company.

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    We are a dynamic startup aiming to establish a new certification company Our goal is to provide top-notch certification services to businesses and infrastructure, and budget allocation, to support operational objectives. Collaboration and Communication: Foster collaboration and communication among internal teams, external stakeholders, and regulatory bodies to streamline certification processes and maintain transparency. Risk Management: Identify potential risks and develop risk mitigation strategies to safeguard the integrity and reputation of the certification company. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate documentation of all operational processes, activities, and outcomes, and prepare comprehensive reports for internal review and external...

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    I'm looking for a qualified Android developer who can modify an existing apk for me. I need some specific modifications to be made. Requirements: - Remove license code request. - Disable external server connection to - Make sure the "REPLACE" button continues to work as intended. The purpose of the "REPLACE" button in this apk is to inject pre-recorded video into the native Android camera or stream transmitted via obs from the pc into the native Android camera. This is a crucial functionality of the apk that needs to be maintained and work perfectly after modifications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Android application development. - Experience in modifying existing apks. - Familiarity with video injection into an Android camera.

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    I have a design prepared for an app I'm developing and I'm in need of a skilled Flutter developer who is a BLoC expert. The main features of the app will include user authentication, push notifications, and in-app purchases. In addition, the app will need to integrate with external APIs. Key requirements: - Proficiency in Flutter - Expertise in BLoC pattern - Prior experience with user authentication, push notification, in-app purchases - Strong API integration skills

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    I'm seeking a professional who can configure my Kamailio SIP proxy and RTPengine. The main purpose of this project is to set up to set up call routing and load balancing. Key Responsibilities: - Configure Kamailio SIP proxy for call routing - Implement load balancing features - Ensure compatibility with SIP over UDP Ideal Skills: - Proficient with Kamailio SIP proxy and RTPengine - Strong understanding of call routing and load balancing - Familiarity with SIP over UDP I do not require integration with any specific external systems or services. The primary goal is to optimize my setup for efficient call routing and load balancing. Please share your relevant experience when applying. It should read from a text file, xml or database the list of servers it needs to sen...

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    I am seeking an accomplished ABAP developer to provide support for our SAP BW module. Your focus will be on two main areas: - Debugging and Error Fixing: I require comprehensive debugging of my existing system to identify any potential issues, errors, or bugs that may be hampering system performance or functionality. Your expertise in this area sho...capabilities and making any necessary amendments to facilitate smoother business processes. The ideal candidate is an experienced ABAPer who has an in-depth understanding of the SAP BW module. You should be thorough, detail-oriented, and efficient in identifying and resolving system errors and enhancing ABAP code. A strong background in SAP system functionalities, custom report development, and external system integration would be adv...

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    I am seeking a skilled PHP developer to assist with my project. Core tasks revolve around using CodeIgniter to develop an efficient User management system and a Custom API. Key Skills: - Proficient in PHP - Proven experience with CodeIgniter framework - Excellent in API development Other Responsibilities: - It's a requirement to integrate this project with external systems or APIs. Therefore, a successful candidate should be competent in API integration. Please, only apply if you possess the relevant skills and experiences.

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    I have identified the specific CP...needs to be converted to Java. The CPP code interacts with external systems and the Java code should maintain a similar code structure as the CPP code. Key Requirements: - Convert CPP code to Java: You should be experienced in both languages and possess a strong understanding of how to translate complex code structures. - Maintain a Similar Code Structure: The Java code should be as close as possible to the original CPP code in terms of its structure. I'm looking for a developer that can efficiently convert the code and ensure that it maintains the same ability to interact with external systems. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in C++ and Java. - Experience in translating code from one language to another. - Knowledge of working with ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to integrate the stock of my...the stock of my WooCommerce website with a Warehouse Management System via API. Key Requirements: - Integration: Develop a seamless connection between my WooCommerce store and a Warehouse Management System. - Frequency: Implement stock level updates from the API to WooCommerce once a day. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in WooCommerce and WordPress API - Experience with integrating external systems, particularly Warehouse Management Systems - Strong understanding of real-time data updates - Ability to write efficient, secure and scalable code - Good communication skills to ensure successful integration and project completion I have a few files and documents from the warehouse which I can share with ...

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to create a map on my website, showcasing numerous restaurants. This is a unique project as I don't want to use any tAPIs for this, so the developer would need to work from scratch. Key Project Requirements: - Design an Interactive Map: The map should be engaging, user-friendly, and provide a clear view of the re...markers effectively. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing interactive maps - Proficiency in working without third-party APIs - Familiarity with integrating marker-based information display - Ability to create a scalable solution that can handle a large number of markers If you're confident in your ability to deliver a high-quality, fully functional map without relying on external APIs, I look for...

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    I'm...Enhancements: I'm looking to improve the app's current functionality significantly. While I haven't specified the exact enhancements needed, your ability to understand the app's existing features and suggest or implement improvements will be crucial. - Third-Party Integrations: I have a specific list of third-party services that I want to integrate into the app. Your experience with integrating external services into Flutter apps will be essential. Skills and Experience: In order to be successful in this role, you must have: - Demonstrated expertise in Flutter development, with a strong portfolio of apps you've worked on. - A track record of successfully implementing functionality enhancements in mobile applications. - Proficiency in integrating...

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    ...charging systems where the power storage device installed in the vehicle is charged. For example, in a certain charging system, an emergency stop button is provided on the charging device. As a result, the user can stop the charging device by pressing the emergency stop button during charging. 【2. Technology Description】 The technology wanted is related to vehicles designed to receive power from an external charging device. This vehicle is equipped with an input unit where a charging connector provided on the charging device is connected, a control unit that communicates with the charging device, a power storage device that is supplied with power through the charging connector, and an input unit where the user makes inputs. If the control unit determines that a charge stop requ...

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    I am looking for an accomplished specialist in report writing who can deliver a detailed and effective quality control inspection report for factories located in China. This report is specifically intended for external auditors usage and thus, it must be both accessible and impressive in its detail and clarity. While detail being key, simplicity should be above all else. Key Requirements Include: - Performance Evaluation: Analyze and document the performance of various processes of the factories product. - Compliance with Standards: Evaluate and report on the compliance of processes with established standards if applicable. - Detection of Defects: Detect and describe any defects encountered during the inspection. - Process Failure Theory: Include a section on the potential reasons ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a customized net worth spreadsheet. This spreadsheet should enabl...Google Sheets is essential. - Experience in financial tracking and net worth management is highly beneficial. - Understanding of stock market, investment tracking, and basic accounting principles is a plus. Delivery: - I expect the freelancer to deliver a comprehensive, error-free spreadsheet that meets the specified requirements. - The spreadsheet should be easily updatable and not reliant on external sources for data input. - A brief tutorial or guide on how to use the spreadsheet would be appreciated. Feel free to share any relevant work samples or experience you have in this area. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve the spreadsheet's fu...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to create a Web Assembly prototype, , using a small Delphi application that primarily showcases an interactive user interface. The aim is to target the prototype for web browsers. Key Requirements: - Creation of a Web Assembly prototype utilizing a Delphi application. - Focus on showcasing a simple interactive user interface The Prototype: - The user interface for the prototype is envisioned to be simple, consisting of basic elements. - The primary focus should be on the seamless integration of the Delphi application's functionality into a web browser environment.

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    I need to change the way my web site updates schedules for tv channels. Right now my site scrapes external sites and pickle dumps and returns data to the site. I want a json or csv to upload to updates all channels manually or we can use my admin to update with file.

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    I'm in need of a SOCKS Proxy server as my ISP has closed port 25, which is essential for email services. Key requirements: - Set up a SOCKS Proxy server: The server's primary function will be to support email services. - Implementation: The server should be configured to support my email client. - Security: Ensure the server is secure and reliable. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in setting up SOCKS proxies. - Expertise in configuring services for email clients. - Knowledge of network security standards. The project might involve more tasks depending on the specific needs of the proxy server.

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    Core PHP Developer 5 days left

    ...Ability to ensure the application is well-structured and follows best practices for data handling. - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently. ?️ Key Responsibilities: Design and develop the backend system using Core PHP, ensuring high performance and reliability. Implement secure authentication and authorization mechanisms to protect sensitive data. Integrate with external APIs and services to enhance functionality and interoperability. Optimize database queries and data storage to maximize efficiency and scalability. Collaborate with frontend developers to ensure seamless integration between the frontend and backend components. Conduct thorough testing and debugging to identify and fix issues proactively. Continuously optimize and refactor code to m...

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    Wordpress Elementor bug 4 days left

    It is possible to copy content from another site with Elementor using a simple copy and paste. I currently get an error when performing this copy and paste operation. I need to solve this problem with Elementor and paste external content correctly. This is the video of the error:

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    ...users and job listings. • Utilize cloud infrastructure services such as AWS or Azure for scalable hosting and resource provisioning. 8.1. Integration with Third-Party Services: • Integrate with third-party APIs for functionalities such as location services, email notifications, and social media authentication. • Ensure seamless communication and data exchange between the recruitment website and external services. 9. Testing and Quality Assurance: • Conduct comprehensive testing of AI models for accuracy, robustness, and performance under various scenarios and datasets. • Implement continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for automated testing and deployment of code changes. 10. Documentation and Training: • Provide docum...

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    Building a comprehensive school management software with features like online exams, results management, fee management, and more would require integrating various modules. Here's an outline of how you could structure such a software...teachers, and parents. Security and Data Protection: Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data. Regularly update and maintain the software to patch security vulnerabilities. Mobile App Integration: Develop mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms to allow access to features on mobile devices. Enable push notifications for important updates and reminders. Integration with External Systems: Integrate with other systems such as learning management systems (LMS), accounting software, and student information systems for seamless...

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    I'm looking for a C++ developer who can create out of a project an DLL that we can call from external programs. Project URL is attached.

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    I'm seeking a proficient Odoo 16 developer who can build a tailor-made module, intended to automate customized workflows and seamlessly integrate with external systems. Here are the key functionalities I require: - the project will be able to generate PDF report/certificate based on the templates and information given and inputted by the user - there will be a way to track the status of the report and certificate whether it's being reviewed or already approved - there will be roles inside that will limit the access of each role to the module. Ideal candidates for this project are proficient in Odoo 16 development with experience in workflow automation and systems integration. Understanding of User interface design for clear task visualization is highly valued. With your ...

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    I need a skilled Python developer to create an automation tool for me. The project is fairly urgent so I require someone who can work quickly without compromising on quality. Key Project Details: - Language: Python - Purpose: Automa...without compromising on quality. Key Project Details: - Language: Python - Purpose: Automation Tool - Urgency: High Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Python is a must - Experience in creating automation tools is highly preferred - Ability to work on a high-priority project and deliver under tight deadlines Please note that though I'm not sure about requiring integration with external services or APIs, the possibility of doing so might come up as we progress with the project. Hence, a developer with experience in this area woul...

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    Modern Deli Front 3D Design 4 days left

    I need a modern 3D design for the front of a deli that I'm planning to set up in two different locations. The design is primarily aimed at promoting my brand and attracting customers. Key Elements: - The design should prominently feature signage that showcases the brand...appealing, practical, and in line with the modern aesthetic. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software (e.g. Blender, SketchUp, etc.) - Experience in designing commercial spaces, particularly in retail or food service industries. - A keen eye for modern design and understanding of brand promotion and customer attraction. Your design will be instrumental in shaping the external appearance of the deli, so attention to detail and creativity are paramount. Looking forward to seeing so...

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    ...essential functionalities such as AI-driven funding opportunity matching, interactive user profiling through an intelligent quiz, and efficient application assistance. Scope of Work: The project encompasses the following key tasks: Template Customization: Adapting the AI SaaS Dashboard template to fit the unique branding and functional requirements. Database Integration: Configuring and linking an external Airtable database to import and regularly update a directory of funding opportunities. User Authentication and Profile Setup: Developing secure login/logout capabilities and user profile management. AI Chatbot Development: Integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT API to create an interactive chatbot that conducts a business background quiz and uses responses to tailor funding re...

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    The website is built on a custom CMS platform. I need the following customizations: - Custom Functionality: The current 'unlocking' mechanism based on Followers and Subscriptions needs to be modified. This will require a deep understanding of how the current mechanism works, and the ability to make the necessary alterations whilst ensuring the overall functionality of the site...modification to add affiliate offer links based on country of visitor, and integration with the affiliate network through API and postback scripts so affiliate statistics and earnings can be tracked from the backend. - Custom Integrations: I also require the integration of a new service into the website. This will require you to have experience with API integration and be able to work smoothly with e...

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    ...for reference only) 【1. Background】 This technology pertains to a system for updating the programs of devices installed in vehicles. Many devices are installed in vehicles, and these devices store programs. It has been proposed that by updating these programs, the functionality of the devices can be improved. In particular, it has been proposed that by receiving data for program updates from an external server via wireless communication, it is possible to update the program without going to a service station or the like. In previous technologies, a specific device functioned as a master device and updated the programs of other slave devices. However, this had a problem. That is, the master device had to perform processing dependent on a specific device configuration of the vehicl...

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    ...information on vehicles equipped with the technology described in the “2. Desired Technology” section below. *Note Do not collect information based solely on the information listed in the “1. Background” and “3. Reference Information” sections (Sections 1 and 3 are for reference only) 【1. Background】 This is a technology related to charging the on-board storage device with power supplied from an external vehicle charging facility. In recent years, the development of electric vehicles capable of “plug-in charging” using a charging cable for power supply has been progressing, and there is a problem of heat loss at the charging facility, charging cable, and vehicle charging inlet. Therefore, technology is required to protect these fro...

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    I need a very basic, 3D sketch of a house roof for visualization purposes. I need both the outside view of the roof, and the inside. The house box/frame is a simple rectangle. I have height, width and lenght of the house. I have also the angle of the roof and the dorm-roofs. There will be windows, but no balconys or other external visualisations. Clipped gambrel with dormers on each side of the roof, see example image. We will have a video call while you draw, so that I can give you a constant feedback.

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    I'm in need of an experienced API developer(s) to assist with integrating our platform with multiple external systems in USA. Plaid API aggregates with multiple finance systems (banks mainly) and their investment aggregation didn't work for me. Since Plaid API didn't work for me I am thinking we will have our own APIs to integrate to any investment banks/ brokers like E*Trade, TD Ameritrade (now part of Schwab(, Vanguard, Fidelity, Robinhood and many more. See Following APIs are needed at high level: - Minimum 1) Get Holdings/ Positions (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, ETFs, etc.). We will pass institute name, account # or login/password, 2) Get Transactions (Dividend Paid, Bough, Interest Charged

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    Compile a delphi project 4 days left

    I have a delphi project that i need compile. The project need some complements that I have but i dont know how to install them. I need that you make me a video in your pc installing the complements and compiling the project for I can do the same in my pc. Thanks you !

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    I need a skilled professional to design and develop a suite of low-code applications using Power Automate and Power BI. These applications will serve both internal employees and external clients. Key Responsibilities: - Automating complex business processes: I need someone who can create a system that can handle high complexity with advanced data processing and integrations. - Data Analysis and Visualization: You'll be required to develop analytical tools that can process and visualize data effectively. - Custom Form Development: I need custom forms to be built for various purposes within the applications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Power Automate and Power BI: You need to be well-versed in both these tools to be able to create powerful low-code applicat...

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    ...educational video lessons that are primarily targeted at Adult Professionals. These lessons involve frequent interactions such as: - Recording approximately 35 hours of video lessons in MP4 1080x1920 full HD. The tasks include - Shifting between slides. - Clicking on content to reveal additional information. - Uploading and sending the videos over to me. - Note: Recording must be clear of any external noise and unnecessary pauses between slides or content reveals. The challenge is to capture these interactions in one continuous video. I'm seeking someone with: - Proficiency in online video recording - Dedicated to quality and attention to capture all content Note, this isn't about developing the content of the lessons, but rather about recording them in an effe...

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    ...videography - Knowledge of print production, color codes, formats, etc. - Knowledge of editing of photography in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom - Expertise in Adobe InDesign for desktop publishing What we’re looking for in you: - Desire to learn and adapt to new technologies - Able to work independently and proactively in a team - Strong communication skills to liaise with the marketing team and external vendors - Ability to prioritize and manage multiple project deadlines - Positive attitude and willingness to learn - Keen eye for detail Location: Please apply only if you are creative, have experience and can show your previous work samples in related fields. The job will be virtual/remote for the most part, but we do have a presence in KL and Jakarta due to other assoc...

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    Hello, I currently have a website built ... Key Responsibilities: - Implementing seamless integration between my WordPress/WooCommerce website and KuantoKusta - Ensuring that all order management functionalities are correctly synced between both platforms - Providing advice on any additional configurations that can be beneficial for the integration Ideal Candidate: - Strong experience in WooCommerce development and integration with external platforms - Proficiency in KuantoKusta's API and prior experience in its integration would be a plus - Good understanding of e-commerce order management processes and best practices Please note that this project is solely focused on order management, so the ideal candidate should be able to complete this integration efficiently and effec...

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    I am seeking an RPA Developer to automate tasks relating to...will be a fixed text + the code taken from excel you will open a broswer tab with that link IF one text is present in the resulting html response, you will close the tab, and repeat the process with the next data from the file If another text is present, you will "click" 3 or 4 following buttons Iterate with the next data from the excel file Until Excel's data EOF Everything configurable via external TXT file - name of the excel file or txt file - starting cell (normally it will be A1 or A2) - basic hyperlink - how to compose the final hyperlink - text1 to lookup for the first IF - text2 to lookup for the first IF - clicks to simulate Immediate offers after posting will be directly ignored as they ar...

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    ...visualization, therefore, only the exterior details are required. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in CAD software, specifically for architectural design - Understanding of shipping container structure and design - Ability to produce accurate, detailed drawings The project involves creating a detailed, 2D drawing of the shipping container, to be used in architectural plans. The focus is on the external structure and its details, with no need for interior features or custom modifications. The successful freelancer will have a keen eye for detail, the ability to create accurate and visually appealing designs, and a good understanding of architectural requirements. CAD Sample attached is basically what I'm looking for, this one is not a open side. Also need dimmensions in f...

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    React Map EXPERT 3 days left

    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can create a custom map component in React. The main features of the map should include: - Implementation of custom markers for specific locations. These markers will represent various spots on the map. Ideally, you should have prior experience wi...React. The main features of the map should include: - Implementation of custom markers for specific locations. These markers will represent various spots on the map. Ideally, you should have prior experience with: - React and Redux - Working with mapping technologies and creating custom map components - Implementing custom markers and their functionality Please note that the integration with external APIs or databases is currently undecided, but your expertise in this area could be a ...

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    I need an experienced React Native developer to create a caller ID mobile app, compatible with both iO...Android, mirroring the core functionality of Truecaller. The key features I'm looking for include: - Caller ID: This is the main feature of the app. It should effectively identify and display caller information. Additional information: - My app will need to integrate with external APIs for contact information. This is crucial for the effectiveness and accuracy of the Caller ID feature. The ideal freelancer should: - Have demonstrable experience with React Native development. - Be well-versed in working with external APIs and integrating them into applications. - Be able to create a sleek, user-friendly mobile app that mimics the key functionality of Truecaller. B...

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    Environmental Essay Writing 3 days left

    Assignment about environmental problems and how to save the planet and how it’s important to do that Of course, the sources are all external and from reliable sources. Less than a full page

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    Hi, I have a Portainer instance running with Docker and i want to have a backup solution that backups all Containers to a external location or within the same server for me to able to restore anything once i have failures with for example updates etc.

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    Trophy icon Hollybloom Event Listings Website 10 days left

    ...scheduling. List View: A straightforward list format for users who prefer simplicity. Map View: A map showing event locations, ideally covering both London and the entire UK if possible. Ideal Skills: Proficiency in web development with a strong portfolio in similar event-listing platforms. Excellent UI/UX design skills to ensure an engaging user experience. Experience with interactive maps and external booking systems. Knowledge of front-end and back-end development practices. Additional Details: I’m open to creative suggestions on making the event browsing experience more engaging. A working prototype must be developed for testing during the contest phase. AI integration to assist with customer inquiries is a plus but not mandatory. Objective: The goal is to create a...

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    ...Laravel application from scratch - Implementing user authentication and roles - Setting up database separation for tenants Additional Information: - The need for customizable dashboards for each tenant is under consideration. This feature might be added during the development process. - While I'm unsure about specific third-party integrations at this time, the application may need to interact with external services and APIs in the future. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Laravel and PHP - Experience with multitenant software architecture - Strong understanding of user authentication and database management - Knowledge of third-party integrations and API development If you have the expertise in Laravel multitenant application and boilerplate expert and you're confident i...

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